Demon Slayer: Top 15 Powerful Characters Ranked

Demon Slayer is one of the most famous anime of the previous few decades, and for many excellent reasons. Its tale follows the primary protagonist Tanjiro, who, after dropping the entirety, units off on a quest to emerge as one of the high-quality Demon Slayers in hopes of having his sister’s humanity returned and exacting revenge at the demon who ruined his lifestyle. Becoming a hit Demon Slayer appears to be an act of bravery in itself.

However, Being courageous isn’t as smooth as one can also think, mainly whilst being continuously faced with demons and life-threatening situations. Bravery isn’t always reserved for slayers either. It takes a unique demon to need to degree up towards the Slayers Corps. Demon Slayer functions many courageous characters that enthusiasts can also additionally discover inspiring. Here are the top 15 Powerful Demon Slayer Characters to watch out:

15. Gyutaro

Gyutaro’s unlucky past is evident in his character’s choices within Demon Slayer. However, he responds to his grief by inflicting pain on the rest of us. He especially hates those with greater privileges than he was able to enjoy as an individual.

Gyutaro’s skills are bolstered by a sense of prudence: he is waiting for the perfect moment to strike. His sense of combat is superior to that of his rivals due to his keen observation of indicators of the environment prior to deciding the best path to attack.

14. Nezuko Kamado


Fans see Nezuko, Tanjiro’s little sister, act bravely proper withinside the first episode of the collection. Once changed into a demon, she fought towards her newfound intuition to kill her brother and alternatively covered him from the water Hashira, Tomioka. It failed to remember that the man or woman she attacked turned into a Hashira.

Even though she could not recognize what that intended on time, she would not have sponsored down. Nezuko is continuously defensive the ones she cares approximately for the duration of the anime. She even is going as ways as killing demons, folks who are supposedly her kind, to store the lives of innocents.

13. Inosuke Hashibira


This Demon Slayer in no way hesitates to run into warfare each time he senses a demon nearby. Although it takes a variety of bravery to slay demons, he acts on impulse and recklessness, which receives him into trouble. However, he continually manages to live on with the assistance of his buddies. One episode in which Inosuke’s bravery shines the maximum is withinside the Natagumo Mountain Arc of season 1, in which he fought towards the Father Spider Demon. The combat towards the spider demon turned into a challenge. However, with the assistance of Giyu, the slayers manage to win.

12. Tomioka Giyu


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Tomioka Giyu is the primary Hashira to satisfy Tanjiro and Nezuko withinside the first episode. He right away attempts to cast off Nezuko, however as quickly as he realizes that she isn’t always risky, he shall let her live. Protecting a demon is towards the guidelines of the Slayers Corps. However, this Kuudere is courageous sufficient to defy the one’s guidelines and consider his instincts.

This isn’t always the most effective time that Giyu Tomioka has proved that he’s one of the bravest characters in this anime. He faces and kills now no longer most effective the Father Spider Demon; however, Lower Rank Five, Rui, and his Water Breathing Techniques.

11. Sanemi Shinazugawa

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Sanemi is the Wind Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, whom Tanjiro meets in episode 22 of the Shonen collection. Tanjiro faces an ordeal for defensive Nezuko and ought to show she is harmless. However, Sanemi’s hatred and revel in with demons make him recognize better.

To display his fellow slayers the authentic nature of demons, he bravely cuts himself to tempt Nezuko into attacking. Going to such extremes to show a factor isn’t always something anybody could do. That is why Sanemi’s bravery is exquisite in this instance.

10. Tamayo

Tamayo is a demon, however similar to Nezuko. She would not harm people. While she as soon as turned into a risky demon, she has positioned to forestall the violence inflicted on innocents and determined to spend her power reading the entirety she should discover on demons and their transformation alternatively.

As a doctor, she tends the injured, irrespective of what they are (human or demon), and they have made it her lifestyles’ task to avenge her circle of relatives killed through Muzan. It takes a variety of bravery for a demon to interact with people and discover how to defeat the all-effective Muzan. She even groups up with Tanjiro, Muzan’s nemesis.

9. Shinobu

Shinobu’s friendly exterior frightens anyone who comes in contact with her, but traces of her violent personality occasionally appear through the cracks in her friendly exterior. As the Insect Hashira Shinobu’s most preferred method of attack is poison.

Shinobu utilizes a wide range of poison cocktails to make a huge impact Her greatest skill is in assessing the weaknesses of her adversaries. Shinobu also creates a sequence of language-based gestures which can be broadcast quickly and efficiently.

