Hardened Brick: Conan Exiles Guide

Bricks made from sandstone sections can provide greater strength for structures and can be buttressed with iron or steel to make strong walls and defenses. These bricks can be shaped to fit any shape and have been treated with a consolidant as well as steel reinforcement. They make it almost impossible to build anything from them.

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The Hardened Brick in Conan Exile is used to create a variety of late-game items such as the Sanctum of Set and the Armored Animal Pen. There are also some critical building items like the Improved Furnace or Large Water Well. This guide will show you how to make bricks and the process.

Create Hardened Brick

Before you can make a Hardened Brick in Conan Exiles, you need a few items and materials.

Brick and Stone Consolidant is used to make Hardened Brick.

Brick is made in a Firebowl furnace or other furnaces.

1). Brick is made in a furnace from 10 Stone.

2). Two Resin and six Plant Fibers are used to make Stone Consolidant.

how to get the Items make Stone Consolidant:

  • You need Iron tools to get Resin. If you use an Iron Pick to hit a tree, you will get Bark and Resin. It’s an easy way to do it. Resin and Bark drops from better tools are better. Resin doesn’t come from dead trees.
  • Plant Fiber can be taken from plants by hand. Stone Consolidant is easy to make if you have a lot of Plant Fiber.
  • Since the previous patches changed Ichor and Twine, it is now much easier to get more Hardened Brick than it used to be.
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Uses of Use Hardened Brick in Conan Exiles

  • To make a Sanctum of Set, you need 400 Hardened Brick, so you should start gathering Resin and Fiber.
  • All animal pens can hold the same number of pets and train them in the same amount of time. The only difference is that the Armored Animal Pen has more hitpoints. To make Armored Animal Pen, you need 100 Hardened Brick.
  • The Improved Furnace (Kiln) is the middle-tier furnace in the game. It can craft faster and use less fuel than the Improved Furnace. 50 Hardened Bricks are needed. This could be one of the first things you make with a Hardened Brick.
  • Different building materials, like the Aquilonian set, the Arena set, and the Argossean set. All of these need a different number of Hardened Bricks to make.