Shee Venath shrines walkthrough and puzzle solutions

This tutorial will help you find the Shee Venath shrine and the treasure chests.

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Shee Venath shrine is located at the summits of the striking Dueling Peaks. They are often among the first shrines that players encounter after leaving The Great Plateau. The area is located along the route to the early quest objective ‘Seek Out Impa’. You can see the Shee Venath shrine from many hills and pillars as you travel east from the Great Plateau.

shee venath shrine

However, scaling the steep inclines on the way to either summit will require patience and some players may want to put it off until they have a little more stamina – or loading up on stamina increasing meals such as the Enduring Mushroom Skewer.

Although the obvious route is to climb near the Duelling Peaks Tower and the river, it may be easier to go north or south to take advantage of the gentler slopes.

Shee Venath shrine can be found on the northern peak. You’ll find it in an indent directly below. Use your glider for access.

You will find a small stone tablet that you can use to read a slightly cryptic message when you enter either shrine.

The shrines atop these peaks share a connection – their memory the answer to the other’s question.

Commit to memory before you start, lest, a failure, you will depart.

The message’s meaning is simple: Each orb in the five-by-five grid of sockets will be in its initial position to open the gate to the other shrine.

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It is easy to solve both shrines by simply:

  • Visit the first shrine to observe the original position of the orbs
  • Visit the second shrine and do the same. Then move the orbs in the right order to match the first shrine’s pattern.
  • Re-visit the first shrine and place the orbs according to the pattern in the second shrine
Shee Venath Puzzle

Don’t worry if you are still confused and unable to solve it, We have a walkthrough of how to solve the Shee Venath shrine puzzle.

Where can I find Shee Venath and Shee Vaneer’s treasure boxes?

Like every shrine in the game, there is an additional puzzle in the Shee Venath shrine. It’s a bonus chest containing useful loot.

To keep with the theme of ‘Twin Memories,’ each chest is located in the exact same spot in both shrines. If you ride the moving platform to the observation platform you might be able to see a ledge behind the wall nearest to the platform.

It is easy to reach the ledge and the treasure chest by jumping and deploying your glider. Then, you can do a leisurely U-turn as you descend.


Shee Vaneer Shrine Walkthrough and puzzle solutions


Question 1. How to Climb Dueling Peaks Tower ?

Dueling Peaks Tower has many platforms for resting on, which makes it simple to climb up. To speed up the process it is possible to climb up the hill to the north of the tower, and then float down from the top. There’s also an angle stone that is leaning to the east of the tower which you can climb up so you don’t need to go to the top as high.

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Question 2. Is there a chest in every shrine?

Each shrine contains at minimum one treasure chest.And there’s no method to determine if you’ve cleaned a shrine beyond checking for something that is unusual. In most cases, extra puzzles are employed to locate these treasure chests.