Learn how to make your NPCs happy and productive in Terraria with the information provided here. Certain biomes in Terraria are used to control the contentment of non-player characters. When there are many non-player characters (NPCs), it can be difficult to determine who wants to live where.

Let’s dive into various biomes and which NPCs would be the happiest living in each. In case you don’t already have access to these NPCs, we have also included instructions on how to do so.

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What are even NPCs in the Terraria and How Many are There?

NPCs in the Terraria

NPCs in the latest Terraria 1.4 patch can now make decisions about how close they want to be to other NPCs and what biome they prefer to live in, both of which have an impact on the amount of money they spend. Terraria has a total of 26 NPC(non-playable characters). There are a total of 24 non-playable characters, 8 of which are available in Hardmode.

Over the course of Terraria, you’ll be able to recruit dozens of NPCs to populate your town. Some of them are accessible right away, while others won’t be accessible until you complete certain task and missions, like killing certain bosses or gathering certain items.

The default setting for the game’s difficulty is “pre-Hardmode,” which means that not all enemies and NPCs will be available to you when you first enter your world. The Wall of Flesh must be defeated before a world can be changed to Hardmode. When this boss is vanquished, a new biome and its associated eight NPCs will become available to you.

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NPCsHard Mode NPCs
MerchantTax Collector
Dye TraderSteampunker
PainterSanta Claus
Arms Dealer
Goblin Tinkerer
Witch Doctor
Party Girl

Terraria NPC Happiness and Placement

There is a happiness level for each NPC in Terraria. Everyone has a preferred living environment, a least preferred biome, and some in between. When an NPC is in a good mood, they will offer rare items like Pylons for sale.

A Pylon is a device that can be used to instantly teleport to other worlds. You’ll want all of your NPCs to be as content as possible, as they’ll be of great help to you on your journeys.

Once you’ve collected every tool and pylon, your NPCs can relocate to a massive mansion. They’ll be upset, but at least they won’t perish if there are enemies around. You’ll have instantaneous, worldwide access to anyone you need to get in touch with.

Forest Biome

As a player, your first experience with a biome will be the Forest. It’s not very interesting, so most NPCs steer clear of it.

NPCsHow to Unlock
GolferHave a Converdation in the underground Desert
GuideUnlocked by default
ZoologistFilled 10% of Bestiary
MerchantMust Have a total of 50 Silver

Snow Biome

Next in our Biome list , we have the NPC who likes to live in snow region. Both the Mechanic and the Goblin Tinkerer are passionate about one another. The Goblin Tinkerer adds to the Mechanic’s joy, even though he dislikes the cold and snow.

NPCsHow to Unlock
MechanicCan be Found in dungeon
Goblin TinkererDefeat the Goblin Invasion
CyborgDefeat Plantera
Santa ClausDefeat the Frost Legion
Only available from December 15 to December 31

Desert Biome

When you first start a game, the Nurse is a crucial NPC. She can heal you completely if you pay her a small fee. You won’t have much of a problem in the beginning, so this is a big help. You should eventually settle her in the desert biome, but you can move her elsewhere if you need a quick health boost.

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NPCsHow to Unlock
NurseHave more than 100 Health
Arms DealerGet bullets or a gun
SteampunkerDefeat Skeletron Prime, The Destroyer, or The Twins

Jungle Biome

This biome in terraria is probably the simplest to establish. Characters are friendly towards one another and their environment, and one of them is in love with the Dryad. Finding a Jungle is the easy part; just bring in these three NPCs, and you’ll soon have the pylon.

NPCsHow to Unlock
DryadDefeat any boss other than the Wall of Flesh or the Slime King
PainterUnlock 8 other NPCs
Witch DoctorDefeat the Queen Bee

Ocean Biome

When you look at biomes in order of distance, the ocean will be the last one. So, expect a lengthy journey time due to this. To get here, you’ll have to travel through some potentially hazardous biomes; therefore, you should definitely plan ahead.

