Best Cracked Minecraft Servers

14 Best Cracked Minecraft Servers to Play [2022]

Cracked servers are a type of server in Minecraft that don’t require players to have a licence for the game; all you need is a cracked client to join in on the fun of millions of servers without worrying about owning a license of the game. Of course, we have to warn you that these best cracked minecraft servers aren’t considered legal and we don’t recommend playing with an unofficial copy of the game; this article was made with educational goals and for our readers’ entertainment.

Without a legitimate Minecraft account, players can still play the game online with their friends and other users on cracked servers. Similar to regular or “official” servers, players can enjoy a huge variety of game modes on these sites.

1. Mineland

Server Address:

Mineland provides players with fantastic features that make it one of the best servers available, like missions, monthly toppers, and entertaining and distinctive game modes that will elevate your Minecraft experience.

The great thing about this server is the game types in Mineland are build battle, prison, anarchy, sky blocks, bed wars, and survival.


Server Address:

The server is located in Germany and has a player cap of 1337, of which 700 are currently occupied. Players can find game modes like Skyblock, Prison, Bedrock, Bedwars, PvP, Crossplay, SMP, and more in addition to the survival mode that is obviously present.


Server Address :

The best mini-games in Minecraft can be found on, so don’t let the name frighten you away! This servers is entertaining and full of interesting mini-games and modes, and it offers users a fun and safe environment so they don’t have to worry about anything other than having a good time.

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The great thing about this server is server is a superb server with tonnes of fun and memorable moments to share thanks to its exciting and unique game modes like bedwars, skyblock, factions, survival, and earth survivals.


Sever Address:

Romanian hackers operate the cracked server It boasts a staggering 3000 player cap and offers numerous well-liked game modes, including Prison, Factions, Bedwars, Parkour, Skywars, Oneblock, and Cracked.

Gamster is a straightforward cracked community server created with the intention of allowing players who do not have the resources to buy or play the original edition of the game with their friends to still enjoy the Minecraft experience.

5. Blockdrop

Server Address:

We gave this cracked Minecraft servers the slot on our list since it has a fan base that is steadily expanding in size. All versions of Minecraft are compatible with Blockdrop, which has a tonne of entertaining and interesting game modes.

The great thing about this server is the game modes on this server, such as City Life, Faction, Sky Block, Prison, Survival, and BedWars, are a lot of fun.

6. IcePvP

Server Address:

As the name implies, ICEPVP is mostly a cracked server where players can fight other players, either alone or in teams. This server is quite small, which reduces the likelihood that its community will be nasty.

The 250-player UK-hosted server offers a wide variety of different game modes in addition to PVP, such as Survival, SMP, Bedrock, PvP, Cracked, Lifesteal, Anarchy, Crossplay, Hardcore, and Economy.

7. Minemalia Network

Server Address:

A cracked server with a focus on individualization and creativity is called Minemalia.

A lot of different game modes, like Cracked, Survival, Skyblock, Prison, Factions, Kit PvP, PvP, Economy, Skywars, Oneblock, and many more, are available on this server, which is great.

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The server, the first of four on this list to be based in the US, can accommodate 2000 players. The server also provides the “Creative” game mode, living up to its “customization” aspect.

8. HoloCraft

Server Address:

This server’s main goals are to provide fresh and mind-blowing mini-games and experiences for the users while still giving them a joyful and relaxing experience.

The great thing about this server is the games that make HoloCraft KitPVP amazing are Sky Blocks, Bed Wars, Survival Multiplayer, and them!

9. JartexNetwork

Server Address:

This server rewards users for their continued participation by giving them badges that they may display in their profiles. It is free to play and has tonnes of entertaining game modes, like survival or sky blocks.

Bedwars, Skywars, Factions, OP Prisons, Custom Skyblock, TheBridge, UHC, KitPvP, and other game modes are available. With a 5000 person cap, this server has the second-highest player capacity on this list.

10. UltimisMC

Server Address:

For those who want to have a good time on the server with their friends or with random players, UltimisMC has a lot to offer. You can play anything from parkour to PVP, or any of the other game modes that this server has to offer. The Server offers weekly rewards and is continually regulated.

The great thing about this server is some of the game types that make this server fantastic include Sky Blocks, Survival, Redstone PVP, and sky PVP.

11. PikaNetwork

Server Address:

Players with regular or official accounts can also play on the well-known US-based server PikaNetwork. This server is most well-known for its prison mini-game, but all of the mini-games are entertaining and different. You can play with thousands of other users on this server’s minigames and have a blast.

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With a massive 6500 players, this server ranks first on the list in terms of server player capacity. This server offers a variety of game modes, such as Factions, Bedwars, Skywars, Custom Skyblock, KitPvP, and OP Prisons.

12. Immortal Survival

Server Address:

The next one on the cracked server on this list that is headquartered in the US is Immortal Survival.

The game modes available on the server are Survival, SMP, PvP, Anarchy, Vanilla, Hardcore, Cracked, Skyblock, Prison, Factions, and more. The server can accommodate up to 1000 players. The server largely uses vanilla models and textures with minor tweaks, staying true to Minecraft’s origins.

13. Cosmic Craft

Server Address:

Cracked gamers are welcome to join Cosmic Craft, a server with tonnes of entertaining and unique minigames, and have a blast there!

The great thing about this server is cosmic Craft is a fantastic server because of games like Skyblock, Survival, paintball, combat arena, and sky wars, among others.

14. PikaDex

Server Address:

As the name implies, everything on this server is pokemon-themed, and each minigame has a special feature that makes it entertaining and different from the others. This server gives gamers one of the most distinctive experiences available.

The great thing about this cracked minecraft servers is to experience the entirety of Minecraft along with everything the world of Pokemon has to offer, including full Kanto areas, Gyms, and Safaris. The pokemon that spawn on each globe on the server can be fought, or gym leaders can be faced.

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