Top 10 Best Minecraft Builds that will Blow Your Mind

Since 2009, there have been two types of Minecraft players: those who only enjoy researching and building in their own blocky, procedurally-generated worlds also known as Minecraft build, and those who make monumental works of mind-blowing artwork and machinery – many of which go viral in online gaming communities.

They vary from magnificent architecture to pixel artwork. Some use”mods” (player-made game alterations ) and a few are pure. Here are some of the creative Minecraft builds-

Game of Thrones

Minecraft build- TheGeekAtom

Produced by Maruku 2012, inspired by the popular Game of Thrones series. This Minecraft build indicates a brilliantly detailed world motivated by George R. R. Martin and created in Minecraft match.

Minas Tirith

Minecraft build- TheGeekAtom

The site of this epic battle from The Return of the King is recreated here in great detail. This rendering makes it look all shiny and cool. It had been submitted to Reddit by u/Cornbass and, as well as their admiration, the neighborhood also proffered their ideas: “Now put yourself on fire and jump away.

Witchcraft and Wizardry

Minecraft build- TheGeekAtom

This Minecraft build is not just a detailed recreation of Hogwarts, Witchcraft, and Wizardry created by The Floo Network is a fully-fledged Harry Potter RPG constructed inside Minecraft, all against the pixel backdrop of the iconic locations from the movies and novels. Be sure to see the trailer above to determine how it works.

Cyberpunk City

Minecraft build- TheGeekAtom

ElysiumFire is back on this list by using their take on a Cyberpunk city, with inspirations shot from Cyberpunk 2077’s own Night City. This construct checks every box to get a futuristic city.

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USS Enterprise

Minecraft build- TheGeekAtom

Star Trek geeks will love this one. JackethSP has created the USS Enterprise at Minecraft. It is one of several Star Trek creations over at Planet Minecraft, but this one caught our attention only because of its magnificence.

Plane crash

Minecraft build- TheGeekAtom

Even though some might argue that this plane is nowhere near decimated sufficient to have actually crashed in this woods, we simply appreciate the detail. A decent bit of effort must have gone into creating this one if nothing else.

The Uncensored Library

Minecraft build- TheGeekAtom

Not only is The Uncensored Library a gorgeous Minecraft build, but it also acts as a real library within Minecraft as a smart loophole and secure haven for censored journalism. The digital library functions as a space for states in which certain press freedoms do not exist or where selective censorship denies access to specific posts. The Uncensored Library is an ideal example of how Minecraft can be used as a force permanently.

The Titanic

Minecraft build- TheGeekAtom

Likewise, there are many Minecraft mega builds of the Titanic out there, including this one constructed way back from the alpha of Mojang’s sandbox, but we like this French interpretation the finest as it shows off the most detail and color.

The Winter Palace

Minecraft build- TheGeekAtom

Part of the self-described”biggest and most detailed Minecraft city,” Reddit user/YouTuber Rigolo shares a collaborative effort to build a neo-classical metropolis.

This palace is just one of many inspirational works that inhabit the city. The movie fly-through is well worth a glimpse.

Ancient Metropolis

Minecraft build- TheGeekAtom

The Golden City resides on a collaborative server (we assume at Creative Mode) where players have been committed to extremely complicated architecture. Spires, fountains, temples, and even hot air balloons punctuate this ancient cityscape.

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