21 Best Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods To Download

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a high-rated truck simulator game for Windows and Linux. It was released in 2012 and is continually being updated, so it remains popular. It’s one of the most popular games on Steam, with thousands playing at all times.

ETS2’s popularity is partly due to the many player-made mods. This category contains the finest ETS 2 mods. Cars, Interiors, Maps, Parts and Tuning, Skins, Sounds, Trailers, Trucks, Tutorials, Cheats, News, and more are often updated and safe to download.

With so many add-ons, there’s every reason to drive a truck. Every day, people create new ETS2 mods, therefore it’s important to keep up.

Best Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods

01. Truckers MP

Truckers MP


  • With the addition of ProMods, Player allows you to fully immerse yourself in a virtual setting where truckers from all over the world are travelling across the USA and Europe.
  • Through VTC System, Join businesses or start your own, personalise, hire, manage, publish news, submit photographs, and more. New features will always be added.
  • Moderating teams are available 24/7 to handle your reports. Observed a game rule violator? The forums are spammed? Truckers MP teams are here to assist players.
  • Users from all over the world are actively participating in community. Together, player may discuss ideas and have fun in our Discord guild, on our forum, on Facebook, on YouTube, on Twitch, and in many other places.
  • Players can make up their own activities using special Event Request system.

Link : https://truckersmp.com/

02. ProMods Europe Map

ProMods Europe Map

ProMods Europe Map broadens Euro Truck Simulator 2’s universe. This mod intends to give the player the impression that they are travelling through actual countries, complete with their typical buildings and scenery.


  • 20 New Countries and 106 New Cities have been included, along with original traffic laws, street signs, licence plates, gasoline prices, and many other things.
  • Along with the 251 new or improved cities in the 22 already-existing countries, many of the roads and landscapes have undergone extensive revisions to appear more realistic than in the first game.

Link: https://blog.promods.net/download/map/

03. Paris Rebuild by Grimes


  • Constructed new roads
  • Rebuilt and reopened roads
  • landmarks in Paris (Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame)
  • Three more businesses
  • Plant life removed to reveal houses and skylines in Paris and Poissy
  • Connects Porte de Bagnolet, Poissy, and Gonesse directly.
  • RATP buses have increased traffic in Paris
  • higher traffic volume (Paris only)
  • gives France a northern east-west corridor

Link: https://grimesmods.wordpress.com/2017/05/09/paris-rebuild/

04. Realistic Graphics Mod By Frkn64

Realistic Graphics Mod By Frkn64
Realistic Graphics Mod By Frkn64


  • Brand new 30 types of high quality realistic road textures for an existing map
  • Brand new 70 kinds of high quality realistic sky textures
  • Brand new 30 types of high high quality realistic road textures for an existing map
  • Improved game visuals (Colors, shadows, brightness etc.)
  • Realistic light reflection effects 
  • Realistic weather effects like rain and fog
  • Realistic particle effects, such as smoke and water splashes
  • Realistic raindrop effects (inside of trucks)
  • support with map mods (Map Mods Support Add-On required)
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Link: https://frkn64modding.com/realistic-graphics-mod-for-ets-2/

05. Sound Fixes Pack

Sound Fixes Pack


The mod’s realistic sounds include features like:

  • Suspension, tyre bump, cabin noise, rattle, and key jingle sounds.
  • Gas station, fuel noises and refueling sounds door close and seatbelt.
  • Improved train sounds, including full sounds for some trains and different train crossing bell tones.
  • Nokia ringtone replaces hurry up/late music, reducing player stress.
  • Improved default air brake noises and softer default reverse beep.
  • Exterior and interior rain noises and delayed thunder sounds.
  • When the windshield is dry, the wiper sound will squeak and many more.

Link: https://ets2mods.lt/euro-truck-simulator-2-mods/ets2-sounds/sound-fixes-pack-v21-47-1-41-x/

06. Real Traffic Density from Cipinho

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods To Try


  • The density changes every half hour from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. and from 15 p.m. to 10 p.m., going from 10 to 15 and from 20600 to 4 p.m. 
  • In the morning and afternoon, there were a lot of people, but in the evening, the number of people went down slowly. The most people pass through at 8:30 and 17:00;
  • With this mod, ETS2 gets a custom density and ratio set to g traffic 1 by default. It takes into account all game features from version 1.30, such as spawn and ratio by daytime, type of roads, city size, density, and ratio, which are all set according to the game time scale.

