All Perks of Feng Min in Dead By Daylight

Feng Min is one of the 34 Survivors shown in Dead by Daylight right now.

This cute Asian girl became everyone’s favorite character very quickly, and she got a lot of makeup for herself.

Almost every other time you play, you’re likely to run into someone using this character.

Feng Min is a competitor who is focused on her goals and can quickly change her strategy to deal with a wide range of tough situations.

In Dead By Daylight, Who is Feng Min?

Feng Min learned to play games at a very young age. He is a gamer who lives inside a game. She started having trouble with her parents because she spent too much time in it, so she moved out.

In the end, she tried too hard and ended up in the fog with a group of horrible killers.

In the real world, she was known as the Shining Lion, and her character in the game isn’t any different. The three abilities that come with the character are Technician, Lithe, and Alert.

Feng Min Perks

1. Technician

Their hearing distance is cut by 8 meters due to the noises generated by your repairs. The effects of a failed repair Skill Check are as follows:

  • It will not blow up the generator.
  • As usual, the generator makes little progress.
  • Depending on the tier of the perk, up to 5% more progress can be lost.
Tier ListPenaltyCost
Tier Iimposes a further 5% Regression penalty.2500
Tier IIimposes a further 4% Regression penalty.3250
Tier IIIimposes a further 3% Regression penalty.4000

2. Lithe

After completing a rushed vault, sprint for up to three seconds at 150% of your typical running movement pace for 60/50/40 seconds, Lithe causes the Exhausted Status Effects. Lithe is ineffective when exhausted.

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Tier ListExhausted Status EffectCost
Tier I60 seconds2500
Tier II50 seconds3250
Tier III40 seconds4000

3. Alert

The Killer’s aura is made visible to you for 3/4/5 seconds whenever they damage a Generator, a Breakable Wall, or a Pallet.

Tier ListAura RevealedCost
Tier I3 seconds2500
Tier II4 seconds3250
Tier III5 seconds4000

Note : Prestige Feng to instantly contribute Tier II and Tier III to the other Survivors’ inventories, respectively.

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