Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Story Explained – Changes, New Skins, Chrome Takeover, Leaks and more

The official story trailer for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 has officially been released, and now every player of Fortnite is both excited and confused about what the game has in store for them when it goes back online.

In addition, there were other major pieces of information, such as the revelation of who was hiding behind The Paradigm’s mask, which ended out to be Brie Larson, who plays Captain Marvel in the Marvel Studios film.

Fortnite Game Trailer

The trailer also revealed light on several important aspects of the game that had not yet been implemented, but it did not provide any context information regarding the emergence of Chrome, who was meant to be one of the primary driving forces behind the new plot. However, loopers are now aware of a different reality than the one they are now a part of in the game. This reality exists alongside the one they are currently experiencing.

Everything that occurred in the cinematic trailer for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Paradise, from Chrome’s takeover to the introduction of a new major antagonist on the island, is detailed here.

The narrative trailer for the new Fortnite season, Paradise, just debuted a few moments ago, and it has left loopers seeking more context for everything that just took place. In the beginning of the trailer, Origin is seen gazing at a map of the island that is displayed on a screen and detecting the presence of chrome all around the island.

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After that, he turns to Scientist and inquires about the emergence of the mysterious substance as well as the manner in which it is swiftly spreading around the world. After hearing this, the Scientist responds by stating that he has never before witnessed such a rapid amount of accelerated cytokinesis in a particle matter.

After that point, Chrome will gradually begin to take control of the microscope, and then The Scientist after that. After then, the camera turns on Paradigm, who has just had her mask removed and been revealed to be played by Brie Larson. She is visibly shaken up as she watches everything that is going on.

The Chrome then takes control of Origin, which takes Origin to yell at Paradigm to run while simultaneously taking control of and consuming Visitor, who is also there at the location. It becomes all-powerful and gradually takes control of The Seven outpost until a blob of it is standing tall in front of Paradigm, cackling maliciously as it does so.

Paradigm boosts up and flies through the ceiling and away from Chrome as it takes over The Sanctuary and forms tall buildings that are now believed to be the new POI called “Herald’s Sanctum.” As it does this, Paradigm watches the horror unfolding before it. She is drawn into a chrome tornado while she is flying, where the suit she is wearing sustains significant damage, and she is then hurled into the water, where the Zero Point is submerged.

Away from chrome and with an opportunity to escape, she calibrates the navigation on her suit to “Reality 6-5-9” and enters the Zero Point in order to escape this reality that has been engulfed by chrome and is destined to kill all it comes into contact with. The following were some of the things that players saw in the trailer:

  • A new unmasked form of The Paradigm, which is also the Battle Pass skin and has up to six different styles that may be selected from among them.
  • Additionally, the trees have been engulfed by the Chrome.
  • The Chrome effect has been applied to the bodies of water as well, and a new point of interest appears on the map in the form of tall structures.
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They will also have the opportunity to explore the new Fortnite POI Herald’s Sanctum, which will take the place of The Sanctuary. Also, in place to save themselves from Chrome, a new point of interest (POI) known as Cloudy Canyon has appeared in the sky. Loopers can use the new D-Launchers in order to propel themselves and ascend to higher land.

On the other hand, the side of the map to the left, which is on the west side of the Zero Point that has been submerged, has not been touched. This demonstrates how the Zero Point is using its strength to continue to defend the island of Fortnite, despite the fact that a new threat has emerged and is attempting to take control of it.

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