Daka Tuss Shrine Walkthrough and Solution

The Daka Tuss Shrine is One of the most important is Shrines in the Lanayru Region of The Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild.

daka tuss shrine

Daka Tuss Shrine  is found in the Southwestern marshy region of Lanayru just past the Lanayru Tower, on Shrine Island – which is patrolled regularly by several Lizalfols.

You will be welcomed by a pool filled with water and three spheres. The receptacle in the bottom left corner is sealed. This means that you will need to find a way to access the spheres inside the box.

 A large, metal bowl should be visible under the water. Magnesis will be required to gently lift the sphere from the water. Then, carefully place the sphere over the box. This will unlock the next area.

The next room contains three more spheres, and another receptacle. There is also a large switch underneath the water. 

Grab the bowl in the previous room, and place a sphere inside the receptacle. You’ll only now see that the box containing the receptacle has a roof. Only the underwater switch can open the box. 

To empty the ball from the bowl, place it in the bowl. Next, drop the bowl into the water. The roof will be opened and the sphere will fall into its place. Drain the water and you can continue.

Note: Return to the first room before you move on. You will find that the water has drained from the pool and that another door is at the bottom. To find the Silver Longsword, enter the next room.

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Still Confused ? You can watch our Daka Tuss Shrine Walkthrough Video for more

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