15 Best Faction Servers in Minecraft

In the faction game mode, players can form a group and claim sections of the planet by fighting other groups and fortifying the regions they have conquered. They may put up vast structures and gather massive amounts of materials to acquire power. There are numerous interesting stories about faction warfare in which an intruder from one faction steals resources and kills players from another group.

Declaring war and fighting each other to the death has become the norm between factions, but factions are mostly there to build and harvest resources together because it takes less time and is more fun when you meet new people who are extremely helpful and aid you in your journey, and in this article, we’ve made the choice easier by narrowing it down to the 15 best faction servers in Minecraft.

1). TheArchon

TheArchon - Best Faction Servers in Minecraft
  • Server IP: pvp.TheArchon.net

We have a Minecraft faction server that has a lot going on and gets reset every few months. This reset makes sure that the game is still fun to play and that new players don’t feel too much pressure from the veterans. You can also play a role, find hidden quests, and use a lot of fun faction features to keep the game interesting.

Though, if you join this server in the middle of the season, it might be hard to take over the existing factions and players. So, make sure you know all the best ideas for Minecraft houses so you can make a place for yourself in every group.

2). ManaCube

  • Server IP: play.manacube.com

Mana Cube is a Minecraft faction server that is based on Clan-PvP. It is like games like Clash of Clans. Players can attack the bases of other players while trying to protect their own. Aside from attacking other groups, factions can grow by taking part in duels, quests, races, and minigames.

In Mana Cube, each player has a certain amount of power that comes from their faction. With this power, they can build their bases on certain parts of the server’s land. And the server has different dimensions for these lands, like the overworld, moon, nether, and even Mars.

3). Mox.mc

  • Server IP:  MOXMC.NET

This server is well-known and was thought to be one of the best last year. Even in 2022, hundreds of people still play Mox.mc’s Survival, RPG, Prison, Auction, and, of course, Faction game modes.

With the help of IP address given above, any player can join the server.

4). MineSuperior

  • Server IP: hub.mcs.gg

MineSuperior is another server with a lot of people using it at the same time. The server is great for factions and other game modes like skyblock, towny, prison, survival, and so on. The server is always adding new exciting events and features. With the help of IP address given above, any player can join the server.

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5). Complex Vanilla

Complex Vanilla- Best Faction Servers in Minecraft
  • Server Address: hub.mc-complex.com

Complex Vanilla is another big server that is part of Complex Gaming, which is the parent server. The Complex Vanilla is mostly about game modes like Prison, Skyblock, Creative, and Factions.

With the help of IP address given above, any player can join the server.

6). Herobrine

  • Server IP: herobrine.org

If you’ve been in the Minecraft community for a long time, you may have heard about the myth about Herobrine. It’s a dangerous mythical gang that looks like the game’s main character, Steve, and likes to mess with players. Even though Herobrine doesn’t exist in real life, the server with his name is awesome.

It keeps the world simple by making most of the factions based on how people survive on Earth. It’s easy to get started on the server, so if you’ve never played on a factions server before, this might be a good choice. The only bad thing about this game is that it has an anti-cheat system, which some players say doesn’t work very well.

7). MassiveCraft Factions

 MassiveCraft Factions
  • Server IP: Massivecraft.com

A lot of people in the Minecraft community say that MassiveCraft was the first to have factions. So, the original faction server is the best place to start if you want to join a faction. It has 40 custom plugins and a lot of amazing Minecraft adventure maps. The server also has features like FactionsTax, FactionsDynmap, and FactionsAchievements that take factions to the next level.

MassiveCraft is also home to a number of custom Minecraft biomes. These are worlds that are made by putting together unique items in random ways. This server is different from vanilla because it has old ruins, canyons, iceberg oceans, and other cool biomes. Even if you don’t join a faction, the server’s world is interesting enough that you can explore it on your own.

8). Purple Prison

Purple Prison
  • Server IP: purpleprison.org

Purple Prison is one of the most popular servers ever, and its prison game mode is what makes it famous. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t also good for working in groups. People can earn in-game points by auditioning, shopping, and trading items. Because of this, Purple Prison is the easiest Minecraft server to make money on.

As for PvP, players on the server can choose to fight or stay neutral. It has automated PvP events, special places to fight, and even minigames for teams. But none of that is required at all. Purple Prison is different from most of the servers on our list because you can just hang out with your friends and not worry about getting attacked. But if you really want to feel like you’re in prison, check out some of the other best Minecraft prison servers right here.

