5 Best Landing Spots For Easy Victory Royale in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

Chapter 3 Season 4 brings new map changes to the Fortnite island. Players should check out this season’s best landing spots to get off to a good start.

Fortnite Chapter Three Season Four has changed the island map once again, and players are now scrambling to find the best landing spots for this season. Chapter Three Season Four’s redesigned map has something for all players, no matter how they like to play. There are popular hot zones, hidden treasure chests, and new spots to look around. This season, map changes are happening all over the island, and players might find into Chrome, a mysterious substance that is slowly eating the island.

Epic’s marketing material seems to hint at how dangerous Chrome can be, but players can also try out brand-new landing spots to learn how to use Chrome to get the upper hand on opponents who don’t know about it. Whether a player is going into a match with a group of new Fortnite friends or on their own, the island has a lot of places to land for the best possible start to a match.

When players go to the Fortnite island this season for the first time, they won’t have to look far to find new locations and changes to the map. In the west of the island, where the Reality Tree and Greasy Grove used to be, the once-green forests have turned autumnal colours, and Chrome has caused the Reality Tree to dry up.

Chrome has done a lot of damage to the eastern part of the island, which now has new locations like Herald’s Sanctum, Shimmering Shrine, and Lustrous Lagoon. Players should be careful when exploring the island for the first time because of these dangers.

But there are only a few ways to earn experience points for the new Fortnite Battle Pass, and they all involve getting on the Battle Bus and going to the island. By choosing the right landing spots, players can settle into the style that works best for them, whether that’s finding little-known spots with lots of loot or starting matches by fighting to the death over a common pistol.

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5. Cloudy Condos

Landing at Cloudy Condos is kind of like playing Fortnite through the clouds, but maybe not in the way that players are expecting. Condo Canyon has taken to the sky to escape the spread of Chrome. Balloons have been used to lift almost the whole place off the ground. Players might want to land here just to look around and be amazed by how balloons are lifting up a whole town.

But there are also a lot of useful reasons to land here. Cloudy Condos still has a lot of loot for players to get, but it’s a little hard to get out of the floating town because of the fall damage in Fortnite.

4. Herald’s Sanctum

All of the ads for this season of Fortnite talked about how dangerous the Chrome was. But it’s the core of a few new game mechanics added this season, so it’s a bit more useful and harmless than the many story videos for Fortnite might make it seem. The Herald’s Sanctum sits on top of where Sanctuary used to be, because the Chrome ate everything in its way and changed it.

If a player wants to learn how to use the new Chrome Splash item, they can often find it on the ground in the Herald’s Sanctum. This makes the Herald’s Sanctum a great place to learn how to use Chrome items.

With Chrome Splash, players can phase through walls, which is hard for most players to defend against. You can also use Chrome Splash to play Chrome-Ify players. This turns players into pure Chrome for a short time, making them immune to damage from fire and falls and letting them take in the shape of a blob.

As a blob, players can move faster, jump through the air, and even phase through building pieces by running into them. The next crossover events in Fortnite haven’t been announced yet, but until then, players should take some time to add Chrome Splash and Chrome Weapons to their arsenals.

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3. Lustrous Lagoon

Lustrous Lagoon has been hit hard by the Chrome. It used to be called Lazy Lagoon. Even though the lagoon has a brand-new silver sheen, it is mostly the same as it was last year, and the pirate ship is still the most important season of this location. But the ship has been pulled out of the Chrome and is now tied to balloons in the air above the lagoon.

Even though a new Fortnite season has just started, this spot isn’t usually too busy, though this depends on the exact flight path of the Battle Bus. At Lustrous Lagoon, players have a lot of options for where to land because the buildings under the ship are full of good starting gear. The ship itself has a few chests on its different decks that players can open to get loot. This makes it an unexpectedly good place to get loot early in the game, and it also seems quieter than it should.

Players might run into other players here, but they can turn the tables on their opponents by playing strategically and taking advantage of this location’s verticality. In squad play, the pirate ship also has a high-security vault that can be opened to get even more loot.

2. Coney Crossroads

Almost the only thing players won’t find at Coney Crossroads are free V-Bucks for Fortnite. Everything else, like loot, vehicles, and vending machines, can be found here, making Coney Crossroads a great landing to start a match if you want to get the best possible start.

There are several buildings in Coney Crossroads that are full of loot chests, guns, consumables, and grenades. This lets players quickly build up a strong arsenal for the rest of their matches.

In town, there is also a vending machine that gives out useful things. Even though Coney Crossroads isn’t very big, it’s a popular place to landing, so players will likely have to fight to get loot.

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But this area is also right in the middle of the island’s highway system, so players can quickly escape by grabbing one of the cars here.

1. Sandblast Estates

Some players like to choose landing spots that aren’t as loud so they can get good loot and stay in the game until the end to grab when their opponents are hurt and tired. For players who want to take this approach, Sandblast Estates is a good choice. It’s in the very south of the island, and it’s a luxury villa on a cliffside. The location isn’t named or marked, so players won’t find it unless they’re looking for it. There’s enough starting loot for solo players, but groups and people who want to get Accolade XP by opening a lot of chests and ammo crates will probably be disappointed.

But for a single player looking for a place off the beaten path to start their match, it’s perfect. Most of the time, there’s even a car parked right outside, so players can grab some loot and drive away from the storm if they need to.

This season’s changes to the maps give players options for how they want to start their games, no matter what they like to do. Also, parts of the island haven’t changed much and are still free of Chrome. This means that many of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3’s best landing spots, like Rave Cave, still have a lot to offer players who want to get a foothold on this new island.

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