Characters in Guitar Hero III

List of All Characters in Guitar Hero III

In October 2007, Budcat Creations launched the game globally for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360. Assisting Neversoft with the creation of the PlayStation 2 game virtual Visions The only port being developed is for the Wii. The Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X versions of the game will be published by Aspyr later in 2007. The game initially features almost seventy tracks. The majority of Songs in Guitar Hero 3 are master tracks.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock maintains the series’ primary gameplay elements. Using a guitar-shaped controller and scrolling notes, the player imitates the lead, rhythm, and rhythm guitar parts of rock tunes. In addition to the original single-player Career modes, the game also includes a Co-op Career mode and challenges where players compete against one another.

The first game to feature online multiplayer was Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. It is available in versions for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions permit the downloading of additional tracks. Slash and Tom Morello, both of Rage Against the Machine (and Audioslave), are playable characters and opponents in the game’s guitar battles. Bret Michaels (of Poison) is featured in the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Windows versions as well. If you are looking for Complete List of Guitar Hero 3 Songs you can see it here.

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The lead developer for Neversoft’s Guitar Hero III, Alan Flores, disclosed that the game features a series of characters.

1). Axel Steel

Axel Steel

Axel retired to campfire parties and barnyard jam sessions after gaining actual celebrity status. Now that he is back in the spotlight, he intends to annihilate anybody or everything that stands in the way of his headbanging annihilation. Axel wears a black, short-sleeved T-shirt with a ripped-sleeve denim jacket and rather worn-out pants. He also has a light brown, shoulder-length hairstyle and is extremely muscular.

2). Casey Lynch

Casey Lynch

Casey has attained ‘Goddess of Rock’ status after finally embracing her feminine appeal. Casey responded with a roundhouse kick to the face when questioned by a reporter if she had sold out. “Don’t worry, I’ll cover the hospital expenses.” Casey Lynch’s standard attire is comparable to her “Skins” attire from the previous game. She is depicted with straightened blonde hair, a bra top, a necklace resembling a crucifix, handgun-decorated leather pants, and an exposed g-string/thong. Her “Electric” tattoo from Guitar Hero II stays intact on her belly. This outfit, like that of the other characters in Guitar Hero III, features four colour schemes with minor variations between each.

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3). Grim Ripper

Grim Ripper

When he is not exploring the depths of Hades for the next great act, The Grim Ripper engages in earthly summer tours. Additionally, he enjoys canoeing. The Grim Ripper was first featured as a playable character in Guitar Hero and has since remained an unlockable character, even appearing in Rocks The 80s. He and the God of Rock are exclusive to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions of Guitar Hero III, being replaced in the PlayStation 2 and Wii versions by Metalhead and Elroy Budvis, respectively.

4). Izzy Sparks

Izzy Sparks

Lock up your mothers, girls… The sun has not yet set on the strip! Izzy returns with flare and hair and continues to play rock till your ears bleed. Never before has glitz tasted so nice. He first featured alongside the Grim Ripper in the original game as one of two unlockable characters, and has since appeared as a standard beginning character in every game in the series. His enormous hair, colourful style, wild demeanour, and outrageous outfits have made him famous.

5). Judy Nails

Judy Nails

As soon as Judy realised that the majority of her followers were 14-year-old guys, she abandoned her label. In her debut solo album, titled “Punkagothic Rockabilly.” Judy brings her own approach and demonstrates that she can shred with the best of them. Since her debut tour at age 17, Judy Nails has been a leader in alternative music. Nails, renowned for her vast collection of vinyl records, always brings a smile and an abundance of pedals.

6). Johnny Napalm

Johnny Napalm

I appreciate the aroma of napalm in the morning. That person has never met Johnny. As a result of staying up all night partying and thrashing, Johnny is incapable of sleeping and simply passes out. ‘I eat disco and $#!+ emo!’ With his characteristic swagger and talents, he epitomises the true spirit of punk rock. Johnny lurches back into the spotlight, rugged and eager for action, after being released from prison for almost-acceptable conduct.

