How Old is Flynn Rider in Tangled

How Old is Flynn Rider in Tangled?

Even though the movie doesn’t say how old Flynn Rider is, animators have confirmed that the character is 26 years old. When Rapunzel and Flynn Rider meet for the first time, Rapunzel is only 17, but she turns 18 during the course of the movie. This means that Rapunzel and Flynn Rider are eight years apart in age, which is more than any other Disney couple.

Continue reading if you want to know who is Flynn Rider and his relationship with Rapunzel and why are Disney Fans so concern.

Tangled is a 2010 animated musical adventure fantasy comedy film made by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. Based on the German fairy tale “Rapunzel” from the Brothers Grimm’s collection of folk tales. Nathan Greno and Byron Howard directed the movie. Roy Conli was in charge of making it, and Dan Fogelman wrote the script.

The story of Tangled is about Rapunzel, a lost young princess with long, magical blonde hair who wants to leave her lonely tower. She lets a stranger help her get out into the world, which she has never seen before.

Who is Flynn Rider from Tangled?

Flynn’s real name is Eugene Fitzherbert, but he went by the name Flynn Rider because he liked a storybook hero named Flynn Rider when he was a child. He spent most of his childhood in an orphanage, where he took care of the younger kids and dreamed of going on big adventures. Flynn is a thief, a swindler, and a criminal. Flynn uses his skills a lot in ways that aren’t always legal. He works alone, and his good looks help him get out of trouble a lot.

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How are Rapunzel and Flynn rider related?

Disney Tangled

Flynn’s desires quickly faded after he met Rapunzel. When Flynn met the lonely girl in a remote tower, he was annoyed to be coerced into taking her to the Festival of Lights so he could get back a stolen tiara she had hidden from him.

As he got to know the headstrong girl, he developed affection and care for her. Flynn’s old dream was replaced when he gave up treasure and solitude. Flynn fell in love with the lost princess and helped her reclaim her throne.

What is the age difference between Rapunzel and Flynn rider?

Rapunzel meets Flynn Rider early in the movie, who volunteers to be her tour guide. Rapunzel is 17 when they meet, and 18 during the film. The two fall in love and are admired for supporting each other’s aspirations and risking their own safety. Flynn Rider is 26 years old in the movie. Rapunzel and Flynn Rider’s eight-year age gap is the largest of any Disney couple.

There are some Disney fans who have a problem with the fact that the characters in Tangled are of different ages.

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