25 Best American Truck Simulator Mods (2022)

It’s true that the “Simulator” genre has been growing in popularity in recent times. It’s not exactly what would call “mainstream,” but many of the most popular games have been carving their niches through their dedicated fans.

One of them is American Truck Simulator, developed by the Czech company SCS Software, known for their Truck Simulator series. The game is played by players all across the United States delivering cargo in American-style trucks and scenery.

Since its launch, it has sold more than 2 million copies. This has led to the development of a strong modding community in the area of ATS which has a total of 5 000 mods available in Steam Workshop alone. We have listed the best ats mods mod so that you can try out which one is best for you.

Best ATS Mods

25. Caterpillar 785C Mining Truck

best ats mods

If you’re looking for a challenge, perhaps you ought to take on a massive burden. This isn’t talking about the heaviness of your feelings (nobody’s willing to take that on) instead, we’re talking about an entire truck. We heard that you liked trucks and decided to have a truck for your vehicle so that you can take a ride while you.

The Caterpillar is a classic vehicle This ats mod lets you carry it from one location to another to anywhere in American Truck Simulator. Be aware that it’s a larger capacity than other games game, which means you’ll need to be on guard if you aren’t planning on hitting the back of a motorist who’s in a hurry to change lanes at your beck and call.

This mod will require that you purchase the Heavy Cargo Pack DLC, probably because this is indeed a large cargo.

24. Realistic Mirror FOV

best ats mods

You’ve got your real headlights, your real-looking wheel, as well as your real logo that resembles the sellout you are. You glance in the rearview mirror and see… it’s behind you but not an incredibly precise representation of it.

Don’t worry, trucker-aspiring and trucker, because this modification can alter the view field on your mirrors, resulting in an authentic reflection. This ats mod only affects the mirror that is used for primary, however, the difference is noticeable.

23. KilRoY66’s EURconomy & XP+Currencies Booster

best ats mods

Mods are great when it incorporates the euro symbol seamlessly in its name. KilRoY66, you’re on the right track.

With all of the ats mod that cater to the look and feel that are a part of American Truck Simulator, there isn’t a lot of content designed to assist players. This is the point where this mod is able to help to increase the amount of money you earn through rewards and lowering the price of tickets by around 20%-30%. Nothing that could disrupt the game simply nudge your account towards the proper direction. This also boosts the amount of XP you earn just to add a little spice So let your good fortunes roll.

22. Municipal Police Traffic Pack

best ats mods

Further details on portraying the real world in games the modified Municipal Police Traffic Pack represents the police liveries as well as the colors and designs of patrol cars of a variety of state and city Police Departments across the USA.

The states that are affected by this mod are Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, New Mexico, and Utah. The same is true for police cars that are added in Special Transport DLC. Special Transport DLC, although the original game Taurus will continue to be a problem in the case of an accident that is random. This is also compatible when combined with traffic-density modifications.

21. Realistic Roads

best ats mods

Another one by Slavsan93 who has put in an enormous amount of time working to make ATS as gorgeous as it could be. The next time we’re dealing with roads.

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You’ll spend lots in time driving roads, so it’s a good idea to also consider making them appear as nice as they are.

Realistic Roads does exactly what it says. They replace the texture by better ones that are based on real-world images.

20. Minimal Adviser Interface

best ats mods

It’s not a good idea for drivers to be distracted and nothing is more frustrating than having data that is irrelevant all over you in every way. Please get out of my way and look at my fatigue meter. I’ve got a whole truckload of heroin to bring there New Mexico by 3 pm!!

It’s truly a blessing and a real blessing, an option is available to tuck all of your information in the lower right corner of your screen. Simple, yet elegant, and nothing else to divert your attention from the road ahead.

19. Actual Day/Nighttime Mod

best ats mods

It’s been a long day’s evening and you’ve been doing the work of a dog, which usually means you’ve sniffed lots of butts and dug up bones that were rotting within the yard. However, we’re not going to judge.

