Top 12 Best Mods for 7 Days To Die

7 Days to Die was a huge success in the early access period and received recognition on Valve’s All-Time Top 100 Bestsellers and Best of 2019 Most Played Games lists.

Given the number of patches received by the game since its launch, it’s not surprising that the community has been strong.

Modding is an excellent way to add to the base game’s already great features. How do you start?

This is our list of 7 days to die mods that are worth installing, regardless if you’re new or returning to the title.

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12. Friendly Animal

Friendly Animal 7 days to die

This 7 days to die mod by Swiftpaw allows animals to be more than just guns, knives, and bows.

Friendly Animals is a lot easier than the previous one. To help zads, all you need to do is to run to a friend.

The mod can be used on coyotes and dire wolves as well as mountain lions and bears. All of these animals would, I believe, be extremely effective in mauling zombies.

Your animal friends are also invincible, so they can be great at tanking larger hordes.

11. Weaponry

Weaponry 7 days to die

Mayic’s Weaponry mod aims to change the way we experience weapons in 7 Days to Die. It changes some mechanics (at least when it involves weapon crafting and weapon-related looting).

Let me try to simplify it: Each weapon with the mod installed will have a counterpart capable of supporting either 22Lr/9x19mm round.

This makes it much easier to manage the various ammo types available in the game.

You can also reverse engineer each 22Lr/9x19mm weapon once you have it. This allows you to learn how to make each weapon.

This is where things get really crazy.

A crafting recipe can be used to create any weapon. You can adjust everything from range, fire rate, and recoil to meet your specific needs.

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10. Medieval Mod

Medieval Mod 7 days to die

This is one of the most unique changes to the game. It takes a totally different approach to personalize your 7 Days to Die experience.

As you may have guessed, this Medieval Mod takes you to another time period.

“Enter the world of Orcs and Goblins… Ride a horse in the picturesque countryside or explore the haunted forests… travel north to the Orc Lands or the eerie crystal biome.

9. Starvation

Starvation 7 days to die

Starvation, another interesting 7 days to die mods, focuses on survival. Starvation is similar to War of the Walkers. It offers loads of new content, including new locations, weapons, and enemies. This one is different because of the additional survival elements that make it more difficult.

Mods can introduce a variety of mechanisms such as food spoilage, radiation hazards, wildlife hazards, and even wellness systems.

8. FarmLifeMod

FarmLifeMod 7 days to die

The FarmLifeMod might be for you if you feel that the hardcore survival approach is too difficult for you and you are looking for something more relaxed.

FarmLifeMod offers new ways to survive in the game, rather than focusing on survival.

It introduces tons of new products and focuses on livestock and farming to spice things up.

This includes over 200 new items and 7 new crafting stations. There are also 214 recipes and 13 buffs.

7. Subquake’s Undead Legacy

Subquake's Undead Legacy 7 days to die

Subquake’s Undead Legacy can be used to add new content to the game without altering too much of its vanilla gameplay.

This mod adds tons more loot and items to the game while minimizing any changes to the base game.

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The UI has been updated to a Fallout-inspired theme for the post-apocalyptic theme. However, nothing else will change. The new items are the only change.

This mod is great for anyone who likes a semi-vanilla feel.

The mod includes over 700 new items including consumables, weapons, and armor.

6. Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls 7 days to die

Darkness Falls, another 7 Days to Die mods that is very popular, aims to make it a little more difficult.It works in this way: It works by extending the survival efforts, allowing you to access iron and steel later in the process.

To add some realism, mechanics have been updated to include certain perks that are based on real-life crafting techniques.

There’s a lot more to discover here, including an increase in zombie spawns and new weapons.

5. Ravenhearst

Ravenhearst 7 days to die

Ravenhearst offers a unique experience and an increase in difficulty.

You might think of it as a two-for-one deal.

JaxTeller718, modder of the game warns that it will be more fun for more experienced players.

Mods are used to stage the entire game. Everything will scale based on your level.

You will encounter new farming mechanics, loot balances, and nightwalkers that will make the game more challenging.

4. War3zuk

War3zuk 7 days to die

War3zuk’s mod has an effect on around 90% of the base game.

There’s a lot to learn here.

This pack contains all mods from War3zuk, which makes it a complete 7DTD playthrough.

This mod adds HD textures and custom food items to the game, along with War3zuk’s zombie mods that add tons of new types of zombies.

If you haven’t tried it, this is a must-try.

3. Sorcery

Sorcery 7 days to die

This game is unique in that it features sorcery, which takes us into fantasy worlds.

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This 7 days to die mods will let you play as a zombie vanquishing sorcerer in post-apocalyptic times. You eventually gain the ability to send the undead back into hell.

Who would have thought that we would ever be able to use elemental spells within 7 Days to Die!

Everything else has been updated to fit the theme. You’ll find new enemy types and attributes, resources, skills trees, and many more.

2. True Survival

True Survival 7 days to die

True Survival is a harder-core mod to realism, with a few interesting mechanics that completely change the game.

First, you will be presented with a completely new trait system. This will allow you to personalize your character’s attributes.

You can then choose from 16 different professions that will determine your starting recipe and bonus. This is basically a job-style system.

There is much more to discover here. All changes are made in order to make the game as real as possible, without making it boring or repetitive.

True Survival is an excellent choice if you are looking for a challenge

1. Valmod Pack

Valmod Pack 7 days to die

The Valmod Pack is at the top of this list. It is widely considered to be one of the most valuable mods.

There are two types of mods available: one is an expansion for the base game and the other is a complete overhaul.

This is a great feature since you can choose whether you want to stick with the base game or make changes.

The changes will make 7 Days to Die feel completely new. You’ll be compelled to witness it.

The changes include revamped classes and progressions and new cooking systems. There are also new zombies, weapons, and other items that can be found along the way.