Ishto Soh Shrine Walkthrough

Ishto Soh shrine is located to the southwest of Lake tower, to the east of the border with the Wastelands tower area.

Ishto Soh Shrine
  • As you drop to the most floor, take a second to seem round the shrine. ahead of you, there’s a moving platform, an impact crystal and a few stone pillars resulting in a chest. Behind you, under where you started, there’s a laser and another chest.
  • Ignore everything else for now and head toward that back room under where you started. Hit the laser together with your stasis ability — this turns off the laser. Run past and hit the chest for a topaz.
  • Hit the time-frozen laser together with your weapon or a foreign bomb (or wait out your first stasis and time-freeze it again). Your goal is to knock it off of its stand and convey it into the most room.
  • Go devour the laser and carry it onto the moving platform. Face the rear of the space (toward where you started and therefore the chest that had the topaz) and set down the laser in order that it strikes the control crystal whenever it goes past. this may activate or off the crystal every few seconds which moves all of the pillars within the room.
  • Head to the fenced off area on the proper side of the space and ride the pillars up toward the monk. once you reach the highest, rotate and wait. The pillars you rode up with descend. Then, a flash before they begin to maneuver again, jump toward the wall of pillars and paraglide across the space. Aim for one among the low ones. (This may take a few of tries, but it’s possible. If you’ve got tons of trouble, it’s possible to form this same glide from the highest of the ramp on the left side of the space (which is quicker to return to), but we had more trouble with this side than the escalator-thing on the proper.)
  • Run to the middle and open the chest for a ancient core.
  • Ride the escalator up and claim your spirit orb.
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