Rucco Maag shrine- Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide

The Rucco Maag Shrine is one of the Shrines withinside the Lanayru Region of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Rucco Maag shrine is positioned inside The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Lanayru tower place in Japanese Hyrule, southeast of Lanayru tower. In this BOTW guide, we’ll assist you to locate the Rucco Maag shrine region and answer and stroll you via the Five Flames transfer puzzle inner to gather your chest and spirit orb.

Location of Rucco Maag Shrine

Rucco Maag shrine Location

Rucco Maag Shrine is located o the South of the Ruto Mountain at the South facet of the Rutala River, simply above the Samasa Plain. You will want hearthplace arrows to finish this shrine.

On a massive block withinside the centre of the room, you may see a torch stand and a water spout this is aimed toward one of the torches stands at the pillar beside the block. The goal is to get all of the torches far from the water spout, without submerging any torch that stands withinside the water.

Solution to the Location of Rucco Maag Shrine

Rucco Maag shrine solution

Use the block with three switches to transport the massive block that holds the torches. Assuming you’re status with the dice in between you and the water, the subsequent order is: Right, Top, Back, Left, Front, Right, Top, Back, Top.

Alternatively, in case you do now no longer have hearthplace arrows, you may use everyday arrows with the assist of the hearthplace brazier to mild the torches, even though it is able to be a piece harder. Shoot the switches on this sequence: Bottom, Front, Left, Left, Front, Right. Once all 5 torches are lit the barrier will open for you.


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Treasure Chests

On some distance wall, as you stroll in, there are treasure chests located on timber ledges. Shoot the ledges with hearthplace arrows, so that you can reason the chests to fall to the floor. One has an Opal, the opposite has a Silver Bow.

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Still Unable to Solve Rucco Maag shrine Puzzle, Don’t Worry you can check out the video below for better understanding