Little Alchemy Cheats

Little Alchemy Cheats

We created a step by step Little Alchemy Cheats process that takes you from the beginning to each element. Below is a list of all 580 elements in the game.

Result ElementIngredient
AirAvailable from start.
Airplanebird, steel / bird, metal
Alarm Clockclock, sound
Alcoholfruit, time / juice, time
Allergyhuman, dust
Ambulancecar, hospital / car, doctor
Angelhuman, bird
Anglerhuman, fishing rod
Antgrass, wild animal / wild animal, sugar
Atmosphereair, pressure / sky, pressure
Atomic Bombenergy, explosion
Avalancheenergy, snow
Axeblade, wood
Bakerhuman, flour / human, bread / human, dough
Bakeryhouse, baker / house, bread
Bananafruit, monkey
banana breadbread, banana
Bandageblood, fabric
Bankhouse, money / house, gold / house, safe
Barncow, house / livestock, house / house, hay
Batmanbat, human
Batterflour, milk
Bayonetgun, blade / gun, sword
BBQcampfire, meat / campfire, garden
Beeflower, wild animal
Beehivebee, house / bee, tree
Beeralcohol, wheat
Birdair, life / life, sky / egg, air / egg, sky
Birdhousebird, house
Blenderglass, blade / blade, electricity
Bloodhuman, blade
Blueprintengineer, paper
Bonecorpse, time
Breaddough, fire
Brickclay, fire / mud, fire / mud, sun / clay, sun
Bulletgunpowder, metal
Bulletproof Vestbullet, armor
Buscar, car
Butterenergy, milk / milk, pressure
Butterflyflower, wild animal
Cactusdesert, plant / sand, plant
Cakedough, candle
Cameldesert, wild animal / desert, horse / livestock, desert
Campfirefire, wood
Cannongunpowder, pirate ship / gunpowder, castle
Capehero, fabric
Castlehouse, knight
Catnipcat, plant
Caviarhard roe, human
Centaurhorse, human
Chainsawaxe, electricity
Charcoalfire, wood
Cheeseburgercheese, hamburger
Chickenegg, livestock / livestock, bird / bird, farmer
Chicken wingchicken, bone
Chimneyhouse, fireplace / smoke, brick / fireplace, brick
Cloudair, steam
Coconut Milkcoconut, tool / milk, coconut
Computerelectricity, nerd / wire, nerd / tool, nerd
Cookbookbook, recipe / recipe, recipe
Cookiedough, sugar
Corpsehuman, gun / human, grim reaper
Cowgrass, livestock
Crowbird, scarecrow / bird, field
Crowngold, monarch / metal, monarch
Cuckooclock, bird
Cyclistbicycle, human
Dambeaver, river / beaver, tree / beaver, wood / wall, river
Doctorhuman, hospital
Dogedog, computer
Doghousedog, house
Donutdough, oil
Doughflour, water
Droneairplane, robot
Drunkhuman, alcohol / beer, human / human, wine
Dry Icecarbon dioxide, cold / ice, carbon dioxide
Duckbird, lake / water, bird / bird, pond / time, duckling
Ducklingegg, duck
Dustearth, air / sun, vampire / day, vampire
Dynamitegunpowder, wire
EarthAvailable from start.
Earthquakeearth, energy / earth, wave
Egg Timeregg, clock / egg, watch
Electric Carcar, electricity
Electric Eelfish, electricity
Electricianhuman, electricity / human, wire
Energyair, fire / plant, sun
Explosiongunpowder, fire
Familyhuman, house
Farmfarmer, house / farmer, barn
Faungoat, human
Fieldearth, farmer / earth, tool
FireAvailable from start.
Fire Extinguisherfire, carbon dioxide / pressure, carbon dioxide / metal, carbon dioxide
Firemanhuman, fire / human, firetruck
Fireplacehouse, campfire / campfire, brick / campfire, wall
Firetruckfireman, car
Fireworksexplosion, sky
Fishhard roe, time
Fish and Chipsfish, French fries
Flamethrowerfire, gun
Flying Fishfish, bird / sky, fish
Fogearth, cloud
Fossildinosaur, time / dinosaur, earth / stone, dinosaur
Foxchicken, wild animal
Fruit Treefruit, tree
Gardenerhuman, garden
Ghostgraveyard, night / castle, night
Gingerbread househouse, dough / house, gingerbread man
Glassfire, sand / sand, electricity
Glassesglass, metal / glass, glass
Gnomegarden, statue
Godzilladinosaur, city
Golemclay, life
Gravecoffin, earth / corpse, earth
Gravestonegrave, stone
Graveyardgrave, grave / gravestone, gravestone
Grenadeexplosion, metal
Grilled cheesecheese, toast
Gunpowderfire, dust
Hard Roeegg, water / egg, sea / egg, ocean / egg, pond / fish, fish
Harpangel, music
Hayfarmer, grass / grass, scythe / grass, sun
Hay balehay, hay
Helicopterblade, airplane / windmill, airplane
Hippohorse, river / horse, water
Honeybee, flower / bee, beehive
Horsehay, livestock
Hospitalhouse, sickness / house, ambulance / house, doctor
Humanearth, life
Hummingbirdbird, flower
Ice cream truckcar, ice cream
Ideahuman, light bulb / light bulb, nerd
Igloohouse, ice / house, snow
Internetcomputer, computer / computer, wire / computer, web
Keyboard Catcat, music
Knighthuman, armor
