25 Best Minecraft Modpacks 2022

There are several amazing modpacks available for Minecraft, but which is the Best Minecraft Modpacks to play? Each modpack has distinct goals and gameplay. In a skyblock pack, for instance, there is no land and you must construct on a floating island. In some other packs, you may encounter formidable dragons in the main world. Clearly, the pack you choose is crucial and will decide the sort of game you play.

More than 86,000 modifications are available on CurseForge alone. Others are large and game-changing, while others are little and charming. However, with so many options, it may be difficult to choose the finest ones.

For this reason, you may wish to test out Best Minecraft Modpacks – a collection of modules designed for compatibility with one another and bundled together.

List of Best Modpacks for Minecraft

1. Crazy Craft 4.0

best minecraft mods download

This modpack appears to be an odd assortment of creatures, villagers, firearms, and other items. Running on Minecraft version 1.7.1, it requires several modifications to remove the previous Minecraft experience. which is just what they have done.

It consists of around 88 modifications and can only be played with the Voids Wrath Launcher, as it is not compatible with othe launchers. This is also the way to download the files required to upload this modpack to your Minecraft server if you wish to play it on a server.

Link: Crazycraft 4

2. RLCraft

RLCraft, one of the most well-known best minecraft mods ever, is the second on the list. It has been utilised by several popular YouTubers, including Dream and PewDiePie. This modpack is notorious for being one of the cruellest modpacks available. Why?

Well, there are various reasons for this. Initially, the survival mode has been modified. You will now need to stay hydrated, cold, or heated. Additionally, you will not be cured by consuming food. And if that wasn’t challenging enough, this modpack features tough foes, such as the ferocious dragons from Ice & Fire, as well as many more.

Therefore, if you are seeking a challenge, this modpack is for you!

Link: RLCraft

3. SevTech: Ages

best minecraft mods download

Similar to the games Age of Empires and Tropico, SevTech ages. In the manner in which you progress through the game. Beginning with little understanding, you cannot create some objects. As you continue through the game, you acquire new abilities and crafting materials.

The modpack is continually updated with new additions to keep you amused. In addition, it includes a few unique modifications that provide the finest experience for gamers. As you continue with this modpack, you will unlock ages. You begin with nothing and unlock thousands of features and stuff as you go.

Link: SevTech: Ages

4. Pixelmon

best minecraft mods download

This modpack includes several additional Pokémon to capture. In addition, it includes other modifications such as the popular Biomes O’Plenty, Journey, etc.

However, you need not play this game by yourself! There are several dedicated servers available. And in these servers, you could do a great deal more. For instance, you can trade with or battle other trainers. Bring your buddies and begin your Pokemon adventure today.

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Link: Pixelmon

5. Skyfactory 4

best minecraft mods download

Sky Factory 4 is a massive modpack with a multitude of accessible features. From the island generation, your craftsmanship. With this modpack, everything has been turned on its head and tailored to provide the most unique experience possible. You may also select Lost Cities, a super-cool dome-enclosed section of the metropolis, as well as many additional options designed to keep the game exciting and each player’s experience unique.

The more your advances, the greater your ability to build and construct. Beginning with farming and gradually learning the intricacies of operating a sky factory with powered equipment, mob grinders, and more.

Link : SkyFactory 4

6. Better Minecraft

best minecraft mods download

This mod bundle tries to enrich your Minecraft experience, as its name says. The environment has been totally revamped through the addition of brand-new biomes, dungeons, structures, and other elements.

You will play the same game, but with significantly extra material. You will encounter new sorts of pillagers, trade with villages with new jobs, cultivate tomatoes and rice, and tame the ender dragon, among other things.

Link : Better Minecraft

7. All the Mods 6

best minecraft mods download

All the Mods implies something that is physically impossible. It does not include all modifications. But sufficient modifications to ensure that your Minecraft experience is flawless.

All the modifications 6 is the largest modpack presently available for download on CurseForge, including 343 modules. Depending on the size of the modpack, it may be difficult for some PCs and servers to operate, therefore ensure that your server has sufficient processing power and storage space. However, we assure you won’t be disappointed after it’s loaded.