8. Lower Rank One Demon: Emnu

Emnu turned into the most effective Lower Level of the Twelve Kizuki who no longer cower in worry whilst he confronted dying withinside the ultimate episode of the primary season. Unlike his allies who ran away or attempted to persuade Muzan to allow them to live, he cherished the concept and felt commemorated at being saved for ultimate.

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Furthermore, whilst he turned into selected through Muzan to move after a member of the Hashira and Tanjrio, he failed to hesitate to accept. Even even though it appeared like a death sentence to have interaction in this type of difficult assignment to different demons, his bravery in no way wavered.

7. Upper-Rank Three Demon: Akaza

In the film Mugen Train, Akaza arrives understanding nicely sufficient of the stakes waiting for him. Even even though the demon Emnu receives defeated through the Demon Slayers, Akaza’s bravery in no way wanes. He gladly takes at the Flame Hashira Rengoku without a 2nd thought and proves to be simply as effective because of the slayer.

They combat relentlessly till the sunrise, which activates Akaza to go away the warfare a piece prematurely, however now no longer earlier than causing masses of harm to Rengoku. Rengoku succumbs to his wounds, leaving his buddies in anger and mourning.

6. Kyojuro Rengoku

The Flame Pillar, Rengoku, proved to be one of the bravest Hashira members. He refused to backpedal regardless of how tough Akuza got at him at some stage in their combat within the film Demon Slayer: Mugen Train.

Instead, he refused to surrender and saved combating even if he should slightly stand up. Rengoku turned into courage sufficient to place his lifestyle on the road so long as it might store the alternative passengers aboard the educate and his buddies. He turned into an exquisite slayer and could continually be remembered for his sacrifice.

5. Kokushibo

Kokushibo is Muzan’s best minion. As the upper rank one from the twelve moons Kokushibo is a formidable source of strength that only a handful of opponents can match. Kokushibo’s advanced age has a bearing on his knowledge of strategy for combat and proves it through fighting several powerful opponents at the same time.

Kokushibo is able to judge his opponent’s attack style in just an instant of observation. In the end, the monster only loses due to his insecurity.

4. Gyomei Himejima

Gyomei Himejima, also known as the Stone Hashira is the harmonious nature of his own. In contrast to many of his coworkers He is not one to lose his temper in spite of the brutal nature of his evil adversaries.

Apart from Kagaya Ubuyashiki Gyomei has been the second most loved part of the Demon Slayer Corps due to his leadership skills. He examines Muzan’s new body, and then concludes that individual strikes will be ineffective against Muzan the Demon King.

3. Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu is thought of for his cowardice for the duration of the anime. However, he does marvel at his enthusiasts as soon as in a while. He bravely covered Tanjiro’s field, in which Nezuko hides at some stage in the day, from Inosuke. Zenitsu did not have any motive to defend the field apart from trusting his friend’s word. He turned into inclined to be sacrificed so long as the area and its content material remained untouched. In episode 22 of the primary season, he suggests that he is courageous sufficient to comply with Nezuko into the demon-infested woods.

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His bravery additionally helped him face the frightening spider demons together along with his Thunder Breathing Technique. The slayer suggests, time and time again, that with regards to his buddies, he is prepared to be courageous even in the maximum terrifying moments he can encounter.

2. Tanjiro Kamado

In episode four of the primary season, Tanjiro made it the last choice to emerge as a Demon Slayer. As he wanders the forest, he sees any other Demon Slayer being chased through a giant demon called The Hand Demon. He freezes in worry for a moment. However, his bravery and braveness push him to store the slayer and launch the souls of the limitless slayers who perished combating the demon years ago, like Sabito and Makomo.

Tanjiro continually fights for what’s proper and defensive his buddies and own circle of relatives from demons. His bravery is what has gotten him these a ways withinside the collection, and he’s honestly an inspiring Deredere individual for plenty of enthusiasts.

1. Kagaya Ubuyashiki

Kagaya Ubuyashiki, known as Oyakata-sama is the last of the long series of Demon Slayer Corps leaders stretching through Muzan’s time. He is highly regarded by his Hashira members, who all consider him a distant father model.

Ubuyashiki makes use of his charisma and soft voice to make others to understand his point opinion. He almost always succeeds in changing people’s opinions in his favor. Ubuyashiki also has a unique ability to forecast the outcomes of far-off events with incredible accuracy.

Quick Questions

Q1. Who is the Strongest Demon Slayer?

Without a doubt, Yoriichi Tsugikuni is the strongest demon slayer who has ever lived. He was a genius even when he was young, and he was so strong that he almost killed Muzan. The demon was so afraid of him that he never showed up again in front of Yoriichi.

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