Some of the pleasant-recognized anime characters own magnificent green-colored hair. The color has been confirmed to be a famous preference for anime creators who need to create specific and decided characters with a sturdy personalities. These are a number of the most-cherished inexperienced-haired characters from all of anime.

Who has the coolest green hair in anime? Green hair is not a common colour in anime, and you won’t see it in just any show. Even though this means there are fewer characters to choose from, it also means that the ones we do have are some of the most interesting. You can also check out popular anime girl with short hair.

This list has the best green-haired anime characters from all different kinds of anime.

Best Green Hair Anime Character

1. (Nel Tu) Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

Best Green Hair Anime Character
Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

Anime : Bleach

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck was part of former Tres Espada. She lives in the desert of Hueco Mundo with her adopted brothers, Dondochakka Birstanne and Pesche Guatiche, both of whom used to be in Fracción, and their pet, Bawabawa. Nel’s true form is that of a fully grown woman. Her mask looks less cartoonish because it has two curved horns.

A big “3” tattooed on her back shows that she was once the Tercera Espada. Nel’s vomit, which she thinks is her saliva when she is in child form, is a weak but useful way to heal. In both her child and adult forms, she can absorb Cero attacks and fire them back.

2. Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya

Anime : My Hero Academia

Izuku Midoriya is the main character of the manga series My Hero Academia. He is a superhero who goes by the name Deku. Even though Izuku was born without a Quirk, his natural heroism and strong sense of right and wrong make him stand out as the legendary hero of All Might. He is now his close student and a student in Class 1-A at U.A. High School.

All Might gave Izuku his transferable Quirk, so he is now the ninth person to hold One For All.

3. Roronoa Zoro

Best Green-Hair Anime Character
Roronoa Zoro

Anime—One Piece

Roronoa Zoro, also known as the “Pirate Hunter,” Zoro is a member of the One Piece cast. Zoro is the first member of Monkey D. Luffy’s crew to join in the narrative after being saved by Luffy and Koby from being put to death at the Marine Base. Zoro is an expert swordsman who uses the santoryu, a special sword technique, in battle (three katana fighting style).

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By holding one katana in each hand and another in his mouth, he is able to accomplish this. He is also seen using just one or two swords when he is fighting. He ties his bandana, which is typically tied on his arm, to his head when engaged in a serious fight.

4. Gon Freesces

Best Green-Hair Anime Character
Gon Freesces

Anime – Hunter x Hunter

Gon Freecss, the son of Ging Freecss, is a rookie hunter. Gon became a Hunter because he wanted to find his father. Gon is an energetic, outdoorsy, and amiable young man looking for adventure. He also struggles with math. However, he has a lot of experience with animals because he was raised in the woods.

5. Sailor Neptune

Best Green Hair Anime Character
Sailor Neptune

Anime – Sailor Moon 

Sailor Neptune is a main character in the Sailor Moon media franchise. Michiru Kaiou, a Japanese schoolgirl in her teens, is her other identity. Michiru is a Sailor Soldier. The Sailor Soldiers are a group of supernatural women who fight evil and protect the Solar System. Michiru Kaiou can turn into Sailor Neptune by saying “Neptune Planet Power, Make Up!” Her attacks are based on sea things.

6. Broly

Best Green-Hair Anime Character

Anime – Dragon Ball Series

Broly is the son of Paragus and is a powerful Saiyan mutant. Like the other Saiyans in the show, he has superhuman strength, senses, durability, agility, speed, ki blasts, and reflexes because of his heritage. It is said that Super Saiyan Broly is stronger than Super Saiyan Goku and that in his “Legendary Super Saiyan” form, Broly is an opponent with infinite power.

7. Tatsumaki

Best Green-Hair Anime Character

Anime – One Punch Man

Tatsumaki is an S-Class Rank 2 professional hero in the Hero Association. She is also known as Tornado of Terror, which is her hero name. She is known as one of the most powerful heroes in the Hero Association. Even though Fubuki saw how strong Saitama was when they fought, she still thinks that Saitama isn’t even close to being as strong or good at fighting as her older sister.

8. Tsuyu Asui

Tsuyu Asui
Tsuyu Asui

Anime – My Hero Academia

Tsuyu Asui is a girl in class 1-A. Her Quirk, Frog, makes her look like a frog and gives her frog-like abilities, such as better swimming, a tongue that can reach 20 meters, the ability to stick to and climb vertical walls, superhuman jumping, and the ability to stop poison from hurting her. She fights in a way that uses a lot of agility and powerful leaps to avoid, surprise, and confuse her opponents. She also uses her stronger legs to deliver powerful kicks. Tsuyu can also use her long tongue like a whip or to grapple with her opponents to take them down.

