Who is Philip Ojomo or “The Wraith” in Dead By Daylight? All Perks of Wraith

Philip Ojomo, also known as “The Wraith,” is one of the 30 Killers in Dead by Daylight. In Dead By Daylight, the Wraith is a sneaky but dangerous enemy. Most people in the horror game Dead by Daylight don’t think of the Wraith as one of the strongest killers, but his power can still pack a punch in the right hands. Because he can sneak up on survivors and move around easily, he does well in some areas, but not so well in others. He spends most of his time finding and hunting Survivors, which makes it easier to catch and kill them.

Origin of Philip Ojomo or “The Wraith”

Philip Ojomo or "The Wraith"

Philip Ojomo came to this country with only hope for a new start. Autohaven Wreckers hired him, making him happy. A small scrapyard where bribed police ignored shady business.

Ojomo ignored. As long as he didn’t get involved, he let things be. He repaired cars and ran the crusher. His forte. A metal cube emerged from a car.

He accidentally saw blood coming from one of the uncrushed cars one gloomy day. He found a young man gagged and tied with panicked eyes in the trunk. Ojomo freed the man, who ran ten feet before Ojomo’s boss slit his throat. Ojomo demanded answers and was told that he’d been a simple executioner because most cars had souls and the scrap yard provided this “service” to certain “clients”.

Ojomo erupted. After throwing his boss in the crusher, Ojomo grabbed the head and pulled it out. He disappeared afterwards.

All the Wraith’s Teachable Perks

1. Predator


You have a sharp ability to track, which lets you zero in on the noises that Survivors on the move leave behind. Survivors’ scratch marks will appear a slightly/moderately/considerably closer together.

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Tier ListScratch Marks SpawnCost
Tier 1The Scratch Marks left by Survivors spawn slightly closer together.2500
Tier 2The Scratch Marks left by Survivors spawn moderately closer together.3250
Tier 3The Scratch Marks left by Survivors spawn considerably closer together.4000

2. Bloodhound


You can smell blood from a long way away, like a dog trained to find scents. Pools of Blood are shown in bright red and can be followed for an extra 2/3/4 seconds.

Tier ListPools of Blood Tracking DurationCost
Tier 1Blood pools show up in bright red and can be followed for 2 seconds.2500
Tier 2Blood pools show up in bright red and can be followed for 3 seconds.3250
Tier 3Blood pools show up in bright red and can be followed for 4 seconds.4000

3. Shadowborn


Your field of view is now 9/12/15° bigger. Gains in field of view don’t add up.

Tier ListField of ViewCost
Tier 1Adds 9° to your field of view.2500
Tier 2Adds 12° to your field of view.3250
Tier 3Adds 15° to your field of view.4000

Prestige All other Killers’ Tier I Unique Perks will be added by the Wraith automatically, and their higher-tier versions will be able to spawn in their Bloodweb. Prestige The Wraith to automatically add Tier II and Tier III to the inventories of the other Killers.

What is the use of Wailing Bell?

What is the use of Wailing Bell?

An ancient power-infused heavy cast iron bell. When rung, it enables the user to enter and travel through the Spirit World. The accompanying “Woosh” sound can be heard up to 40 meters away, and the Wailing Bell up to 24 meters away.

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How to use Wailing Bell?

To cloak, press and hold the Power button. When you press and hold it once more, the cloak will be broken, allowing you to quickly lunge forward for one second.

What is the use of Cloak?

Gives almost complete invisibility when moving and complete invisibility for a moment when standing still. From more than 20 meters away, you can’t see the Wraith at all. Gives you faster movement (6,0 m/s). The Undetectable Status Effect is added. The Wraith can’t attack, but it can interact with things in its environment.

When The Wraith is hidden, you can stun him and force him to come out by shining Flash directly at him or setting off Firecrackers or Flash Grenades near him.

The Wraith Gameplay

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