Top 7 Best Minecraft Creepypastas

Creepypastas are horror-themed urban tales shared within the Minecraft community. These tales frequently contain gruesome murder, suicide, and bizarre Minecraft-related happenings. There have been numerous Minecraft creepypasta stories floating online. While the most (if not all) of these tales are fabricated to frighten other players, they are also rather entertaining.

This article will provide a list of the 8 most popular Minecraft Creepypastas.

1). Herobrine

  • Minecraft Herobrine is without far the most well-known creepypasta figure in the entire gaming world. Herobrine generates random structures, such as sand pyramids in oceans and lengthy 22 tunnels, according to his original copypasta. When the story was originally published, everyone believed it to be true and was terrified.
  • This mysterious character is exclusive to Minecraft PE modifications.
  • In 2014, a YouTuber named AlongCameJosh uploaded a video in which he captured Herobrine. The video was made for fun purposes only, but it has gone viral and reignited interest in the Herobrin urban legend among Minecraft players.
  • In truth, the Herobrine creepypasta seed was disseminated on the Internet, however that seed does not contain Herobrine.

2). Entity 303

  • Entity 303 is a Minecraft creepypasta character made in December 2013 by user thespeed179. He uploaded a documentary video detailing his interaction with the mystery player Entity 303. He has repeatedly stated that Entity 303 is not a real entity, but it has not stopped people from spreading the rumour.
  • Entity 303 is a group of hackers with the intention of destroying Minecraft. Entity 303, according to the creepypasta, is a gang of former Mojang employees. Notch, the inventor of Minecraft, fired them, so they set out to ruin Minecraft.

3). Null

  • This Minecraft Creepypasta, “Null,” is a nice segue away from Herobrine’s notoriety.
  • “Null” opens with the author’s fascination with Herobrine. The author is interested in finding him in-game, which they did not believe was possible prior to the debut of the feature that allows players to return to previous versions of Minecraft. They rewind to the archaic version in which Herobrine was first spotted on 4chan.
  • The author began to encounter unusual occurrences in the Minecraft world, such as torches being placed at random and a sign bearing the single word “Null” appearing on their front door. Nevertheless, the author continues to feel that the events are a Minecraft joke.
  • Finally, the author’s machine fails after encountering Herobrine in-game. When they write the Mojang developers to find out what’s happening, they receive the alarming response:

“We cannot say anything discussing the matter of “Herobrine.”

  • The author temporarily abandons Minecraft out of fear and frustration, but finally returns. When they do so, they encounter a torch in their overworld that they did not plant. Alongside the torch comes a second sign, this one written in a foreign language.
  • The translation reveals that the sign is written in Swedish and states:

“Help! Null is here! Tell everyone about me!”

  • Herobrine is standing immediately behind the author as they turn away from the placard. He begins typing in the game’s chat to communicate with the author:

“I need help. Do you remember playing during the Golden Age of Minecraft? Do you remember the man, the one who is as black as night itself? Do not take this monster lightly. I am trapped. You can blame him. I am feared upon being a very evil entity. But, I’m not. That man you’ve seen before? He is different. He is evil.”

The story ends there, leaving readers with the question, “Who is this wicked Null?”

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4). Green Steve

  • “Green Steve” is a Minecraft Creepypasta in which another anonymous author discovers that they are not alone in their basic Minecraft overworld.
  • The author begins “Green Steve” by updating their game to version 1.8. While scavenging a desert temple, the author destroys the blue clay block at the temple’s core and descends the hole in search of simple explosives.
  • When the author reaches the bottom of the pit and realises that the buried explosives failed to detonate, a second character follows them.
  • According to reports, this figure resembles the traditional Minecraft Steve skin, but instead of his usual colour scheme, he is totally green.
  • This “Green Steve” takes one swipe at the author before the room fills with creepy characters. The author abandons the game in a panic and pledges to return tomorrow. When the author returns to the game, they are relieved to see that they did not spawn with a group of creepers at the bottom of the hole.
  • However, they reproduce in an entirely foreign forest. A fresh message from an unidentified player named “Green Steve” appears in the chat and reads:

“I am coming.”

