15 Best Funny Minecraft Skins To Try [2022]

Popular Minecraft skins allow players to express themselves in-game. There are dozens of unique Minecraft skins available for download, ranging from popular movie characters to fantastical fiction.

While there is a wide variety of skins available, the most popular Minecraft skins are humorous ones. These skins are ideal for gamers who wish to elicit laughter from their companions and are especially fantastic to flaunt on a Minecraft multiplayer server.

This article will showcase 15 Best Funny Minecraft Skins for people in quest of humorous and cheerful skins.

1). Troll Face Dream

Troll Face Dream Funny Minecraft Skins

Last but not least, there is a skin that is ideal for individuals who enjoy trolling. This skin mixes the iconic troll face with the skin of the popular YouTuber Dream to create something so bizarre that it had to top this list.

Whether you like him or dislike him, it’s difficult not to recognise the irony in this skin given last year’s allocations. Last year, Dream was accused of mocking the whole Minecraft community with his bogus speedrun charges.


2). Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson

So, you’ve constructed a fully operational nuclear power plant. Congratulations! But what follows?

Obviously, you will require staff. Specifically, you require a safety inspector for Sector 7G, and there is only one candidate available. Homer Jay Simpson, father, husband, and chief beekeeper.

You can finally realise your fantasy of enjoying an icy cold Duff at your very own Moe’s Tavern. However, you must return home in time for supper, as Marge is preparing pork chops.


3). Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil

Many individuals have inquired as to what the creepers are, but none has ever inquired as to how they appear.

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Examine the mental health of your neighborhood gangs by stepping into the moustache of Dr. Phil McGraw, a renowned television psychologist. And if they refuse the assistance, how about catching them outside?


4). Red Man

Red Man Funny Minecraft Skins

Something about this skin feels quite… suspect. It looks amazing, but suddenly random things are breaking in my town. And several of my villagers have vanished recently.

Oh well, it’s probably nothing! With this Among Us-inspired crimson spacesuit, you can organise staff meetings and navigate air vents in style.

However, you may want to have someone nearby to watch your back if you are performing any repairs, just in case.


5). Carl Johnson

Carl Johnson

Minecraft is an open-world game. And who understands freedom better than Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson from Grand Theft Auto? You can now include the mayhem and excitement of San Andreas into your Minecraft world!

Obviously, no Los Santos structure could be constructed without Grove Street, and Grove Street could not be constructed without CJ. Remember to construct some automobiles for Carl to “steal.”


6). Joaquin Joker

Joaquin Joker

Do I find it amusing to run about in my very own replica of Gotham City while costumed as Joaquin Phoenix’s legendary and massively meme-ified Joker?

I’m weary of pretending it’s not true.

This TV-ready suit is great for dancing down the stairs, making friends on the train, or getting hit by a taxi, and would be a fitting attire for both superheroes and talk show presenters.


7). Clown Skin

Clown Skin Funny Minecraft Skins

What could be funnier than a traditional clown skin for people seeking humorous ones? The Clown Skin is among the most humorous Minecraft skins available. The ensemble includes a clown nose, red hair, and a large red smile for when things appear bleak.

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8). Deadpool


The Merc with a Mouth is now playable in Minecraft! As the infamously unkillable antihero Wade Wilson, you have no need for healing potions or sharpened blades.

Creative and imaginative, Deadpool is a natural fit for the Minecraft environment. And thanks to the voices in his thoughts, he will never experience loneliness or boredom during these extended periods of solo play.

Just ensure that whatever structure you construct includes a fourth wall for him to breach.


9). Rick Sanchez

Rick Sanchez Funny Minecraft Skins

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!

Here is your chance to get schwifty as Rick Sanchez, the most beloved rambling, nihilistic grandfather in this or any other universe.

Whether it’s a 20-minute foray into The Nether or a whole season of high-concept sci-fi nonsense, you’ll be ready to show off your skills in this iconic skin, complete with bald spot and drool drop.


10). Professor Oak

Professor Oak

Are you sick of unattended youngsters and wild animals having all the fun? The renowned mentor and scholar Samuel Oak is now prepared to embark on his own adventures.

This white coat and khaki ensemble will make you the envy of Pallet Town, and is ideal for creating your own Pokémon research facility. And while you’re doing it, consider teaching your grandchild etiquette.


11). Patrick Star

Patrick Star

Is this the best Minecraft skin ever created? No, it’s Patrick here!

Why not add some pink simplicity to the world by transforming into everyone’s favourite cartoon starfish? Will you help SpongeBob construct his renowned pineapple home?

Or simply peruse the Krusty Krab’s menu? Or perhaps you wish to shout outside Squidward’s window while he practises clarinet? Possibilities are limitless (Jellyfishing net not included).

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12). Steve Face Body

Steve Face Body

While the default Steve Skin isn’t much to write home about, this bold new variation is certain to attract attention. This is unquestionably a wonderful option for enthusiasts of bizarre skins.

While the legs of this skin are quite normal, the body is, to say the least, bizarre. The skin is purposely uncomfortable and provides a funny impression, featuring a strangely magnified visage of Steve.


13). Shrek


Prepare to instil panic in the local villager population by playing the Smash Mouth soundtrack.

Caution: may result in unintended Donkey taming.


14). Bikini Shrek

14). Bikini Shrek

This amusing skin was created as a spoof of Shrek from the film Shrek. The head of Shrek is replaced by an image of Shrek in a bikini and tall black boots.

This skin has become something of an icon, with over 30,000 unique downloads, and is suited for anyone seeking a lighthearted and humorous skin.


15). Flushed Emoji

Flushed Emoji

This skin is ideal for folks who enjoy using emojis to express their emotions. This amusing skin liberates emoticons from the confines of the real world. Specifically, this skin transforms the player’s character into a big emoji with a yellow face and dark contours.