08 Best Grass Minecraft Texture Packs

There are a lot of nature-themed grass texture Minecraft packs that look at the game’s biomes and life. Some of the things that these texture packs can do are make tree textures better, grass more full, and flowers and fungi more detailed graphically.

Players can change the look of their world’s wild places as much as they want, but there are a few texture packs they should look at to get started. Although Planet Minecraft website provides you with a lot of grass texture pack to browse, we have comprised top 12 list to try them out first since they have been downloaded and tested by many users.

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List of Top Grass Texture Packs in Minecraft

1). Willo’s Flowers and Grass

grass texture minecraft
By WilloMC

First on the list is willo’s flowers and grass texture pack. This texture pack was able to completely cover all of the flowers that can be found in Minecraft. (with the exception of roses and other plants of a similar kind). Additionally, it have textures of bones. They are also known as earth blocks, grass blocks, and podzols. Additionally, you are able to use 64x textures (beta) in conjunction with this pack.

Total Downloads—3,648 


2). Shorter Tall Grass Resource Pack addon for Faithful

The pack works best with a Faithful 32x .It is an Addon for Minecraft 1.19’s Shorter Tall Grass Resource Pack, which makes grass shorter and makes it easier to see where you’re going.

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Total Downloads –139


3). Simple Grass Flowers

Grass Texture Pack
by Irish

A pack that merely modifies grass blocks by adding flowers, rocks, clovers, and other elements that are compatible with the vanilla texture pack. This does not require Optifine. Works with other resource packs; just put Simple Grass Flowers on top of the other pack when you install it.

Total Downloads -7,863

Download Link

4). Realistic Grass by NicoRTX

Realistic Grass by NicoRTX grass texture minecraft
by NicoRTX

Minecraft’s grass bricks are functional, but they do not convey the impression of genuine grass. Grass in nature is generally far longer than the standard grass block in video games. All of this is altered by Realistic Grass, which creates a voluminous grass that appears good enough to run in.

If surrounding blocks are placed around the grass, its blades will even cling to them, providing the illusion of depth. This mod substantially improves the world of the game by adding lush, sun-kissed grass to the landscape.

Total Downloads – 17,047


5). Better grass


As its name suggests, better grass is a Minecraft pack designed to enhance the quality of Minecraft’s default grass textures.

It’s one of those utility packs, similar to Realistic texture packs, that adds some extra appeal and complexity to the game without making it appear too cartoonish or unrealistic.

Since then, constant upgrades have made the pack more sophisticated and visually appealing than Minecraft’s default texture pack.

Total Downloads—1,006


6). XXVI’s Golden Savanna!

XXVI's Golden Savanna! grass texture minecraft

It adds a new texture to all acacia blocks, items, and creatures, The acacia log is currently brown with golden wood.
The Savanna biome now features golden grass instead of the typical desaturated green—The leaves of the Savanna biome no longer appear wilted; they are now a gorgeous shade of green, like those of most biomes.

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Total Downloads -1,059


7). Alacrity

Alacrity-Grass Texture Pack
by Satellence

Alacrity has been one of the grass texture pack available online for a long time. It draws influence from Minecraft’s original textures and gives the majority of them a thorough makeover with a focus on moderate realism.

The textures do not go overboard with high-resolution realism and keep the vanilla textures’ natural vibe.

Total Downloads—49,460


8. Foliage-Renewed

by -BlockyBoi-

This Texture Pack was created with the intention of significantly enhancing the vegetation in Minecraft by adding denser grass, more grass, and bushier leaves.

The Better Foliage Mod was the source of inspiration for this Pack. This Texture Pack is essentially an updated version of that Mod.

Total Downloads – 11,856

Download Link

This comes to the end of the list for best grass Minecraft texture packs. We keep on updating the list with new packs, so keep on following this article, or you can bookmark it as well.