NPCsHow to Unlock
MerchantHave a total of 50 Silver
AnglerSearch at the beach
PirateDefeat the Pirate Invasion

Glowing Mushroom Biome

There are two distinct versions of this specialised biome . The below ground model is visible above. The existence of this biome at the surface is also possible. Bringing this biome to the surface requires some effort on your part.

The Stylist, Dye Trader, and Truffle can be placed once you have constructed an above-ground Glowing Mushroom biome.

NPCsHow to Unlock
StylistFree her inside spider cave
Dye TraderBy Obtaining dye
TruffleCreate a surface Glowing Mushroom biome

Underground Biome


There are a number of possible underground biome. We will be concentrating on the Caverns, as they make up the vast majority of the underground. Discovering a dirt wall or background. The wall’s material will change to stone when you reach the Cavern biome.

Building habitable structures in this environment can be challenging. Your home site will need to be levelled off by hammering down any existing walls. Put the Clothier, Demolitionist, and Tax Collector wherever you have room for all three of them.

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NPCsHow to Unlock
ClothierBy Defeating Skeletron
DemolitionistBy Obtaining an explosive
Tax CollectorUse Purification Powder in the Underworld

Hallows Biome


Here at last is one of my favourite biome, Hallows biome. If you haven’t yet converted the world to Hardmode, you won’t be able to access The Hallows. Luckily, the Party Girl and the Tavernkeeper can be temporarily relocated. Keep them together if you can, and then relocate their homes to the Hallows biome once it becomes available.

And the Hallows biome is adaptable enough to expand as well. Put in the Party Girl, Tavernkeeper, and Wizard once you have enough Hallows and the world is in Hardmode.

NPCsHow to Unlock
Party GirlWith 14 NPCs, she will have a small chance to spawn
TavernkeepDefeat the Brain of Cthulhu or the Eater of Worlds
WizardCan be Found in Cavern

The Princess


The Princess stands out from other NPCs because she is unbiased.

She enjoys being in any environment with up to three other NPCs. And, every non-player character adores her. Basically, as long as there are other NPCs in the area, she can go pretty much anywhere you like. Without companionship, her mood will suffer.

In conclusion, achieving maximum happiness for your Terraria NPCs is not only beneficial for gameplay but also adds a personal touch to your world-building.

By following the best placement practices and providing them with suitable living conditions and furniture, you can create a harmonious environment for your NPCs to thrive in.

With the information provided in this guide, you can now easily optimize the placement of your NPCs and maximize their happiness, leading to a more enjoyable Terraria experience.

Also Asked:

What is NPC Happiness in Terraria?

NPC Happiness is a system in Terraria that measures how satisfied an NPC is with its current living conditions. This system determines how effective the NPC is at performing its assigned tasks and provides benefits to the player in the form of discounts on goods and services. If an NPC’s happiness falls below 50%, it will refuse to sell items to the player until its happiness is restored.

How can I check an NPC’s happiness level in Terraria?

Checking an NPC’s happiness level is a simple process in Terraria. All you need to do is open the NPC’s housing interface and look for the happiness percentage listed at the top of the screen.

How can I increase an NPC’s happiness in Terraria?

Increasing an NPC’s happiness in Terraria is essential for unlocking their full potential. The following are the three most important things to keep in mind when trying to increase an NPC’s happiness like Placing an NPC near other NPCs that it likes or has a history with can provide a happiness bonus, Providing an NPC with items that it likes or needs, such as placing a Keg near the Party Girl, can increase its happines and Completing certain quests or events, such as defeating a boss or completing a Town event, can also increase an NPC’s happiness.

What are some tips for maintaining maximum NPC happiness in Terraria?

Regularly check each NPC’s housing interface to ensure that its happiness level is at its maximum. Keep NPCs close together to take advantage of happiness bonuses, but be careful not to place them too close to harmful objects. Provide NPCs with items they like or need, and complete quests or events that increase their happiness level.