25 Best Among Us Minecraft Skins to Try

With its engaging gameplay and whodunit-style storyline, the recently released video game Among Us has become an international sensation. Because of the potential for a legendary crossover, this presents a special opportunity for gamers who also play Minecraft. The following in-game skins in Minecraft allow both Crewmates and Imposters to show off their skills among the Among Us. But be careful not to appear too suave.

Among Us Minecraft Skin offer a variety of alternatives for those who want to appear “sus” or recreate their Among Us gameplay in Minecraft. These kinds of skins can be downloaded through the Minecraft Skins website for the simplest method of obtaining them. Just keep in mind that console players won’t have access to these.

25 Best Among Us Minecraft Skins

1). Red Among Us Minecraft Skin

Among Us Minecraft Skins

What is it about red that makes it so popular as a default colour? The red crewmate is the first one that springs to mind, and it’s also the one that has been downloaded the most.

2). Classic Red

If you want to seem as much like an imposter or crew member from Among Us in Minecraft, this skin is about as good as it gets. This skin created by MCtuxalotYT depicts the well-known playable character in red. The person wearing this skin will still have a humanoid body that is entirely white around them in the game, but it is a very accurate representation of what is possible.

3). Red Leaf Hat

The level of inventiveness put into this skin is just remarkable. It’s amazing how the artist Waffle Warrior managed to make the dark, thick contours on this red crewmate not coincide with the Minecraft base model. How could anyone not adore the tiny leaf hat, too?

4). Supreme Among Us Minecraft Skin

Among Us Minecraft Skins

In all seriousness, these Among Us hypebeast skins with their pricey streetwear appearance make me extremely happy. I never passed these two categories in my life, and now that they have, I am living years longer.

5). Among Us style Spacesuit

With this spacesuit skin, get ready to locate some imposters or be ready to sneakily eliminate some crew members. This skin maintains the enjoyable Minecraft flare while staying loyal to the Among Us graphical style.

6). Among Us Drip

Among Us and Drip are the two tags that identify this skin. I don’t believe there is anything left to say. It’s right here. He also has the drip.

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7). Among Us version of Miles Morales

Among Us Minecraft Skins

Not only a double, but a triple crossover between Minecraft, Among Us, and Marvel is present in this skin created by 1358jokes. All of these franchises have been successfully combined into one original Minecraft skin by the skin’s developer.

8). Galaxy

Galaxy Among Us Minecraft Skins

This skin seems like it came from another galaxy! Using this skin with a cosmic theme will make The Among Us come to life in Minecraft.

9). Blue Buff

Blue Buff

Do you recall the red crewmate skin from the early boxers with the drawn-on minimal effort abs?

Blue noticed these gains and was encouraged by them. The muscles on this blue crewmate actually have some substance and are protruding from the skin due to his extreme muscle definition.

10). Among Us Angel-Demonio

Among Us Angel-Demonio

The unique skin AMONGUS ANGEL-DEMONIO features an angel Among Us character on the front and a demon on the back. Nevertheless, because the skins are more prominently stamped onto a white background, they do not suit completely over your character. Although this is one of the very few Among Us skin options that may transform from front to back, it does have a cool feature.

11). Detective Among Us Minecraft Skin


Being a skilled detective and identifying which of your friends is an alien imposter are key aspects of the game Among Us.

That there would be a tough detective among us is understandable. I’ll be truthful. This may be my all-time favourite skin.

12). Sussy Imposter

Sussy Imposter Among Us Minecraft Skins

The Among Us character design is transformed entirely by Sussy Imposter into the shape of a typical Minecraft body. The faux-3D face shield, backpack, and shading are all included. Although it is presently only available in a red version, gamers could easily tweak the skin to change the hue to whatever they preferred.

13). Real Among Us

Real Among Us

The Real Among Us skin adds a few minor elements to the previous skin to make it appear a little more realistic. It might not be immediately apparent that this is an Among Us character because it is still quite simple. However, with a design that falls midway between the two games, it does provide the ideal astronaut-look.

