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Best GAMECUBE Games to Try [2022 list]

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The Nintendo GameCube was released in Japan in September 2001 and more than one month in a while 18th November in North America. Unlucky Europeans would not get their palms on it till the subsequent year, however, the wait become well worth it for one of the great-searching online game consoles of all time. The NGC (sorry, GCN) is a beautiful, compact piece of kit.

Eschewing the jack-of-all-trades course of its contemporaries, the console focused on doing simply one aspect well: gambling video games. Its hanging indigo color, huge chunky ‘A’ button, adorable little discs, and notorious bring manage in the long run labored in opposition to it in a generation of sleek, all-in-one multimedia machines, however, it becomes an effective little field of hints that performed host to a splendid library of video games. This become the ultimate time Nintendo placed itself in direct opposition with Sony and Microsoft in natural spec phrases earlier than converting tack with the Wii. We requested Nintendo Life readers to charge their favored GameCube video games, and the result is the listing of 15 video games you spot below.

Check out the Top 15 GameCube Games to try out in 2022

15) Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (GCN)

Best GAMECUBE Games list

Seeing Metal Gear Solid — a sport synonymous with Sony’s PlayStation — on a Nintendo console turned into a welcome, if jarring, revel in the lower back in 2004. Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes turned into evolved withinside the most important through Silicon Knights, the equal studio in the back of Eternal Darkness, and included elements of gameplay from Sons of Liberty into the authentic MGS sport. It additionally boasts apparent graphical improvements and re-recorded speak offering nearly all of the authentic cast. 

The new additions had been commonly properly received, although the gameplay additions arguably trivialized a number of the authentic sport’s difficulties. Still, it is an excellent model of a traditional and properly really well worth including in your collection (although monitoring it down for a realistic charge in recent times is an assignment worth of Solid Snake himself).

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14)Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader (GCN)

Best GAMECUBE Games list

In a suit of nostalgia, we fired up Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader simply these days and had been astonished to peer how stunning this 17-year-vintage recreation nevertheless is.

 As a release recreation, this turned into the technical showpiece along with Wave Race: Blue Storm that you confirmed off in your buddies and we would bounce on an HD rerelease quicker than a mynock on an electricity cable. 

The sequel even covered this complete recreation in 2-participant mode (which turned into arguably the excellent issue approximately Rebel Strike) and whilst there is no scarcity of approaches to play in a galaxy a long way, a long way away, that is nevertheless one of the excellent arcade-fashion renditions of the saga’s best flight-primarily based moments.


Best GAMECUBE Games list

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem is a remarkable mental horror recreation that blends Resident Evil-fashion survival horror with Lovecraftian Old World magick and an era-hopping historic narrative to create something pretty specific and simplest to be had on GameCube.

 It might also additionally take you some time to get into its spellcasting and uncommon blend of styles (and that can be the motive second-hand copies value mere pennies for such a lot of years), however as soon as it receives below your pores and skin it is a difficult recreation to shake. 

The fourth-wall-breaking sanity outcomes usually thieve the column inches, however, the ambitious, dread-soaked tale merits simply as a great deal recognition, and whether or not you are a hardcore horror aficionado or an amateur that desires a walkthrough with the lighting fixtures on, we advise gambling this any which manner you can.

12) PIKMIN 2 (GCN)

Best GAMECUBE Games list

Removing the thirty-day time restrict that so irked gamers withinside the first game, Pikmin 2 expands at the authentic in each way, growing a bigger journey with greater of the whole thing you appreciated before, plus a bunch of greater modes (inclusive of a relatively addictive 2-participant component). 

Wingman Louie joined Captain Olimar this time around and the sport additionally added White and Purple Pikmin, increasing the perplexing opportunities and the alternatives to be had to you because the diminutive spacemen and their plant-primarily based expenses ran around gardens combating beasties and amassing tasty-searching fruit, discarded items and deliver pieces. 

Some gamers may pass over the tight cognizance of the authentic, however, that is the first-class sequel and well worth looking down whether or not on GameCube or the New Play Control! the model launched on Wii.


