Top Anime Character With Long Hair

Often Anime Character With Long Hair appear to be both demons, Yokai, or in any other case non-secular beings. In other instances, they’re only a goal for romance, and in a few, they’re boys that want to crossdress… which hey, that is anime who’s judging? These quiet boys that seem like they’re immediately from a Bishōnen anime will dispose of your breath & heart and in a few specifically demonic cases – even your soul. And right here I’ve prepared a fave collection of the prettiest faces coupled with the maximum good-looking lengthy hairstyles on men in anime. So let’s be honest: all and sundry like ourselves a few warm anime men. It doesn’t count if you’re a person or woman, or something in between. And what’s the exceptional for the one’s anime men? Not a burly alpha male, however, a dreamy lengthy-haired prince saving a damsel in distress!

15)  Ukyo

Ukyo - Top Anime Character With Long Hair

Ukyo is… properly he’s very handsome. Even extra so than the complete opposite harem in Amnesia is. I might likely place him better for his appearance alone, however, Amnesia is a properly-hated anime character. Which well brings him down, however of the path he merits a gap someplace in my ranking. Ukyo is likewise one of the religious Ike-guys we’ve got here, as his alias is “Shinigami” (Literally: God of death/Reaper). He has sturdy ties to the spirit world. And in maximum arks, he’s as insane as one should be.

14) Grell Sutcliff

Grell Sutcliff - Top Anime Character With Long Hair

And right here we’ve got our first deathly access from Black Butler – Grell Sutcliff. This man is vicious, mad, and seemingly very homosexual for Sebastian. This dying god Anime Character With Long Hair is a high instance that splendor and brains don’t constantly correlate. In fact, it’s frequently the opposite manner around, huh? Grell is in contrast to the opposite dying gods very a fan of the living, going thus far as to emerge as the butler of a human he likes. Well, till he receives bored of her, that is. And amusing fact: Grell has a robust liking to something pink. Clothes, hair, blood… But despite all the one’s pink flags we nevertheless love his hair.

13) Tomoe

Tomoe - Top Anime Character With Long Hair

But no, Tomoe has quick hair” you may say. And you’d be right, partially. Tomoe has quick hair. But in flashbacks we see his vintage, untamed self with luscious locks of silver hair – that’s the dream! Tomoe is a cold-hearted unemotional Yokai (seeing a fashion here…) He reputedly does now no longer take care of the shrine. But all of us recognize that’s a façade. Who’d watch over a shrine for two decades without being concerned at all? The vintage Tomoe offers off melancholic vibes. Feelings of angst and loneliness. But we are able to gladly go away him to Nanami, she for positive won’t permit him to sense lonely ever again

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12) Kanzaki Hideri

Kanzaki Hideri - Top Anime Character With Long Hair

No, it’s now no longer a girl, sorry. Kanzaki suits in right here via way of means of the natural truth that he cross-dresses. And grew his hair to “raise his idolness”, something that means. I clearly can’t upload an awful lot to this, however, simply have a take a observe how adorable this little goofball is.

11) Astolfo

Astolfo - Top Anime Character With Long Hair

I swear that is the final lure I area on the list. Astolfo isn’t always precisely what you’d name a crossdresser. But nevertheless seems and feels very feminine. Astolfo is some other Anime Character With Long Hair cutie and his hair handiest provides to it. But beneath lies a lethal and insane servant, with many an capacity and intense bloodthirst at the battlefront. Still lovable though. And notable hair.


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10) Arthur Rimbaud

Arthur Rimbaud - Top Anime Character With Long Hair

Arthur is usually bloodless (now no longer withinside the emotional sense) and a pretty mysterious individual from the Bungo Stray Dogs universe. He become rivaled handiest with the aid of using Lovecraft for the nomination to this list. But all in all even Arthur’s character is nicer than Lovecraft’s attitude Yet in contrast to the opposite bloodless characters here, Arthur is a long way from emotionless. He suggests remarkable marvel to Dazai’s suicidal antics, and laughs after being accused of reviving someone.

9) Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha - Top Anime Character With Long Hair

Do you understand that feeling of launch after a few years of constructing as much as a baddy villain? That pleasant end to a fantastic story, whilst it eventually comes, is awesome. Well for plenty of lovers of Naruto that candy, candy launch become Madara Uchiha: one of the maximum effective ninjas in history. And even without the buildup, Madara is each a fantastic Anime Character With Long Hair villain and a good-looking guy to boot (you need to see what number of fanfics there are of him, jeez). His fashion of preventing is likewise one of the maximum implementing matters out there. “Oh? You’re suffering in opposition to my attack? Should I double it?” Being a fantastic collection and with dozens of Madara lovers simply analyzing this, earns him a stable vicinity in this list. (And a touch of my private bias)

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8)  Undertaker

Undertaker - Top Anime Character With Long Hair

Another one from Black Butler, Undertaker is a mysterious records dealer at first. Only to be discovered as a Shinigami later. Now he’s a good-looking man, making a whole lot of enthusiasts squeal while he exhibits his inexperienced eyes that match his silver hair oh so well. But what else can we recognize approximately him? Undertaker may be very keen on humor, simplest taking “the maximum profound of laughter” as fee for records. But don’t permit that idiot you. His interests encompass extracting organs from corpses and scary others – now no longer precisely what you’d assume from a sane person, is it?

7) Hyakkimaru

Hyakkimaru - Top Anime Character With Long Hair

You recognise what’s metal? Fighting of seventy two demons even as now no longer having pores and skin or limbs. Hyakkimaru does simply that and appears fantastic doing it! Hyakkimaru is an unlucky child, turning into a sacrifice for the prosperity of the land earlier than even being born. Born with out organs, pores and skin, or limbs. Hyakkimaru best survived due to a maid sending him up the river, Moses style. But Hyakkimaru has prosthetic limbs and eyes which sort of work. He navigates via way of means of sensing spirits of humans and combating demons to regain his body. It’s quite badass. His hair is likewise incredible which clearly earns him the number 1 spot here.

6) Ren Suzugamori

Ren Suzugamori - Top Anime Character With Long Hair

So we’ve got adorable extroverts, bloodless introverts, what are we missing? Ah, yes, sadism. Ren consists and is calm at some point of maximum matches, manipulative the use of his Foo Fighter crew for maximum grimy work. And a hidden sadist, taking part in others’ struggling and depression. That’s vital to know. He is a formidable and fiery player, however, he hardly ever suggests one’s capabilities in matches. But he was given this type of excessive rating right here partially due to formative years nostalgia… it’s a splendid anime, really.

5) Rimuru Tempest

Rimuru Tempest - Top Anime Character With Long Hair

Now following the fashion of “cute, now no longer handsome” guys we’ve got our loveable blob of blue slime Rimuru. His human shape has pretty a backstory, being now no longer best the frame of a fellow reincarnated human however the frame of the other gender. Imagine how tough it’d be to get used to converting into any other frame! I couldn’t do it. But Rimuru is all forms of inspiration. And right here again, I squeal – he’s so god rattling cute.


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4) Kars

Kars - Top Anime Character With Long Hair

Ok I’m sorry, I recognize I said “no burly alpha males” however Kars ticks all boxes. Smart, quite, lengthy hair, he’s an appropriate blend of power, brains, and beauty! Kars is quite a lot an Aztec Anime Character With Long Hair god. He’s a better evolutionary species than human beings with fantastic energy and capabilities. In the elder times, he built a stone masks that vampirized you. Or with the pink stone of Aja (essentially the philosopher’s stone) this even allowed you to ascend to an appropriate lifeform! Sadly his plans didn’t paintings out, and now he can display off his coolness in space (pun intended).

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3) Sesshōmaru

Sesshōmaru - Top Anime Character With Long Hair

What is the cope with warm characters and their crappy personalities? Whenever we see a person like this, be it Sesshomaru or Byakuya, their unwanted character frequently contrasts starkly with their astounding aspects. Sesshomaru is the bloodless type, in no way baring any emotion aside from disgust. But as typical with the ones varieties of people (well, demons) Sesshomaru indicates affection in the direction of a human female named Rin and his subordinate Jaken, an imp. A unusual person however pretty a person indeed.

2) Byakuya Kuchiki

Byakuya Kuchiki - Top Anime Character With Long Hair

Byakuya is a unique case. I didn’t even realize whether or not I need to encompass him at first… is his hair lengthy enough? But I like bleach, so right here he is. Deal with it! Byakuya is the chief of the sixth department of the Gotei 13. And even in-universe people (each male and female) appreciate his looks. I realize he may appear ice-bloodless and heartless. But deep interior he cares for his own circle of relatives and buddies with a passion. He is likewise the unwilling landlord of the Shinigami Women’s Association who base themselves in his estate, with out his information or approval.

1)  Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin)

Kenshin Himura - Top Anime Character With Long Hair

Rurouni Kenshin is a samurai anime that takes location withinside the Meiji era. Himura Kenshin meets Kamiya Karou in the future and the 2 surely didn’t get on well that properly, however, have become dear friends. Kenshin has lengthy red/orange hair that is normally in a ponytail until the quit of the manga which he cuts it off. Rurouni Kenshin is an extended collection however a number of the episodes are amazing even the fillers.