If there’s a way to truly feel like you’ve done an impressive performance within American Truck Simulator, it’s by the apparent progress of time or, more specifically, the moving time in what’s happening in the actual world. It is based on your current location as well as the season so that you can enjoy that stunning Colorado sunset. It’s time to rest!

18. Complete North American Background Map

best ats mods

In addition to the outdoors, there’s quite a lot of improvement that could be added to the user interface that the player. For instance, one of the things you’ll look at often is your map. the Complete North American Background Map will make them look nicer.

It’s a mod that provides a high-quality map background to the game. It encompasses the entirety of the continent of North America. This map can be a wonderful visual aid that can help you identify yourself and find your journey.

17. Cold Rain

best ats mods

Weather effects can be very influential to create a mood. Cold Rain can do this by altering the intensity and effects of rain. The features of this ats mod are improved raindrop textures, rain effects on windshields, the effects of wet on roads and vehicles as well as better rain sounds, more thunder-like sounds, and an increase in raindrops within the cabin.

There are several additional mods are available if you’re seeking to boost the intensity of rain and its volume. Cold rain provides you with an authentic experience of what rain is typically experienced in real life within the game.

16. Easy Weather Mod

Check out the Easy Weather Mod for all the additional weather effects except rain. As you travel the open road, this patch adds extra weather variations to the game, giving your gameplay more variety.

It now has more realistic weather kinds including cloudy, windy, and lovely weather as well as foggy weather and significantly darker nights.

15. Longer Yellow Lights

Those who aren’t used to operating trucks in the real world might not be aware of how unique they can be compared to other types of vehicles. One of the most important ones is how slowly they decelerate after coming to a complete stop. Players that do this will receive a fine since they attempt to cross the street while the light is yellow but it turns red before they finish.

Players have increased the amount of time that lights remain yellow in an effort to alleviate some of this frustration. extending it from two to four seconds. This allows for a little more flexibility for players when it comes to traffic lights and will result in much less needless spending in the form of fines.

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14. Enhanced Vegetation

Driving throughout the country in American Truck Simulator is fun in part because you can enjoy the scenery as you zoom down the highways that cross the country, which contains some of the most diverse landscapes in the world.

The goal of enhanced vegetation is to replace the stock vegetation textures with better ones that have more vibrant colours and fresh vegetation models.

13. Real USA Diesel Gas Prices

best ats mods

Offering a real-life experience is an important element of the appeal simulator games (at least for those that aren’t parodies).

Sometimes, this is the case for things that we think of as an inconvenience in real life since it makes it that much more real. If you’re interested in this then you must look into the real USA Diesel prices in order to make a complaint about the prices of gas in real life too.

The ats mod alters the diesel prices in-game to match the actual average price per state across the USA. It is important to note that these prices may not exactly match the prices in real life (sorry for realism enthusiasts) because they are based on statistics, not real-time data. But, it’s an amazing improvement over random prices in the game.

12. Realistic Headlighting

best ats mods

Another ats mod to increase the realism of the appearance of your vehicle includes realistic headlighting. This mod alters the head lighting system to give it a more realistic look. It achieves this by balancing both the color, brightness and pattern of the lighting.

This mod is compatible with the 9 truck models of SCS that are available in the game. It only works for the lighting while driving. With this mod, players are guaranteed that their night-time drives will appear much more authentic and interesting

11. Barn Find K100E

best ats mods

Barn Find K100E Barn Find K100E is a paint job for the K100E to make it appear like the “Barn Find.” Just as it’s Barn Find Mack R modification that makes your trusted K100E appear dirty, rusty, and well-used that’s exactly what an old truck would appear.

It might not be the design for everyone We really enjoy the old-fashioned feel of a vintage vehicle that is still cruising the great old USA roads. Combine this with the worn-out wheels and trailer modifications!

10. Dynamic Suspension and Realistic steering with Keyboard

best ats mods

Dynamic Suspension and Realistic Steering Using Keyboard is an over-the-top description, yet it will bring important realism improvements to your gaming.

Furthermore, this mod enhances the driving experience through improvements to suspension and brake, seat as well as trailer system.

