7 Best Feng Min Builds In Dead By Daylight

Feng Min is one of the 34 Survivors shown in Dead by Daylight right now. This cute Asian girl became everyone’s favorite character very quickly, and she got a lot of makeup for herself. Almost every other time you play, you’re likely to run into someone using this character. Feng Min is a competitor who is focused on her goals and can quickly change her strategy to deal with a wide range of tough situations.

You can learn more about her perks and its advantages from here : Perks of Feng Min in Dead By Daylight

We will look into the builds in the game that Feng could use to get away from her nightmare.

Best Feng Min Builds In Dead By Daylight

7. Lithe, Self-Care, Borrowed Time, Resilience

If you are the last survivor, the perk self-care will help you heal, especially if you also use the perk resilience, which will speed up your healing and help you do other things that will help you escape alone.

Still, borrowed time is a powerful perk that saves time when you save a survivor from the hook.

It is risky, though, because the killer will hit you instead of the survivor if the survivor doesn’t take a hit for you, making the perk useless.

So, I would recommend this build, especially if you want your teammates to talk to each other during the game.

Builds and Perks

LitheAfter doing a rushed vault, sprint for 3 seconds at 150% of your normal Running Movement speed. The Exhausted Status Effect lasts for 60/50/40 seconds when Lithe is used.
Self-CareUnlocks the Self-Care ability, which lets you heal yourself without a Med-Kit. It also slows personal healing by 50% and slows the rate that Med-Kits run out while you heal yourself by 10/15/20%.
Borrowed TimeWhen you unhook a survivor, they get the following benefits: Adds 6/8/10 seconds to the time that their Endurance Status Effect lasts. Adds +10 seconds to how long their Haste effect lasts.
ResilienceWhen you are injured, your action speeds for fixing, healing, sabotaging, unhooking, vaulting, cleaning, opening, and locking go up by 3/6/9%.

6. Technician, Stake Out, Spine Chill, This Is Not Happening

Stake Out grants you a token for 15 seconds you’re in the killer’s terror radius without being chased. When working on a generator, a normal skill check consumes 1 token and counts as a terrific skill check.

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Technician, Feng Min’s teachable perk. Technician will stop the generator explosion that informs the killer if you miss a competence check. Unfortunately, generator progress depletion continues and adds 3%.

The benefit decreases generator repair noises by 8 metres. Which is useful since many killers pass by generators seeking for survivors working on them, but if they don’t hear anything, they just run through.

Spine Chill alerts you when the killer is looking at you. If you have Stake Out, Spine Chill increases your skill check probability by 10%.

Finally, This Is Not Happening increases the Great Skill Check zone by 30% while damaged while repairing, healing, or sabotaging. Which hits much easier!

Builds and Perks

TechnicianFailing a Skill Check while repairing stops the generator from exploding, adds 5/4/3% to the default Regression penalty, and prevents the generator from exploding. Technician cuts by 8 metres the distance at which you can hear your Generator-repair noises.
Stake OutEvery 15 seconds that you stand in the Killer’s Terror Radius without being chased, Stake Out gives you one token, up to a maximum of 2/3/4 tokens. When Stake Out has at least one token, Good Skill Checks that cost one token become Great Skill Checks that give an extra 1% to progression.
When you do a Great Skill Check, you don’t lose any Tokens.
Spine ChillWhen the Killer is within 36 metres of you and looks in your direction, the skill Check Trigger chance goes up by 10%. This happens whenever the Killer looks in your direction.
The number of skill check success zones is cut by 10%. Your Action speeds for fixing, healing, sabotaging, unhooking, vaulting, cleaning, opening, and unlocking are increased by 2/4%/6%.
This Is Not HappeningWhen you get hurt, your chance of success on Great Skill Checks while fixing, healing, or sabotaging is increased by 10/20/30%.

5. Quick & Quiet, Dead Hard, Bite the Bullet, Iron Will

The Silent survivor build is recommended for single survivors who prefer to play alone or who want to act as bait to help their teammates by luring the killer away from them and saving time.

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This build is great, especially if you don’t want to make a lot of noise in the game and want to move forward quickly without stopping or letting the killer know.

Still, besides the quiet perks like Quick & Quiet, Iron Will, and Bite the Bullet, we also have Dead Hard, which is a powerful exhaustion perk in case something goes wrong.

Builds and Perks

Quick & QuietTurns off the Loud Noise Notification and the sound effects that happen when you rush to vault windows, pallets, or lockers, or when you run to enter or leave a locker. Quick and Quiet has a 30/25/20 second cooldown.
Dead HardWhen you press the ability button for this perk, you can dash forward and avoid damage. It makes you feel tired for 60/50/40 seconds.
Iron Will: Makes Grunts of Pain 50/75/100% quieter.
Bite the BulletWhen you or another survivor are healed, Grunts of Pain and all other sounds related to healing are turned off: Healing Skill Checks that fail do not cause a Loud Noise Notification. Instead, they only cause a 3/2/1% Regression penalty.
Iron WillMakes Grunts of Pain 50/75/100% quieter.

4. Technician, Iron Will, Urban Evasion, Quick and Quiet

Iron Will eliminates pain cries. Obviously, this will help you conceal from the killer.