Lassocow, rope / horse, rope
Lavaearth, fire
Lawn Mowergrass, tool / electricity, scythe
Leathercow, blade / pig, blade
Lemonadefruit, water
Libraryhouse, book
Light Bulbelectricity, glass
Livestockfarmer, life / wild animal, human / farmer, wild animal
Lizardegg, swamp
Lovehuman, human
Lumberjackaxe, human / human, chainsaw
Mac and Cheesecheese, pasta
Mailmanhuman, letter
Manateecow, sea
Mayonnaiseegg, oil
Meatcow, tool / livestock, butcher / cow, butcher / pig, butcher / pig, tool / blade, livestock
Mermaidhuman, fish
Metalfire, stone
Microscopeglass, bacteria / bacteria, glasses
Milkfarmer, cow / cow, human
Minotaurhuman, cow
Mirrorglass, metal
Monarchhuman, castle / Excalibur, human / crown, human
Motorcyclebicycle, energy / bicycle, steel
Mountainearthquake, earth
Mousecheese, wild animal
Mummycorpse, pyramid
Musichuman, flute / human, sound
Nerdhuman, glasses
Nestbird, tree / bird, hay / egg, hay
Oasisdesert, water
Oil Lampclay, oil / potter, oil / oil, rope / glass, oil / fire, oil
Omeletteegg, fire
Orchardfruit tree, fruit tree / field, fruit tree
Origamibird, paper
Ostrichbird, earth / bird, sand
Paper Airplaneairplane, paper
Parrotbird, pirate
Pastaflour, egg
Peacockbird, rainbow
Pegasusbird, horse / sky, horse / bird, unicorn
Pencil Sharpenerblade, pencil
Penicillindoctor, mold
Petroleumfossil, time / fossil, pressure
Phoenixfire, bird
Picnicgrass, sandwich / beach, sandwich
Piedough, fruit
Pigeonbird, city / bird, letter / bird, statue
Pillowcotton, fabric
Pilotairplane, human / seaplane, human
Piranhafish, blood
Pizzacheese, dough
Planetearth, space
Platypusbeaver, duck
Potteryfire, clay / clay, wheel / clay, tool
Pressureearth, earth / air, air
Prismglass, rainbow
Pterodactylair, dinosaur / bird, dinosaur
Pyramiddesert, stone / desert, grave
Recipeflour, paper / paper, baker
Ringdiamond, metal / diamond, gold
Rocketairplane, space
Rustair, metal / metal, oxygen / steel, oxygen / air, steel
RVcar, house
Saddlehorse, leather
Safety Glassesexplosion, glasses / tool, glasses / engineer, glasses
Sailboatboat, wind / boat, fabric
Sailorhuman, boat / human, sailboat
Sandair, stone
Sandwichbread, ham / cheese, bread / bread, bacon
Santahuman, Christmas tree
Scalpelblade, doctor / blade, hospital
Scarecrowhuman, hay
Scissorsblade, blade
Scytheblade, grass / blade, wheat
Seagullbird, sea / bird, ocean / bird, beach
Seahorsehorse, sea / ocean, horse / fish, horse
Sealdog, sea
Seaplaneairplane, water / airplane, ocean / airplane, sea
Sewing Machineelectricity, needle / robot, needle
Sheepcloud, livestock
Sicknesshuman, bacteria / human, sickness / human, rain
Skeletoncorpse, time / bone, bone
Ski Gogglesglasses, snow
Skyair, cloud
Skyscraperhouse, sky
Smokefire, wood
Smoke Signalcampfire, fabric / smoke, fabric
Smoothiefruit, blender
Snow globeglass, snow / snow, crystal ball
Soap Bubbleair, soap / water, soap
Soundair, wave
Spaceshipairplane, astronaut
Sphinxhuman, lion
Starfishfish, star / sea, star / ocean, star
Steakfire, cow / meat, BBQ
Steam Engineboiler, tool / boiler, wheel
Stoneair, lava
Stormenergy, cloud / cloud, electricity
Storyhuman, campfire
Sugarfruit, energy / juice, fire / juice, energy
Sunfire, sky
Sundialclock, sun
Super novaexplosion, star
Sushifish, seaweed / caviar, seaweed
Swim Gogglesglasses, water
Swordblade, metal / blade, steel
Swordfishfish, sword
Tankcar, armor / car, gun
Tasergun, electricity
Telescopeglass, sky / glass, star / glass, space
Threadcotton, tool / wheel, wool
Toucanbird, rainbow
Tractorfarmer, car / field, car
Trojan Horsehorse, wood
Tunnelengineer, mountain
Turtleegg, sand
Twilightday, night
Vacuum Cleanerelectricity, broom
Vampirehuman, blood / human, vampire
Vegetablefield, fruit
Villagehouse, house
Vulturebird, corpse
Wagoncart, horse
Wallbrick, brick
Watchhuman, clock
WaterAvailable from start.
Water Lillyflower, pond
Waxbee, beehive
Wheatfield, farmer / plant, farmer
Wild Animalforest, life
Windmillhouse, wind / wheel, wind
Windowglass, house
Winefruit, alcohol
Wireelectricity, metal
Witchhuman, broom / wizard, broom
Wizardhuman, energy
Wolfdog, forest / wild animal, moon / wild animal, dog
Woodpeckerbird, wood
Wrapping Papergift, paper
Yakcow, mountain
Zombiecorpse, life

Quick Questions

Q1. In little alchemy how to make metal ?

Answer : You can make metal in little Alchemy using following steps :

  1. earth + fire = lava
  2. air + lava = stone
  3. fire + stone = metal
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