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All 21 Best Food Items in Minecraft

Minecraft is a well-known cross-platform video game. It is a sandbox survival game. Food is essential for survival here, or you will perish from starvation.
There are several game modes ranging from easy to hardcore, and each game mode requires a different level of energy. There are over 40 different food items available in the game, and finding the best food item is a difficult task.

There are two important bars in the game that should be mentioned: the hunger bar and the saturation bar. Both are critical for long-term survival in this game.

The Hunger Bar indicates how hungry your player is. It is critical to keep your hunger bar as full as possible; the less it is filled, the hungrier your player becomes.

Saturation Bar: Although this bar is hidden from the player, it still plays an important role in gameplay and player survival. The saturation bar has a maximum scale of 20 points. The higher the saturation bar, the longer the player can run without eating.

So, in this article, I’ll show you how to find the best food in Minecraft for long-term survival.

1). Bread

Bread - Best Food Items in Minecraft

Bread. The food that predates many of the more modern and upscale options on this list. Bread can be made by simply combining your wheat, making it one of the most popular options for new players.

However, given how simple it is to farm, it is also a good item for people who cannot be bothered to set up their own animal farms. Despite the fact that cod restores a few more hunger points than bread, it’s so easy to obtain that it’s ultimately a far better option to keep around and consume.

2). Cooked Mutton

Cooked Mutton - Best Food Items in Minecraft

Mutton may not satisfy hunger as well as cooked beef or chicken, but adding mutton as a food item was one of the best updates we’ve had.

You will no longer feel bad about killing that sheep instead of shaving it. Okay, so it’s not the best justification, but a player has to eat.

3). Carrot


Carrots may not be the most effective hunger restorer in the game, but they are extremely simple to farm once you have a single one in your inventory. Most villages, shipwrecks, and even dungeon chests (including mine shafts!) contain them.

Carrots make the list because you can get an extra 5 carrots by planting just one. They’re similar to rabbits in that they multiply quickly. But keep an eye out for rabbits, as they are known to enjoy carrots.

Carrots can also be used to make the legendary golden carrots, which are far more useful than their standard counterpart. This is because the golden variety provides a lot of saturation in addition to filling the hunger bars.

Carrots are one of those foods that you’ll enjoy having on a redstone farm, and they can also be used to attract and breed pigs and rabbits.

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4). Baked Potato

Baked Potato

Potatoes can be difficult to obtain because you must first locate a village or dungeon that houses them. However, once you have a single one of these goodies, they will continue to come in large quantities if you build a farm to produce them.

Potatoes can be cooked quickly and provide many hunger points while also providing good saturation points. If you let them grow near water, you can get a lot of them, so go ahead and plant as many as you want – your food problems will be solved in 30 minutes.

5). Apple


Apples aren’t the most popular food item to carry around because they aren’t as easily obtained as carrots, potatoes, or even most types of meat. But an apple a day, something something, eating apples is a good idea.

They fall when oak trees are felled (or their leaves, to be more precise). They also restore four food points, which equals four bars of your total value. Did you also know that apples can help baby horses grow faster.

You can use this to your advantage if you want to speed up the process of breeding the perfect racehorse, as baby horses take a long time to mature.

6). Golden Apple

Golden Apple

The Golden Apple is one of the best food items you can get while adventuring, exploring caves, and battling mobs.

Although it does not restore much hunger, effectiveness comes in a variety of forms at only two food levels. Instead, it will heal up to two hearts in a matter of seconds while also providing two levels of absorption. To create a Golden Apple, surround an Apple with 8 Gold Ingots.

This item can also be found in chests in Strongholds, Igloos, Underwater Ruins, Dungeons, Desert Temples, Mineshafts, and Woodland Mansions!

More applications include curing zombie villagers. If you hit them with a Splash Potion of Weakness, you can turn them into a normal villager with a Golden Apple. Also useful for horse breeding.

7). Golden Enchanted Apple

Golden Enchanted Apple best food in minecraft

The Enchanted Golden Apple is the most valuable and rare food item in the game.

It’s an improved version of the traditional golden apple, but you must craft it with Gold Blocks rather than ingots. This makes it a much more rare and expensive item to pig out on.

In contrast to the regular apple, which provides Absorption 1 for a few minutes, the Enchanted version provides Absorption 4 and much better health regen.

8). Cooked Rabbit

Cooked Rabbit

Rabbit meat has become a popular food to carry around since rabbits were introduced to the game what feels like a half-decade ago. Especially once you get your farm up and running.

Because rabbits can be bred using carrots, obtaining the necessary items to make your small friends reproduce in large numbers is not difficult.

9). Cooked Cod

Cooked Cod

Cooked cod restores 5 total health points and has a saturation of 6, making it one of the smartest items. All you have to do to find cod is cast your line.

You can also find this little fishy in various hidden chests throughout the Minecraft world. You can also stack a lot of them, so get that fish cooked and ready for your adventures!

10). Suspicious Stew

Suspicious Stew

This is probably the riskiest item on the list, but it must be mentioned. The suspicious stew is a simple dish that can be made in bulk if you have an abundance of mushrooms.