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7). Lars Ümlaüt

Lars Ümlaüt

Lars required time to cool down after his incredibly hot start a year prior. Prepare the longboats and start the engines. With his cold world tour, Lars intends to counteract the impacts of global warming. Umlaut, which is represented by two dots ( ) above some characters, is the German term for “altered sound.” Occasionally referred to as “rock dots,” they are frequently spotted over letters in the names of heavy metal bands and artists. (Including Motorhead) This is also a spoof on the name Lars.

8). Midori


Midori, a Japanese liqueur, is both sweet and sour. Midori, who was classically educated on violin and playing at the age of three, abandoned the bow for the axe and never looked back. School’s out for good! She is the sole new member of the cast among the eight initial characters. There are, however, four mysterious new cast members: God of Rock, Lou, Metalhead, and Elroy Budvis. Her appearance is influenced by contemporary Japanese pop and rock groups.

9). Slash


Slash has established himself as a true Guitar Hero through his participation in Guns N’ Roses, Slash’s Snakepit, and Velvet Revolver. Slash is still one of the most identifiable guitar players in Rock ‘n’ Roll, thanks to his fierce bluesy playing style and iconic top hat. Slash, who was born Saul Hudson, was the lead guitarist for the hard rock bands Guns N’ Roses, Slash’s Snakepit, and Velvet Revolver. His characteristic top hat, sunglasses, and long, curly hair are well-known.

10). Lou

His name is Lou, and he collects souls in return for musical talent. Leave your nerves on the porch and meet him at the crossroads, or ready to spend eternity tuning his guitars. Unquestionably a dog lover. As the main organisers acting as your band’s manager, Lou plays a significant role in the GH3 narrative. After their performance in Mitch’s Moose Lounge, the band becomes involved with Lou and, unbeknownst to them, signs a contract that grants Lou ownership of their souls (this is only revealed after the concert in Kaiju Megadome, when Lou shows his true demonic self).

11). Tom Morello

Tom Morello

Tom Morello has helped redefine the guitar’s capabilities through his inventive playing in Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave, and The Nightwatchmen over the years. Tom Morello was the guitarist for the hard rock/rapcore groups Lock Up, Rage Against the Machine, and Audioslave. In addition, he has just begun his own folk solo career under the identity “The Nightwatchman,” in which he sings and plays acoustic guitar. In the song “Bulls on Parade” by Rage Against the Machine, his solos sound like they were played by a turntable instead of a guitar due to his frequent use of a foot pedal.

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12). Elroy Budvis

Elroy Budvis

Little Elroy began playing the piano at the age of six. The local children did not approve of his passion for the piano, calling him, “Sissy boys play the piano!” He picked up the guitar shortly thereafter. Since he joined a band when he was 12 years old, his enthusiasm for the steel guitar has never waned. Then, a producer granted him a studio position – until the day he encountered a legend in person – and he learnt the ropes from this idol of a bygone period. Soon after, he was presented with his signature massice golden belt buckle. Since then, his mantra has been: “Heavy Metal, Punk, Polka? Elroy is a rock ‘n’ roll fanatic.”

13). Metalhead


Metalhead began its existence as a self-guided Russian bomb. Following the end of the Cold War, he was disarmed and sold for spare components. Metalhead was the first totally autonomous robot after a few toasters, some vacuum tubes, a 1957 roadster, and a cheese grater. Thus began Metalhead’s full-scale assault on all things sluggish and mediocre. In contrast to his origins in a Soviet silo, Metalhead is eager to take the stage and drop the bomb!

14). God of Stone

God of Stone

Once human, the God of Rock has attained the pinnacle of rock music and now performs nightly in a little pub on Mount Olympus. He occasionally engages in guitar duels with normal humans. Additionally, he is credited with inventing the lute.

15).Xavier Stone

Xavier Stone

Xavier, the epitome of cool, wields music with captivating effect. Women desire him, and men desire to BE him. Xavier, known as “The Strummer of Love,” strives for world peace and compassion among… Rock N’ Roll.

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