Link: All the Mods 6

8. Mineshafts & Monsters

best minecraft modpacks 2022

Are you seeking an RPG experience? Then you should use this modpack! You will explore never-before-seen locations and battle numerous creatures while following a well-designed questline.

The objective is the same as in the vanilla game, which is to slay the ender dragon, but the gameplay is a bit different. When you initially spawn in the world, you must gain the locals’ confidence and acquire better equipment. You will establish a colony and prepare for the war with the ender dragon as you proceed.

Link: Mineshafts & Monsters


Hexxit is a must-play if you’re looking for an unmatched experience in Minecraft. It is an adventure modpack that adds dragons and perilous dungeons. Clear the dungeons and engage in combat with and train the dragons. The riches are yours to seize, and you are free to create your own narrative.

It contains 55 modifications, including Xeno’s Reliquary, Tinkers’ Constructs, and Soul Shards, among others. Using Hexxit, you may gain access to exclusive activities.


10. OriginsSMP

best minecraft modpacks 2022

OriginsSMP is a whole new approach to play the game. This modpack’s primary mod is one of the most popular Fabric modifications, Origins. There, you can inhabit the body of a new species, complete with its own strengths and limitations.

In addition, there are several additional modifications to explore, such as Better End and Nether, Oh The Biomes You’ll Go, and Repurposed Structures. This provides hours of investigation and new obstacles to overcome.

Link: OriginsSMP

11. Space Astronomy 2

best minecraft modpacks 2022

This has been totally reversed by the Space Astronomy 2 Modpack, which has added an abundance of decorative things, computers, printers, and incredible machinery that generate space fuel. Parts for your rocket and everything else you may want for a functioning rocket station.

It includes the most recent space-themed modifications and is an excellent choice for astronomy enthusiasts. Additionally, it is important to note that the modpack contains no missions. However, this modpack is goal-oriented. Utilize the accomplishment book to determine what you must do and the measures to take.

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Link: Space Astronomy 2

12. Engineer’s Life 2

best modpacks for minecraft

Here, you may construct new, working devices such as Windmills, multi-block blast furnaces, and elevators, among others.

However, that is not all this modpack provides. Thanks to modifications such as BetterEnd, there are new explorable areas in this area. You may create new food products and fight new foes, among other things. Therefore, there is much for everyone to appreciate.

Link: Engineer’s Life 2

13. Roguelike Adventures And Dungeons

best minecraft modpacks 2022

Try Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons if you love investigating structures for loot and don’t mind crawling over dungeons. This modpack, unlike some others, will not confuse you with technology. It is for individuals with an appetite for adventure, discovery, dungeons, and combat.

Additionally, you can explore new realities such as Aether, Cavern, Twilight Forest, Betweenlands, etc. Explore dungeons, fight enemies that become more powerful as you go, and win important gifts in exchange. With a single modpack.


14. Fabulously Optimized

best modpacks for minecraft

This modpack is quite unique. Instead of introducing brand-new goods, biomes, and creatures, this mod improves the game’s speed. Therefore, this is ideal for individuals with low-end PCs who wish to begin altering their environment.

However, there are a few tweaks that improve the quality of life. For instance, the game will include dynamic lighting, fog that can be adjusted, zoom, and other fantastic features.

Link: Fabulously Optimized

15. Advanced Wizardry

best minecraft modpacks 2022

Are you prepared to construct your own empire? Or with companions? However, you will have to begin with nothing. If you enjoy a challenge, Advanced Wizardry is the best option. It is a unique combination of technology and magic that will satisfy fans of both genres.

Mods like as Blood Magic, Botania, and Forbidden Magic, among others, are the key to a complete Minecraft experience.

Link: Advanced Wizardry

16. BlockFront

best modpacks for minecraft

BlockFront is one of the greatest multiplayer-oriented Minecraft modpacks. You will engage in combat with other players in a unique World War II-themed setting. You must execute missions, eliminate enemy interest spots, and advance in rank until you reach the position of general.

