How Old is Dabi From My Hero Academia?

How Old is Dabi From My Hero Academia?

Dabi is a tall, skinny 24-year-old man with spiky black hair and blue eyes. Dabi has purple skin scars on his lower face at such a young age.

Dabi is the oldest son of Endeavor and Rei, and Shoto Todoroki, our main character with red and white hair, is his older brother.

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Who is Dabi From My Hero Academia?

Dabi, or Blueflame, is the oldest son of the number one hero, Endeavor (Enji Todoroki), who was thought to have died. He is also the older brother of Shoto Todoroki, who is one of the main characters and is learning to be a hero. He is the worst enemy of both Shoto Todoroki, his youngest brother, and Endeavor.

Manga readers already know Dabi’s death because in Chapter 290, Dabi tells them the truth. In this chapter, Dabi tells the whole country what his real name is: Toya Todoroki. He does this to ruin the name of the number one hero.

Dabi and Shoto both got beat up and treated badly because of how strict their father was. But, unlike Dabi, Shoto started to forgive him, while Dabi was so angry with him that he turned into a bad guy to ruin his father’s reputation.

What Is Dabi’s Quirk?

How Old is Dabi From My Hero Academia?
My Hero Acaemia

Dabi has a special ability called Blueflame that enables him to control and manipulate incredibly hot blue flames that can burn entire groups of people alive. He can fly and hover in the air by using his flames as a propulsion system.

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It is said that Dabi’s quirk enables him to create flames that are even more powerful than Endeavor’s.

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