‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ Ceremonial Trident Location Guide

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gives several mystery objects and hidden guns at some point in the land of Hyrule. While enemies drop a few, not unusual place objects, different ones can be greater hard to obtain. One such Zelda object is the Ceremonial Trident. The trident, placed in Zora’s Domain, is hard to acquire — however now no longer impossible.

Where And How To Get It?

The Ceremonial Trident is positioned in Zora’s Domain, beneath the bridge withinside the northwest part of the area. Obtaining the trident is distinctly simple. Once you have finished the Divine Beast Vah Ruta quest, you will be capable of attaining the Ceremonial Trident.

  • Warp to Zora’s Domain, via way of means of manner of the Ne’ez Yohma shrine. To start the quest, you have to locate Laruta, a younger Zora lady who is striking out in front of the fountain.
Zelda: Breath of the Wild Ceremonial Trident Location Guide
  • Speak to her, and she’ll inform you of an indistinct song. Speak to her again, and she’ll inform you approximately Trello, a Zora guy who is aware of more. During the cutscene, she’ll display you precisely in which way to locate him.
  • After spiraling and finishing the flight of stairs, flip left and cross up the ones stairs. This will convey you to a bridge.
  • Next you will want to leap over the proper aspect wherein there are guardrails. We’ll be getting the Ceremonial Trident down below.
  • When you come across the water, swim in the right direction to get your bearings and nicely stand up.
  • Use your Sheikah Slate’s magnesis capacity to discover the trident underwater — it is going to be indicated in a pink outline.
  • Toggle the cryonis capacity to freeze more than one ice pillars closer to the trident. Then, whilst you are closer, use magnesis to elevate the trident out of the water and onto one of the pillars. Simply head over and seize your Ceremonial Trident.

Congratulation, you have successfully reached your goal, hope this was help full, continue your quest for this game, grabbing and achieving more and more treasure and leveling your game up! All the best!!

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