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As you might expect from the stew, it must be made with a couple of mushrooms and any flower found in the wilderness. It restores 6 hunger points, which is great, but it also gives you a random effect. Which effect, you may be wondering? Nobody knows! That’s probably why it’s a suspicious stew.

11). Mushroom Stew

Mushroom Stew

The mushroom stew takes the place of the suspicious stew on this list because it does not have the potential to cause a negative status effect when consumed.

It does restore the same number of hunger points as its magical counterpart, so choose this option if you’re not afraid to take chances.

12). Cooked Salmon

Cooked Salmon

If you happen to run into the salmon mob, it will provide the best way to snag salmon for cooking. They can also be found spawning in most types of bodies of water.

Cooked salmon restores more hunger than cod and is one of the best types of marine food available in Minecraft. Before you go fishing, make sure you know how to cook it.

13). Cooked Chicken

Cooked Chicken best food in minecraft

Chickens are a widely distributed, easily breedable animal population that provides meat, eggs, and feathers. With only seeds needed to breed, every player should have a flock of chickens.

While cooked chicken is a decent food item, the number of chickens required to slaughter is inconvenient and not worth it when compared to other meats and food items available.

You also have to deal with the constant clucking, which is the most annoying of all animal mobs. They also escape every time you enter their pen.

14). Beetroot Soup

Beetroot Soup

The days of mushroom stew being the only type of non-solid food available in the game are long gone.

Since the introduction of beetroot, which is a poor hunger restorer on its own, beetroot soup has triumphed with a 6-point restoration value and awesome saturation to go with it. This delectable concoction can be made with a bowl and 6 beetroots, as you might expect. Dwight Schrute would be ecstatic.

15). Cake


You’d think that a slice of cake would satisfy a great deal of hunger. For some reason, this dessert has the opposite effect.

However, because you can place a cake on the ground and quickly eat it while spamming your right click, a cake is one of the most efficient items in the game if you want to instantly restore your entire hunger bar.

It’s difficult to make because it requires eggs, milk, sugar, and wheat. However, obtaining one of these treats will keep your heart content for a few extra miles.

16). Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie

Another delectable treat made with sugar, an egg, and a pumpkin. When Minecraft first came out, the pumpkin pie was not included. However, it is a welcome addition among the many newer food items.

It restores a solid 8 points of hunger while also providing a reasonable amount of saturation. And, while it isn’t the most common food to carry around, keeping a few on hand will alleviate your hunger.

17). Golden Carrot

Golden Carrot

Regular carrots and 9 gold nuggets can be combined to make golden carrots. This means you can only get one golden carrot for every gold ingot, so it will take some effort.

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It’s one of the game’s three golden food items, and while it only restores 6 hunger points, it gives you a saturation boost of more than 14! These goldies may be more difficult to obtain than other foods. But they sure do provide a lot of bang for your buck!

18). Steak


Steak is one of the best foods for beginners because it is so simple to obtain if you own a cow farm. A steak can be made by cooking a piece of raw beef.

It is also one of the best foods in the game because it replenishes the hunger bar by a massive 8 points and the saturation bar by 12.8 points.

19). Cooked Porkchop

Cooked Porkchop

Cooked porkchops, like steak, restores over 12 points of saturation and 8 points of hunger.

Cooked porkchops and steak are the best meat items in the game in terms of how easy they are to obtain. Despite the fact that other foods are far more effective, you should be able to get your hands on a stack of either meats not long after embarking on a new adventure.

You can also breed pigs with carrots, so make a carrot farm for yourself before you begin harvesting those piggies for meat.

20). Rabbit Stew

Rabbit Stew best food in minecraft

It may not be the most common or popular dish among Minecraft fans, but rabbit stew is the best type of food in the game for restoring hunger points. Consuming one of these stews will grant you 5 full bars of hunger, totaling 10 points.

The only disadvantage of rabbit stew is that it does not provide as much saturation as steak or cooked porkchops, but it is still superior in terms of overall food quality.

21). Sweet Berries

Sweet berries are a type of food that is harvested from sweet berry bushes. Sweet berry bushes are easily mined with any tool or by hand. A mature sweet berry bush produces about 2-3 sweet berries. It produces 1-2 sweet berries in its third growth stage. Each level of Fortune increases the number of drops by one. Press and hold use while it is selected in the hotbar to eat sweet berries. Eating one replenishes 2 hunger and 1.2 hunger saturation.


1. Which food heals the most in Minecraft?

Cooked food have a nutrient density of 1.6, making them the most nourishing of the common foods. They have the highest amount of hunger and saturation (12.8 points) of any food in the game.

2. What food has the best saturation in Minecraft?

Golden carrots are well-known in Minecraft for being the best food for saturation. The golden carrot, along with both types of golden apples, has the highest saturation level in the game. Many end-game players use this as their primary food source because it requires them to eat infrequently.

3. Do you lose hunger while AFK in hard mode?

You can still collect the items you’ve been waiting for. Just wanted to add that on hard, standing still depletes your hunger bar. I went to take a shower while waiting for zombies to spawn in my mob trap and returned dead, no items, nothing but a death screen.

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