Feng’s Technician perk will lower generator repair noises by 8 metres and not alert the killer if you fail a competence check!

Next, Urban Evasion increases our crouch walking speed to 100%, which is regular walking pace. For sneaking around trees, barrels, crates, etc. Defeats The Hag’s traps too!

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Finally, Quick and Quiet lets you jump windows or hide in lockers without alerting the killer. This is wonderful for mind games and quite entertaining when it works.

Builds and Perks

TechnicianFailing a Skill Check while repairing stops the generator from exploding, adds 5/4/3% to the default Regression penalty, and prevents the generator from exploding. Technician cuts by 8 metres the distance at which you can hear your Generator-repair noises.
Iron WillGrunts of Pain are cut by 50/75/100% when you are hurt.
Urban EvasionWith Urban Evasion, your movement speed goes up by 90/95/100% when you’re crouching.
Quick and QuietLoud Noise alerts for rushing to vault windows or lockers are completely turned off. Quick and Quiet has a 30/25/20 second cooldown.

3. Deliverance, Unbreakable, Decisive Strike, Tenacity

The Solo Getaway build is great for getting away from trouble.

All of the benefits are ones that will help you if you are on the ground, the killer, or the hook.

So, it is a fun build to mess around with and also a very safe one, especially if the killer is tunneling you, in which case this build is very strong.

Still, the build’s lack of progress towards the game is a disadvantage. It is a way to save time for other survivors by doing things like carrying the killer while your teammates work on generators.

Builds and Perks

DeliveranceAllows you to successfully self-unhook from a hook 100% of the time after performing a Safe Hook Rescue on another Survivor. Causes the Broken Status Effect for a certain duration after unhooking yourself.
UnbreakableGives you the ability to fully recover from the Dying State once per trial and increases your recovery speed by 25/30/35 %.
Decisive StrikeAllows you to escape the killer’s grasp and stun them for a 5 seconds while being picked up, if you pass a skill check.
TenacityIncreases your crawling speed by a certain percentage, allows you to crawl and recover at the same time, and reduces the volume of Grunts of Pain while in the Dying State by a -75%.

2. Adrenaline, Alert, Sprint Burst, Iron Will

Alert shows the killer’s aura for 5 seconds when they break a ballet, breakable wall, or generator. This helps you see your alternatives and the killer.

Adrenaline, if used, is a great endgame perk. Once the exit gates are powered, this will instantly heal you and give you 150% sprint speed for 5 seconds.

Sprint Burst, which offers 150% sprint speed for 3 seconds when sprinting, will be our fatigue perk. This is ideal for fast moving between objectives or getting far away from the killer in the outset of the hunt.

Finally, Iron Will will disguise your pain cries from the killer.

Builds and Perks

AdrenalineInstantly heal one Health State and sprint at 150% of normal Running speed for 5 seconds when Exit Gates are powered. On hold if disabled, activates upon being freed. Ignores existing Exhaustion timer, causes Exhausted Status Effect for 60/50/40 seconds. Wakes you from Dream World if playing against The Nightmare.
AlertAura is revealed to you for 3/4/5 seconds when Killer breaks a Pallet or Breakable Wall, or damages a Generator.
Sprint BurstBreak into a sprint at 150% of normal running speed for a maximum of 3 seconds when starting to run. Causes Exhausted Status Effect for 60/50/40 seconds. Cannot be used when Exhausted.
Iron WillGrunts of Pain reduced by 50/75/100% when injured.

1. Dead Hard, Lithe, Quick and Quiet, Iron Will

This build is interesting to use because it is very much a chase build, with two exhaustion bonuses that can be used in different ways.

When you’re doing a generator, you can use dead hard if there aren’t any looping spots, and you’re in an open area, or you can use lithe if there are vaults or you’re just chasing the killer.

Still, using iron will make things harder for the killer, and being quick and quiet will make chasing and looping the hardest part of the game to do.

I recommend this build for experienced players who can move forward without using useful perks and who can take advantage of the powerful perks when chasing the killer.

Builds and Perks

Dead HardDash forward and avoid damage when pressing the perk ability button. Causes exhausted status effect for 60/50/40 seconds.
LitheBreak into a sprint at 150% of normal Running Movement speed for 3 seconds after performing a rushed vault. Causes Exhausted Status Effect for 60/50/40 seconds.
Quick and QuietSuppresses Loud Noise Notification and sound effects triggered by rushing to vault Windows, Pallets, or running to enter or exit Lockers. Has a cool-down of 30/25/20 seconds.
Iron WillLowers the volume of Grunts of Pain by 50/75/100%.


In conclusion, Feng Min is a popular character in Dead By Daylight with a variety of builds that players can use to suit their playstyle. Some of the best Feng Min builds include the Technician build, which focuses on maximizing Feng’s hacking ability, and the Recon build, which emphasizes her mobility and stealth. Other effective builds for Feng Min include the Support build, which helps her allies through various perks and abilities, and the Trapper build, which utilizes her traps to control the battlefield. Ultimately, the best Feng Min build for you will depend on your personal preferences and the role you want to play in your team.

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