How to unlock the Haunted Lost Sectors in Destiny 2

What is the Haunted Lost Sectors?

The Haunted Lost Sectors playlist is a new playlist in Destiny 2 that was released on October 17, 2018. It is a cooperative playlist that allows players to explore the areas of the game where they will be fighting enemies and completing missions.

The Lost Sectors are a series of small, self-contained areas scattered throughout each planet. These areas are often hidden and difficult to find, but can be worth exploring for the rewards they provide.

There are a few prerequisites for accessing the Haunted Lost Sectors playlist. Thankfully, it shouldn’t be too difficult to access the tasks this time around, and you may begin farming Destiny 2 spectral pages in preparation for your first foray into these missions, where you can exchange them for materialised pages to spend on goodies.

How to unlock Haunted Lost Sectors in Destiny 2

Haunted Lost Sectors in Destiny 2

You must first accomplish a quick quest step for Eva Levante in the Gone But Not Forgotten quest before the Haunted Lost Sectors playlist will be available.

She will assign you the following:

  • Search for three Spectral Pages
  • Collect 100 Sweets

This may be overwhelming, but in our experience, completing a single Strike is sufficient to meet the requirements. Remember, in order for Candy to drop, you must be wearing a Festival of the Lost mask.

How to Complete Haunted Lost Sectors in Destiny 2

Once you can launch Haunted Lost Sectors from the directory or the courtyard of the Tower, you can begin grinding. The method is relatively straightforward.

Explore the haunted lost sectors. There will be a total of three Haunted Lost Sectors, one on Nessus, one on Europa, and one whose location has yet to be determined. You will be entrusted with exploring the area till you reach the last portion as soon as you spawn.

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Kill Headless Ones. Once you reach the final sector, a five-minute countdown will emerge, indicating the maximum amount of time you have to slay pumpkin-headed Hive Knights.

Find Summoning Rituals strewn throughout the Lost Sector to produce them. Multiple enemies will spawn simultaneously, allowing you to cover as much land as possible.

These will assist you in converting Spectral Pages into lore books, a new addition to this year’s Festival of the Lost.

Defeat the Lost Sector’s Boss. Continue doing so until the five-minute time limit expires and a boss that you must defeat arrives. Each monster possesses an immunity shield; therefore, summon additional Headless Ones to obtain pumpkin bombs to throw at the bosses in order to reduce their immunity shields. Completing these Haunted Lost Sectors can reward you weapons from the Festival of the Lost, including brand-new ones for this year.

As soon as you reduce their health, they become immune, and other Headless Ones will appear alongside Summoning Rituals. Kill them and they’ll drop Pumpkin Charges; use these to render the boss vulnerable once more. Repeat the process until you have defeated it.

And that concludes it! Retrieve your gift from the final treasure container.