Link: https://ets2mods.lt/euro-truck-simulator-2-mods/ets2-ai-traffic/real-traffic-density-and-ratio-v1-43-a-by-cip-1-43-x/

07. Artificial Realistic Lights



  • Better lighting and more realistic colours.
  • Darker Night 
  • SMAA Anti-Aliasing.
  • Added a Gorgeous, realistic lens flare.

Link: https://ets2mods.lt/euro-truck-simulator-2-mods/ets2-partstuning/realistic-lights-effect-v2-3-1-43-x/

08. First Snow by Julien

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods To Try


  • “First Snow” mod allows the world to experience the feeling of being covered in snow.
  • This mod is very detailed, as it will clearly indicate where to drive by displaying road markings in the snow. 
  • The snow can also be perfectly layered onto various objects, such as fences and trees, that are not on the sides of the roads.

Link : https://www.modland.net/euro-truck-simulator-2/maps/first-snow-mod-v-1.0.html

09. Trucks, Buses and Cars Mod by Jazzycat

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods To Try
Trucks, Buses and Cars Mod by Jazzycat


  • This pack adds 507 new AI cars to traffic. 
  • This pack adds 507 new AI cars to traffic.
  • Included real 3D logos for default cars and about 600 skins for various vans.
  • Models by other authors: Dacia Logan (Srele), MB Vito, W210, VW Passat B5, Renault Kangoo (Alexx Os), and some skins by IJ’s Mods.
  • All standalone and compatible with any map.
  • Compatibility with every Jazzycat bundle.
  • 17 automobile trailers.
  • Police vehicles for 11 nations.
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Link: https://ets2.lt/en/?s=JAZZYCAT

10. Next-Gen Graphic Mod by Damian SVW

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods To Try
Next-Gen Graphic Mod by Damian SVW


  • The mod includes 4K textures with a high resolution;
  • Modifies vegetation;
  • Alters the majority of textures, signs, buildings, coatings, bumpers, Changes roads.
  • Compatible with all weather mods, Mod modifies the game’s graphics and weather to be more realistic.
  • Slightly influences performance and Additional modifications and enhancements;

Link: https://zagruzkamods.com/18085-project-next-gen-graphic-mod-by-damiansvw-143x-for-ets2.html

11. Google Maps Navigation

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods To Try
Google Maps Navigation


  • This mod simulates Google Maps Navigation on your vehicle’s navigation screen.
  • The colours, arrow, and map symbols on the navigation interface have been altered.
  • Your GPS navigation display will now appear more realistic.

Link: https://ets2.lt/en/google-maps-navigation-v2-7/

12. RusMap Mod by aldimator


  • Adds 63 cities to the large country, as well as 25 cities to the Republic of Belarus. 
  • This mod is very detailed and includes small towns scattered across the vast road network.

Link: https://ets2mods.lt/euro-truck-simulator-2-mods/profile-rusmap-by-aldimator-1-8-1-1-31-1-34/

13. Improved Truck Physics

Realistic Truck Physics Mod v8.2 (by Frkn64)


  • Realistic suspension springing;
  • Realistic cab shaking;
  • Realistic braking simulation;
  • Adapted Active Roll Control (ARC) system;
  • Improved interior camera movements;
  • Realistic braking simulation;
  • Compatible with existing ETS 2 trucks and the majority of truck mods

Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=713338424

14. Devil BDF Tandem Truck Pack

Devil BDF Tandem Truck Pack


  • 7 unique chassis for every truck. (7 unique axle variations per axle)
  • 9 unique cargo containers for each chassis.
  • 8 different drawbar trailer types. (7 unique axle configurations for each trailer type)
  • There are eight distinct tandem trailer types. (3 distinct axle configurations for each trailer type)
  • 8 distinct NO Trailer variant. (Transporting seven distinct cargo categories)
  • Both in-game and WOTR freight functions with their own trailers.

Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=620915774

15. Improved Environmental Sound

Improved Environmental Sound


  • Mod adds approx. 250 new high quality sounds and music for ETS2
  • New realistic sounds for ai cars and new ai car horn sounds, taken from real cars
  • Every truck now have its own new windshield wipers sound
  • More realistic and more detailed refuelling and trailer coupling sounds and more realistic lift axle sound
  • New HQ rain, interior rain and thunder sounds, new HQ rain blotches textures and improved general look Now there are a total of 37 new sounds
  • Reworked company ambience sounds. Added numerous missing sounds for various businesses (for default, Pro Mods, RusMap, ROS, TSM and MHA map companies). Added over 40 sounds in total
  • Added numerous new and updated old sounds for different game objects (movers) from default map and many mod maps: noises of animals, humans, and machines
  • New ferry and train (Eurotunnel) sounds
  • New photo mode camera sound and new menu music.
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Link: https://ets2.lt/en/improved-environment-sound-1-5/

16. Road to Asia Map

Road to Asia Map


  • Such as Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, South Korea, and North Korea;
  • Additional cities added;
  • Connectivity via ferry;
  • Diverse cultures and environments are connected through vital and fascinating highways;
  • Custom objects;
  • Beautiful highways, scenery, cities, and boundaries;

Link : https://download-ets2.com/18970-road-to-asia-map-145x-for-ets2.html

17. SiSL’s Mega Pack

SiSL’s Mega Pack


  • Mugs: FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Bayern München, Liverpool, AC Milan, New Castle United, Tottenham Hotspur, Mother Trucker
  • Customizable cups (330 ml and 250 ml)
  • Pokemon: Giratina, Zekrom (for dashboard and seat) Gyarados, Magikarp for hanging
    Marlboro Lights, Lucky Strike, and Winston Red cigarettes
  • Photo frame – four miniature versions, Portable backpack for the Volvo FH16 Classic Toys
  • Tablet computer, GPS, and GPS Projector
  • Warning signs (rectangular) for the windshield: “No Smoking, Don’t Touch My Truck, Don’t Tell Me How to Do My Job, Diesel”

Link: https://download-ets2.com/17274-sisls-mega-pack-accesories-by-sisl-142x-for-ets2.html

18. Laksana Legacy Sr2 Double Decker Bus

Laksana Legacy Sr2 Double Decker Bus


  • High quality 3D model, High quality detailed inside. The model has its own interior, sound, wheels, and passenger seats.
  • show the illumination of the speedometer and tachometer arrows, the character is seated correctly in the driver’s seat
  • The selection of engine power,transmission, gearbox, wheels configuration and body colour / metallic paint / skins
  • Functioning headlights, brake lights, tail lights, front and rear turn signals, steering wheel, and reverse signals and more.

19. Military Cargo Pack v6.0 by Jazzycat

Military Cargo Pack v6.0 by Jazzycat


  • A total of 217 new cargoes containing military equipment will be added
  • New cargo will be added to 74 firms on the Default Map, all official DLCs, the Rus Map, and the EAA Map

Link : https://download-ets2.com/18070-military-cargo-pack-by-jazzycat-145x-for-ets2.html

20. Slovakia Map v6.6.1 by kapo944

Slovakia Map v6.6.1 by kapo944


  • Update to the map for all three groups (free, donate, VIP)
  • single map
  • 30 cities included the mod with beautiful views and realistic conclusion.
  • Extensive road network
  • All infrastructure necessary for the transfer of products

Link : https://download-ets2.com/18018-slovakia-map-by-kapo944-145x-for-ets2.html

21. Cold Rain Mod v0.32a by Darkcaptain

Cold Rain Mod v0.32a by Darkcaptain


  • Textures of raindrops for windows and windshield have been altered
  • Rain textures have been enhanced, the effects and behaviours of raindrops on the windshield and windows have been altered
  • The texture and effects of water particles on the wheels when the asphalt is wet have been altered; (affects all vehicles, traffic included)
  • Realistic rain sounds, including drops falling within the cabin and the sound of rain with the exterior view
  • Superior diversity and quality of thunder noises (more than 15 different thunders sounds)

Link : https://download-ets2.com/18784-cold-rain-mod-by-darkcaptain-145x-for-ets2.html