Best GAMECUBE Games list

Your preferred Mario Kart sport tends to rely very a lot on which one you performed first, or which one you’ve got performed the maximum in multiplayer. This can cause a lot of contentious debate, however, we’ve got splendid recollections of Mario Kart: Double Dash!! notwithstanding it frequently getting brief shrift from many. While now no longer overflowing with new ideas, the racers had been offered as fantastic 3-d fashions for the primary time, the two-motive force gimmick become extraordinarily pleasing

It delivered a brand new layer of a method as you switched characters and juggled items, and it has a few superb courses, together with DK Mountain (ah, that little shortcut on the end!) and perennial preferred Baby Park, the hilariously tense mini-course. It may lack a sure je ne sais quoi in case you are dedicated to different entries withinside the series, however, make no mistake, this stays a chaotic karting classic.


Best GAMECUBE Games list

Despite having status and being loved with the aid of using the ones withinside the know, it turned into arguably now no longer till Fire Emblem: Awakening on 3DS that the mainstream awakened to the turn-primarily based delights of Intelligent Systems’ SRPG collection.

For each person who turned into a fan returned in 2005, this GameCube game – handiest the 0.33 access to be localized for the west – added 3-d visuals to the method collection in addition to protagonist Ike who might move on to enroll in the combat in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and benefit notoriety there earlier than returning withinside the Wii sequel to this game, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.


Best GAMECUBE Games list

If there has been an effective to Dreamcast’s premature demise, it became that different consoles benefited from Sega’s misfortune. A port of the Dreamcast original, Skies of Arcadia Legends became made with the aid of using Sega studio Overworks, a starry crew of Sega veterans, and became billed as a ‘director’s cut’ of the turn-primarily based JRPG.

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With minor enhancements throughout the board, Skies of Arcadia made exploration an imperative part of the gameplay instead of different video games withinside the style and fanatics had been calling for a present-day remaster of air pirate Vyse’s adventures for a protracted time, even though it is didn’t materialize. Until it does, the GameCube is the high-quality manner to revisit Arcadia.


Best GAMECUBE Games list

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess took the collection returned to an artwork fashion toward Ocarina of Time, albeit a bit earthier and glaringly making the most of the electricity of the ‘Cube.

 For many lovers, it turned into the ‘realistic’ Zelda they had been pining for after Nintendo took a left flip with The Wind Waker’s cel-shading, and even though it did not pretty strike all of the proper notes (the 3-d Zelda formulation turned into beginning to get a bit lengthy withinside the teeth at this stage), it nonetheless capabilities a few breathtaking dungeons, memorably oddball characters and a unique atmosphere.

 Setting a precedent that Nintendo might later repeat with Breath of the Wild, Twilight Princess straddled generations, bookending the GameCube and launching the Wii with a few brought waggle and widescreen. The Wii model flipped the world, though, reversing the map and it turned into the GameCube geography that turned into used whilst Midna and the Twilight Realm were given an HD remaster on Wii U (as did Wind Waker).


Best GAMECUBE Games list

There’s a motive that to this present day Super Smash Bros. Melee has a committed hardcore following withinside the fighter community – it is an amazing neighborhood multiplayer brawler that sanded the tough edges off the N64 original.

Introduced a metric ton of content material and arguably feels the maximum balanced of all entries withinside the series. Smash might retain to balloon from right here on out, however, there may be a beauty and purity to the GameCube generation that makes it well worth revisiting in case you are knee-deep in Smash Bros. Ultimate and need to attempt a specific flavor of celebrity brawling.


Best GAMECUBE Games list

Ura Zelda’ – an expanded ‘Second Quest’ model of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with remixed dungeon factors and different minor alterations – turned into deliberate for the ill-fated 64DD console, however, way to that system’s industrial failure, it was given shelved. Fortunately, GameCube proprietors might get the hazard to play it in this unique disc that turned into to be had as a pre-order bonus with The Wind Waker (and turned into genuinely packaged in that game’s container in a few regions).

There’s now no longer lots to mention past the truth that it gave fanatics the danger to play previously-unreleased Zelda content, so no surprise it ranks so exceedingly in GameCube owners’ memories. A version of the Master Quest turned into later made to be had in Grezzo’s Ocarina port on 3DS, however that is the handiest manner to play it with the ones conventional N64 visuals (albeit with the decision doubled on GameCube in comparison to the 64-bit original).


