Mara Sov Returns to Destiny 2

Season 15 teaser image shows Mara Sov and Osiris in Destiny 2’s Dreaming City. The Season of the Lost includes Mara Sov’s official homecoming to the Dreaming City.

When the Witch Queen presentation closes on August 24, Bungie will launch Season 15, dubbed The Season of the Lost. Today, the studio released a teaser image to its official Twitter account, which shows Mara Sov with someone standing behind her who at least resembles Osiris. There isn’t much else to say about the upcoming season in the tweet itself, but it does give some strong suggestions as to where it’s going.

Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion introduced the Dreaming City, where Mara Sov’s royal room may be accessed only by obtaining an oracle offering from the Blind Well, and even if you did, she would only be present intermittently. When Oryx’s dreadnought wiped out the Awoken Fleet with his superweapon years ago, it at least verified that she had not perished, but that’s all we’ve truly heard from her.

mara sov destiny 2

Now that a new datamine has confirmed leaks about her, it appears she will once again play an important role in the ever-evolving tale of Destiny. The Festival of the Lost is Destiny’s Halloween festival and a time to honour the deceased, and now that Mara Sov has returned from the grave, this may get interesting. Who else may be returning from the other side of the veil?

Of course, we have no idea. Since the end of the previous season, fans have speculated about where Osiris has gone, and this new image may provide some insight. Also, it appears like Osiris, or whoever is playing the role of Osiris at the moment, will play an important role in Season of the Lost.

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It’s not just the cast of Destiny 2 that’s getting a makeover for the upcoming season. In order to combat cheating, all primary ammo weapons will have unlimited ammo moving forward, and BattlEye anti-cheat will be included into the game.