This mod is designed to provide realistic suspension, realistic brakes as well as bumpier-feeling roads and provide better steering to the game.

09. Accessory Parts for SCS Trucks

best ats mods

Each player’s vehicle is unique to them and they create their own unique truck by making them distinct, either by using vanilla parts or mods made by community members. You will never have too many options when using the ATS.

Accessories that are compatible with SCS Trucks give you many options. This ats mod includes a variety of accessories to make it easier to customize the majority of SCS trucks. There are a variety of pieces and colors made by this mod, giving users the chance to modify their car however they’d like it.

08. DP’s Realistic Traffic

best ats mods

Realistic Traffic from DP adds another element of actual life into the gameplay. Traffic. This ats mod gives realistic density and dynamics to the in-game traffic.

The changes that it makes are based on the density of daytime and night, more realistic proportions of the vehicles (cars and trucks, buses, etc.), and more realistic merging of traffic. This does not just increase the speed of traffic but also improves the overall feeling and flow of it.

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07. Realistic Graphics Mod v4.0

Players naturally expect this concentration on each and every aspect of the gameplay experience since American Truck Simulator is a game that openly displays its realism. This also applies to the graphics, which this update significantly improves.

There is no doubting that American Truck Simulator’s graphics are already quite impressive. Mods are the greatest method to achieve this and satiate each player’s individual passion, but some players simply want these games to look as nice as they can.

06. Real Companies, Gas Stations & Billboards

You may add more depth and realism to your ATS game file with the Real Companies, Gas Stations, and Billboards addon.

All of the companies and logos in the original ATS game will be replaced with real names thanks to this hack, including Walmart, Amazon, NAPA, and many others. As you drive, you’ll see actual advertising and gas stations.

This mod enhances realism by additionally altering street signs and other minor features.

05. Smarty’s Wheel Pack

best ats mods

The game gives players a tonne of truck customising options that alter performance. For the most dedicated players, there may always be more to give, which is why there are mods whose sole purpose is to increase the selection of a single kind of improvement.

In this instance, numerous unique tyres have been fitted, each of which drives differently in a variety of situations. With this mod, players have their pick of the bunch when it comes to tyres, whether they want tyres that are better at manoeuvring in the rain or tyres made for excellent motorway performance.

04. Barn Find Mack R

best ats mods

Barn Find Mack R is an ats mod that includes a Mack R paint job that gives it the appearance of the old “Barn Find,” which is, in case you’re unaware it’s a car that is frequently rediscovered in a slightly shabby state.

While it can make the appearance of the truck more shabby due to use and wear, it adds a lot of personality and, overall, looks great. If you’d like to have a matte finish on your paint, it’s also possible!

03. SiSL’s Trailer Pack USA

best ats mods

SiSL’s Trailer Pack USA is an application that provides more than 100 trailer skins on vehicles that are in the traffic.

These premium skins are the most successful Logistics and Freight companies in the United States, giving you an experience of driving the highways of the nation. This is a test. Check out the number of companies you recognize when driving around.

02. Unleash the Beast

best ats mods

Another feature of trucks that gives them a unique look is a hood decoration! Let the Beast loose offers a variety of accessories for a horned hood to your vehicle to give it an authentic rural American appearance.

The hood ornaments that are included in this mod include American Milking Devon horns, Ankole-Watusi Horns, Texas Longhorn horns, Texas Longhorn chrome horns, as well as those of the Texas Longhorn gold horns.

Make other drivers fearful while you cruise along the streets of the US while honking and flaunting your stunning car’s hood.

01. Truck & Trailer Super Mega-Pak

best ats mods

If you didn’t have a lot of choices before, it’s likely to have been with Super Truck and Trailer Mega-Pak. This ats mod is a content pack that adds skins to all the default trucks, as well as some modified ones.

The modified trucks that can be modified comprise those like the K100E as well as the Freightliner FLB. Be sure to go through it to create your own unique truck. You’re probably at ease with your skin, but we like the challenge of changing things each day by putting on a different face.