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9). Cosmic PvP Faction

9). Cosmic PvP Faction - Best Faction Servers in Minecraft
  • Server IP: cosmicpvp.com (Join via the official client)

Most Minecraft faction servers are built around vanilla Minecraft or popular custom Minecraft maps. But Cosmic PvP has a cool space theme, with planets, asteroids, unique biomes, and even mobs from other planets. All that’s missing is you and your team of astronauts, who are ready to go explore the universe.

There are two different planets in Cosmic PvP. These planets are like Minecraft faction maps. The Dungeon planet, which has dangerous mobs, hidden treasures, and a lot of secrets, is the most popular. The other one is called Lava planet and is like going through the Nether portal in Minecraft. It has a hostile biome in the middle of which is an active volcano.

10). LifeSteal

  • Server IP: LifeStealMC.net

Our next Minecraft factions server is truly unique. It’s based on a survival multiplayer, or SMP, formula. You spawn in a Minecraft world that has been heavily modified, along with hundreds of other players. Here, you have to stay alive, gather resources, and try to beat all the bosses in the game while being attacked.

On LifeSteal, you can play more than just survival factions. You can also play hardcode, anarchy, and KitPvP. But competition can sometimes be a bit of a problem on this server. People who have been playing on this server for a long time can make it hard for people who just joined. So, before you join LifeSteal, make sure you know how to build a Minecraft house to protect yourself.

11). OPBlocks

  • Java Address: play.opblocks.com
  • Bedrock Address: top.opblocks.com

One of the most-used Minecraft factions servers on our list is OPBlocks. It lets you make bombs, boosters, busters, and even unique wands in-game with custom recipes. But if that seems like too much work, you can also get things from the black market and regular events on the server.

The world of the server has special minigames and custom game modes that your whole team can enjoy. The game also has a kill tracker and a hitman system to make it even more dangerous. But if you want something easier, you can also try games like flipping a coin, playing the lottery, or playing rocks, paper, scissors.

12). Viper MC

  • Viper IP: vipermc.com.

At the start of a new map, nearly 10,000 people join the Viper MC faction. It was made to be as competitive as possible, which makes it a harsh faction. You will get a deathban if you die in the Viper MC. This means that you won’t be able to get into the server for a certain amount of time. If you die too often on such a server, other players will be able to attack you. This means that you could lose everything you own.

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13). Snapcraft

Snapcraft- Best Faction Servers in Minecraft
  • Server IP: snapcraft.net

Our next Minecraft faction server is simple, but has a twisted style that makes it stand out. It lets you raid, build farms, join teams, and even set your relationship status with other players on the server. Here, the strength of each group on this server is judged. Each player brings something different to the team as a whole. It lets them claim lands, win events, and even get access to features that no one else has.

Unlike the other Minecraft factions servers on our list, solo players can also try to stay alive on this one. Even though most factions have at least three members, you can still survive on your own or with another person. Just make sure to use one of the best Minecraft skins to hide your character and not stand out.

14). Mineland Network

Mineland Network
  • Server IP: epic.join-ml.com

The Mineland network is our next server. It is a unique Minecraft world that looks like the metaverse. The server has more than 1000 different games that anyone can play. You can play against your friends or team up with them to beat the other team. When it comes to factions, players have their own economies, server plots, and team-based features that are only available to their faction.

You can also make your own games if the server’s minigames aren’t enough. That’s possible because it’s easy to code in Mineland and the people who make games get paid real money. The only limit is what you can think of.

15). Lemon Cloud

Lemon Cloud- Best Faction Servers in Minecraft
  • Server IP: play.lemoncloud.org

Lemon Cloud is one of the few Minecraft servers where factions take up most of the server’s resources. We get a competitive server with unique cosmetics, kits, and in-game events because of this. It even has seasons, like other popular multiplayer games, and each season tries to add new things to the game.

This server has amazing features like bots, auctions, a TNT-based economy, leaderboards, hidden chests, and even MMO. But if you like the best mountain seeds in Minecraft, you should check out the next server. To keep things simple, Lemon Cloud doesn’t have any mountain biomes. But that gives us an interesting place to explore on our own: the overworld.

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