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14). Shorty Among Us Minecraft Skin


The fact that the crewmates were these little blob creatures was one of the game’s primary success aspects.

They were adorable, unassuming, and incredibly evil. I don’t know how red crewmate maker lovfallande made it so short, but I like it and need to apply this skin right soon.

15). White Crewmate

White Crewmate Among Us Minecraft Skins

That does not imply that the other crewmates’ colours are not appreciated. I am in love with the way that this design is scaled down to seem like the in-game characters, puffy and rounded.

16). Steven


There aren’t many things in this world that I find as adorable as Minecraft skins that include people holding objects above their heads.

Steve just watered my crops and cleansed my skin while grinning broadly and held a fellow sus crew member above his head like a prize.

17). Brown Crewmate

Brown Crewmate

Oh my god, maybe I haven’t played in too long because I don’t even recall there being a brown crewmate. I apologise to my crewmate in brown. Now all I can do is pray that the imposter doesn’t kill me for being impolite.

18). Among Us Hoodie

Among Us Hoodie Among Us Minecraft Skins

Without a question, Among Us merchandise has exploded in popularity as a result of the game’s success over the previous several years. Since I can’t claim to own any in reality, I might as well claim ownership in Minecraft.

19). Blue Among Us Minecraft Skin


Blue has always been my go-to crewmate colour, and I believe that blue crewmate by creator twiig will soon join that list of favourites.

I adore how the skin is covered in a layer to make the cyan appear washed out.

20). Diamond

Diamond Among Us Minecraft Skins

This guy in the diamond looks fairly sour… This is likely how one of the crew members would appear if Among Us were set in the world of Minecraft.

21). Design


I’m not sure when these white skins with printed designs first appeared in the world of Minecraft, but I actually kind of like them.

I’m not sure why, but the way the red crewmate extends out onto the arms and head instead of fitting perfectly on the skin’s body appeals to me much.

22). Chan, Among Us.

Chan, Among Us. Among Us Minecraft Skins

I love the internet. The only location where you can have an Among Us crewmate dressed as a maid and all of humanity’s collective knowledge at your fingertips.

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Internet, never alter. Never alter.

23). Dapper Among Us Minecraft Skin


Why is seeing one of the absurd things so funny? Among Us team members dressed sharply in a suit and tie? I adore the posh bartender fake appearance.

24). Imposter


Now, this skin from the Among Us is a fake. It’s a crewmate posing as a regular individual while donning a wig and clothing.

I would schedule that urgent meeting right away if I had a large red button in front of me.

25). Venom Crewmate

Venom Crewmate - Among Us Minecraft Skins

In terms of Minecraft, this skin perfectly captures the creepiness of the impostor Among Us. On the surface, the crewmate appears to be a typical, unremarkable blob.

However, there is a terrible beast below that. Steve is an alien who is ready to kill and consume.

Related Questions

1). How do you upload skins to Minecraft?

By navigating to Profile > Classic Skins > Owned > Import for both the Windows and mobile versions of Minecraft, you may submit your own unique skin.

2). How do you make a Minecraft skin for Java?

Activate the Skin editor. Go to the Skin editor website to get started.
Learn how to use the tools. Use your mouse to click and drag to rotate the skin.
Pick a persona. You can now choose a character to base your story on.
Choose a colour scheme.
Create the head.
Make the clothes, then save them.

3).What is the most popular Minecraft skin?

Steve, the “hero” of Minecraft, now has a hooded, ninja-style black and blue clothing thanks to the “Diamond Assassin (Diamond axe included!)” skin created by “Dinothedinosaur97.” As of 24 April 2017, it had been downloaded 173,450 times on Planetminecraft.com.

4). How do you change Minecraft Skins?

The image file should immediately start downloading in the most recent iterations of iOS and Android. Tap the coat hanger icon in the lower-right corner of Minecraft PE when it’s open. In the upper-left corner of the screen, tap the blank skin symbol. Choose the earlier downloaded file by tapping Choose New Skin.

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