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9. Shintaro Midorima

Best Green-Hair Anime Character
Shintaro Midorima

Anime – Kuroko no Basuke

Man, Midorima is an admirable opponent, to mention the least.Being one of the tallest characters withinside the show, with inexperienced hair and rimmed glasses that do little to cover his prideful eyes, seeing Midorima stroll up at the courtroom docket should be intimidating. Especially if the horoscope assures him that it’s far a fortunate day, and he has accomplished all of his rituals. Quite superstitious aren’t we? But hell if it intended having the sniper-like accuracy this guy has I’d grasp a rabbit’s foot round my neck any day of the week. Having essentially endless range, Midorima appears to handiest rely upon factors in threes.

10. Kaede Kayano

Kaede Kayano

Anime – Assassination Classroom

Kaede Kayano, who used to go by the name Akari Yukimura, is in Korosensei’s Class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School. She is a close friend of Nagisa Shiota. She thinks Korosensei killed her sister and stole a pair of tentacles to get revenge. Kayano pretended to be a student in class 3E for a long time. She also hid her huge desire for blood by staying close to Nagisa Shiota.

11.  Ukyo

Anime – Dr. Stone

Ukyo is sort of a higher searching Jekyll and Hyde who occurs to like photography.Or as a minimum that’s what we, first of all, study him. We research of his mild facet and of his um… murderous facet, all spinning around our heroine. But then we get into his backstory and we see a far greater morbid rendition of the only and most effective Hyojin Kyoma. As again and again seeing the one that you love die takes a completely drastic toll on you (I’d imagine).

12. Shion Sonozaki

Best Green-Hair Anime Character
Shion Sonozaki

Anime – Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

I’m going to generalize a bit as now no longer to destroy the collection, due to the fact a few plot factors are truly what makes the collection the whole thing that it is. With Shion one should ask themselves whether or not atonement is usually possible, and what does it suggest to be good? Being a sufferer of circumstance, however additionally a darkish presence for the duration of the collection, those sorts of questions get a chunk hard to answer. This risky anime character with green hair, usually searching upwards with the intention to see her dual sister, takes us on one hell of a trip.

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13. Lubbock

Lubbock- Best Green-Hair Anime Character

Anime – Akame Ga Kill!

Of the Akame ga Kill cast, Lubbock is via way of means of a long way my favorite. The love-struck fool who nonetheless holds onto his perversions. If you haven’t watched the show, honest warning: it receives a piece dark. So characters like Lubbock who continually appear to have a grin on their face and ladies on their thoughts sincerely assist lighten the mood. And he’s no funny story in fight either.

14. Freed Justine

Anime – Fairy Tail

Okay I get that everybody withinside the Thunder God Tribe loves and adores Laxus. But man, Freed sincerely takes it to the following level.Being prepared to even cross absolutely in opposition to his very own ideals if it intended following his commander.If a positive satan girl by no means confirmed Freed that harming your allies, your guild-mates, is unnecessary and wrong… properly who is aware of what course Freed could have ended up on.

15. Toto Sakigami

Toto Sakigami- Best Green-Hair Anime Character
Toto Sakigami

Anime – Deadman Wonderland

In phrases of power, think about Toto Sakigami as a Stain/Monoma crossover from BNHA. In phrases of fashionable vibe, think about Juuzou Suzuya from Tokyo Ghoul. And in phrases of nickname, think about an Eminem track that made you cry.If the mixture of those 3 intellectual pix don’t make a person with inexperienced hair sound cool, I don’t understand what does. He’s additionally a completely hard cat as even the Wretched Egg had problems handling him.

16. Kōsuke Ueki

 Kōsuke Ueki
Kōsuke Ueki

Anime – The Law of Ueki

The main character in The Law of Ueki and The Law of Ueki Plus is Kosuke Ueki, who most people just call Ueki. He is in Hinokuni Junior class 1-C and is the leader of the Ueki team. Kobayashi, his homeroom teacher, gives him the power to turn trash into trees.

Even though his classmate Ai Mori is worried about him, Ueki goes on a journey to find his own sense of justice after seeing people use their powers for selfish reasons.

17. Spike Spiegel

Best Green-Hair Anime Character
Spike Spiegel

Anime – Cowboy Bebop

Spike and his buddy, Jet Black are bounty hunters, because of this that they seize fleeing criminals in trade for money. Young and complete of a spirit of adventure, Spike is likewise proven to be a cocky younger man. He is right with sleight of hand techniques, can keep his very own in a gunfight, and is an awesome pilot. Thanks to his stint on the Red Dragon crime syndicate, he is likewise properly-versed in hand-to-hand combat.