Best GAMECUBE Games list

A promotional disc that turned into bundled with hardware or made to be had in a lot of methods to GameCube gamers throughout the globe, it is tough to argue with the first-class of the video games on offer.

It carries the unique Legend of Zelda and Zelda II for NES in addition to the N64 entries Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. The emulation of the latter wasn’t perfect, however as a way of gambling beyond Zeldas in your brilliant new GameCube for the captivating access rate of $0, it turned into a first-class series indeed.


Best GAMECUBE Games list

Metroid Prime is the form of sport that humans say ‘shouldn’t’ have worked. Despite locating the 2D coronary heart of each of the Mario and Zelda franchises and transplanting them into 3D, come what may there have been intense skepticism that it may additionally be achieved with the Metroid collection as properly. 

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Perhaps it turned into due to the fact second-celebration studio Retro Studios turned on the helm instead of Shigeru Miyamoto and his band of wizards at Nintendo HQ, however, Retro controlled to provide one of the greatest video games at the system, or certainly any system. 

The design, superb environment, and experience of exploration and development of the 2D video games all switch noticeably properly right into a first-individual shooter and even as the Wii model may have introduced the pointer manage scheme of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, there may be nevertheless something to be stated for experiencing the unique the usage of the controller it turned into designed for. With Metroid Prime four in improvement for Switch, now could be a wonderful time to rediscover the unique and what made it so wonderful.


Best GAMECUBE Games list

Given the ‘Cel-da’ controversy that blighted the sport at its preliminary reveal, it is becoming that The Wind Waker has grown to be so cherished and prominent over time. Where different video games of the generation war below the burden of contemporary-day high-definition scrutiny, Toon Link’s maiden voyage seems nearly as sparkling because the day we first set out from Outset Isle to find out what had passed off to the Hyrule we as soon as knew.

It’s now no longer without flaws (and the HD remake on Wii U addressed a lot of them) however wondering back, we do not honestly recollect the repetitive wind conducting, the notorious Triforce shard hunt, or Tingle’s sea chart extortion. No, it is the rainbow hues of the tempestuous ocean, the breezy panpipes of Dragon Roost, and the salty self-mirrored image our voyages delivered approximately that stick withinside the memory. Beneath the surface, it is very tons a continuation of the three-D Zelda template laid down in Ocarina of Time, however, there may be plain magic in The Wind Waker, and regardless of its imperfections, it’s nonetheless one in every one of our very favorites of the series.


Best GAMECUBE Games list

The electricity of GameCube enabled extra constancy of its paper-primarily based artwork fashion than the original, however in any other case Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door caught intently to the original’s blueprint.

It’s a splendidly colorful journey filled with smart callbacks to the portly plumber’s records and the identical irreverent spirit which makes such a lot of Mario RPGs refreshingly exclusive from the mascot’s platformers. Where different entries have dropped the ball in a place or two, Thousand-Year Door receives the whole thing right; plot, writing, battles, presentation – the lot.

Prices for a GameCube disc–nevertheless the most effective manner to play–have skyrocketed in the latest years and given the quality, it is now no longer tough to look why. Treasure your replica if you have got one, and possibly lend it to a dependent on a buddy who in no way visited the city of Rogueport.


Best GAMECUBE Games list

Resident Evil four became a watershed second for survival horror Capcom’s collection. Shedding the genre-defining fixed-digital digicam gameplay of the preceding titles, it traded a touch of that survival horror for a boatload of tight, worrying motion and now no longer simplest revitalized the collection, however, set the blueprint for a decade of third-man or woman movements games. 

So extremely good became RE4 that it is taken till exceptionally lately for the collection to break out its shadow. 

The recreation became designed with Nintendo’s hardware in thoughts and no matter occurring to seem on almost each different domestic console produced for the reason that GameCube, the unique gadget continues to be one of the first-rate locations to play it, with the GameCube controller marrying the layout perfectly (although the latest Switch model isn’t always bad, either). The collection has had its ups and downs like every different, however, it is tough to argue that RE4 isn’t always the first-rate it is ever been.

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