How to Farm Spoils Of Conquest in Destiny 2

Bungie added a new item to Destiny 2 with the Beyond Light expansion. This item is called Spoils of Conquest. If you get a lot of them, you can use them to get old Destiny 2 Exotics from previous expansions that you might have missed because you were taking a break or because one of their quests was too hard.

It’s also a cool addition because some Exotic quests require you to go to certain places and do certain things. That’s all well and good, but a lot of Destiny 2’s locations have been vaulted, so you can imagine the problems you’d run into if you tried to do any of these quests right now. We’re looking at you, Izanagi’s Burden. Bungie did the same thing with Destiny 2’s Pinnacle Weapons, which you usually get by completing hard quests.

To get Exotics, you’ll also need an Exotic Cipher and other resources, but those have been in the game for a while, so you shouldn’t have any trouble. The new things, on the other hand, are called “Spoils of Conquest.” So, here’s where you can find the Spoils of Conquest in Destiny 2.

How To Earn Spoils Of Conquest Item in Destiny 2

Spoils of Conquest are exclusive to raids. Every Destiny 2 raid gives this resource, with the most current raid providing more Spoils each cleared encounter. Here are all Destiny 2 Spoils of Conquest sources:

The amount of plunder from a raid.

RaidSpoil Amount
Vow of the Disciple (Encounter)x5
Vow of the Disciple (Hidden Chest)x5
Vault of Glass (Subsequent Encounters)x5
Vault of Glass (Hidden Chest)x5
Legacy Raid Encountersx3

Vow of the Disciple is the most current Destiny 2 raid as of Season of the Risen, hence its encounters all drop five Spoils of Conquest when cleared. Its concealed chests each yield five Spoils, allowing you to gain up to 30 Spoils of Conquest every completed raid. Subsequent clears of the raid within the same week will only yield Spoils, and hidden chests will not provide further reward. The same holds true for the Vault of Glass raid; both hidden chests and subsequent clears award Spoils of Conquest.

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If you wish to earn Spoils elsewhere, you must play a heritage raid, which is any raid released prior to the most current Destiny 2 raid. That would be Deep Stone Crypt, Garden of Salvation, and Last Wish for Season of the Risen. All of these raids award three Plunders of Conquest for each encounter cleared, although their hidden chests do not.

How to Farm Spoils Of Conquest

To gain Spoils of Conquest, players can farm either the Vault of Glass or Vow of the Disciple encounters. The most effective source of Spoils of Conquest is the Templar encounter in the Vault of Glass assault. The Templar is a basic encounter that can be killed in a few of minutes with minimal raid knowledge. If your squad is effective and can quickly eliminate Templar, this is the best Spoils farm in the game. You may also farm Vow of the Disciple encounters (mostly Caretaker), but for non-raiders, Templar is considerably faster and easier.

How to Farm Templar For Spoils

spoils of conquest destiny 2

The Templar boss of the Vault of Glass raid is easy to farm with a competent group. A organised party can destroy the Templar in a few minutes per run, and the encounter checkpoint can be saved to kill this boss numerous times per hour. And because each kill awards five Spoils of Conquest, it is simple to earn more than fifty Spoils each hour.

  1. Commence with the Vault of Glass raid. Attain Templar, or join a group with a checkpoint for a boss.
  2. Allow one player to save the checkpoint using a different character. Leave, exchange characters, then return. Commence the encounter, then erase. Your alt currently possesses the checkpoint. Switch back to your primary.
  3. Commence the encounter. Kill Templar.
  4. A gamer loads their alt character. Everyone follows suit.
  5. The secondary player changes to the primary.
  6. Repeat steps 3 through 5.
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Regarding the confrontation, Templars are rather simple to kill. The encounter is described in detail in our VoG raid guide[,] but in summary, one player will acquire an artefact called the Aeigs. When its Super is charged, this shield will shred the Templar’s shield, initiating the DPS phase. The Aegis wielder will circle the arena in circles to prevent the Templar from teleporting, hence extending the DPS phase. All other players will deal as much damage as possible to the boss.

That is all. If you are not wielding the Aegis, you must deal the maximum feasible damage. Gjallarhorn, Izanagi’s Burden with a Legendary Rocket Launcher, and Linear Fusion Rifles are all excellent options for this encounter. Simply ensure that one member of your fireteam is a Warlock utilising Well of Radiance, and consider adding the Font of Might mod to increase your damage output.

How to Earn Spoils Of Conquest in Solo

spoils of conquest destiny 2

If you’re not interested in Templar farming or raiding in general, you can still earn Spoils of Conquest on your own. By opening the first hidden chest in certain raids, it is possible to win a substantial amount of Plunder with little effort. Listed here are the hidden chests accessible to solitary players. Each character’s drops are reset weekly.

Hidden ChestSpoils
Vow of the Disciple (1st Chest)x5
*Vault of Glass (1st Chest)x5

If you simply farm the Vow chests on three characters each week, you will get 15 Spoils of Conquest. Those who are willing to exploit an exploit in VoG can enhance their weekly profits to 30 Spoils of Conquest.

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How to get Vow Of The Disciple Solo Chest

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The first hidden chest in Vow of the Disciple can be found during the opening barge portion. You must destroy three Darkness fragments in order to open the chest:

  • The second stop for the barge is located to the left of a downed tree limb.
  • Third Stop of the Barge: Follow the Darkness-paved road. Turn 90 degrees to the left at the conclusion to find the fragment floating in a corner.
  • Fourth Stop of the Barge: Cross the bridge and turn around. Run through a narrow chasm to reach the final part.

From the final shard, turn around and cross the road directly. You will discover a building whose door has been opened, revealing a hidden chest within. This chest is accessible once each week per character, and opening it grants five Spoils of Conquest.

How to Get Solo Vault Of Glass Chest

spoils of conquest destiny 2

To access this chest, you will need to exploit an out-of-bounds glitch. It is feasible to solo the initial encounter of this raid, however this glitch makes farming much more efficient. The YouTube video of Esoterickk demonstrates how this problem affects all three classes. This box can be opened once each week per character, granting five Plunder of Conquest.