  • The author flees for cover within a nearby residence. Green Steve follows them, standing in the doorway of their residence behind them. A fresh message flashes in the chat before the player is destroyed.

“Hello, brother.”

5). 1241

  • This Minecraft Creepypasta entitled “1241” was written by a man named “Jack.”
  • It begins with Jack leaving his home in the standard Minecraft singleplayer mode to mine obsidian. After a few blocks, he returns to his residence. There, he sees that his formerly wooden and cobblestone home has been rebuilt entirely out of nether bricks.
  • The house is absolutely empty with the exception of a shulker box containing a book. Confused, he believes that someone entered his server without his knowledge and re-skinned his residence as a joke.
  • A player with the alias “1241” enters his Minecraft world just as he is going to attribute the occurrence to that.
  • His game crashes after an attempt to remove him. He reboots his computer with the expectation of discovering that the unknown player was not present. However, his expectations are dashed when he respawns in the Nether across from the same wicked “1241.”
  • He stares at the author from afar, causing him to abandon the game, delete his save files, and never look back.
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6). Exception

  • This Minecraft Creepypasta entitled “Exception” begins with an anonymous user who recently returned to the game after a couple of years’ absence.
  • Until the sixth night, when the author discovers abnormal lava source blocks installed in their Minecraft environment, all is well and normal. Notably, one of the blocks was immediately adjacent to their home.
  • Assuming that the lava was a bug, they began to gather the blocks with a bucket; nevertheless, they were surprised to discover that the lava source blocks had respawned and multiplied after being collected.
  • The author assumes it is an unpatched lava bug and proceeds.
  • Still, they see that unusual in-game phenomena continue to occur. While underneath, they observe stones that they did not place blocking their route; woods were scant, torches disappeared, and fires ignited around them.
  • They discussed the issue on Minecraft message boards, hoping that someone else might comprehend what they were experiencing in-game. The post was generally ignored until someone else contacted the author, claiming to have had a similar experience.
  • The two concluded that someone else was stalking them in their overworld. Together, they established a server to determine if the thing would accompany them into a new planet.
  • The alien imprinted binary code on nine distinct signs dispersed throughout the shared universe. When the author sees what they assume to be the thing that is pursuing these innocent Minecraft players, their game breaks.
  • The author’s narrative continues from there, detailing their subsequent findings and confrontations with the creature tormenting the neighbourhood.

7). Giant Alex

  • Giant Alex is a twelve-block-tall, Alex-skinned monster. Throughout the entirety of the game, the creature will merely observe you from the mist, rarely taking additional, unexplored behaviours. When she moves, she leaves footsteps in the shape of 3x2x2 block pits. It is not advised to come too close to Alex, as doing so will frequently cause the game to collapse.
  • To find Giant Alex, select OptiFine version 1.12.2, tranquil difficulty, 6 chunks render, and 0.2 fog distance. When constructing the planet, do not forget to enter the seed 7778749381209293789578. Then, upon respawning, swim to the mainland, as this creature resides there.
  • It is found in all biomes, though it is most prevalent in swamps and woodlands. It’s possible you won’t notice it the first time because it will always be in the viewing angle.
  • An unidentified gamer was the first to discover her. We just have two screenshots from him, thus the full story is unknown. The first depicts Giant Alex standing among the trees in the swamp, while the second reveals that she towers over the player’s home (which is 5 blocks high). He found Giant Alex by translating the phrase “death Steve” into a decimal code and using it as a seed.
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8). Giant Steve

  • Steve the Giant is an extremely hazardous beast. At least one hundred times more hazardous as Giant Alex. As with Giant Alex, he is twelve blocks tall and leaves footprints as signs. However, his prints are significantly larger than those of Giant Alex.
  • On a globe, he lurks in acacia, marsh, and oak biomes. In contrast to Giant Alex, he attacks villages and is the most aggressive creature in the history of Minecraft. This creature has only recently been sighted, hence there is limited information on it.
  • If he sees you or if you approach him. He also compromises your Microsoft account before returning it to you.