You will have firearms, tanks, airstrikes, and so much more in your arsenal. If you and your friends are tired of the typical first-person shooter games, then this modpack is for you.

Link: BlockFront

17. FTB Academy

best minecraft mods ever

If you’ve never used modifications before, FTB Academy is the mod you should try first. There are 300 missions and 100 pages of instructions included with FTB Academy. And this will ensure that you receive a progression guide for common modifications.

There are no altered recipes or altered progressions outside of the School, where you will also spawn. Also included are excellent courses for learning different ideas such as magic, technology, and even automation. An excellent modpack to begin your Minecraft modding experience.

Link: FTB Academy

18. Minecolonies

The Minecolonies modpack intends to add settlement construction to your environment. You may populate cities with several NPCs, including Builders, Crafters, Farmers, Guards, and many more. If you enjoy city-building games such as Simcity or Cities Skylines, then this is one of the greatest Minecraft modpacks for you.

Link: Minecolonies

19. THE 1.7.10 PACK

Most modpacks make lofty claims. However, they do not always provide as promised. The 1.7.10 Pack is distinguishable. It provides greater value than expected. It is a loaded offering with 200 modifications that puts you in command.

You are free to construct and explore the entire universe. Explore what new dimensions have to offer, construct enormous blocks with technology, and add magic to the mix. And optional quests will add to the enjoyment. Possibilities are infinite.

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Link: THE 1.7.10 PACK

20. TownCraft

best minecraft mods ever

TownCraft is among the minecraft best modpacks for individuals who wish to live in the twenty-first century. With the power of Minecolonies and countless more modifications, it is possible to construct everything a modern metropolis need. These include aeroplanes, trains, and automobiles. Additionally, you may develop freeways and construct PC-style décor.

Thus, there is plenty to investigate! However, you must have a powerful computer for this. This modpack requires at least seven gigabytes of RAM for the first edition and nine to ten gigabytes for TownCraft Two.

Link: TownCraft

21. Ftb Magequest

best minecraft mods ever

There are mysteries, forbidden information, and magical spells to unearth at every turn. Don’t pass up the FTB MageQuest modpack if that is how you want to enjoy Minecraft.

It is a Feed The Beast and CurseForge modpack consisting primarily of magic-related modifications. It has become a “sequel” to the Magic World 2 modpack due to its rising popularity. FTM MageQuest is compatible with Minecraft 1.7.10 but Magic World 2 was compatible with Minecraft 1.6.4. The latter also has Fastcraft, which can boost performance and the experience.

Link: Ftb Magequest

22. PwrDown’s Zombie Apocalypse

minecraft best modpacks

Are you seeking an additional challenge? Why not try PwrDown’s Zombie Apocalypse then? The environment has been far more difficult, as zombies will now constantly spawn and remain unaffected by sunlight. There are also brand-new varieties of zombies.

To make things simpler, though, you may create additional weapons, including firearms. If you are a fan of The Walking Dead or any other zombie-themed media, you will like this modpack.

Link: PwrDown’s Zombie Apocalypse

23. Infinity Evolved

minecraft best modpacks

Infinity Evolved is the modpack for you if you like to enjoy a wide variety of modifications and not be limited to a single type. It is a modpack with over 150 modifications that is acceptable for the average gamer.

To liven things up for Minecraft enthusiasts, two difficulty levels are included. Depending on the type of gaming you prefer, you may select either the standard or expert option. Additionally, you may move between the modes without restarting the server. FTB Tweaks facilitates this. Infinity Evolved is a versatile modpack appropriate for small and medium-sized servers.

Link: Infinity Evolved

24. Valhelsia III

minecraft best modpacks

The next best minecraft mods ever on the list is Valhelsia III. Installed, it aims to provide something for everyone.

Fortunately, they were successful. It enables the discovery of novel biomes in all three dimensions. Additionally, you will be able to construct new machines and automations. There are several dungeons to explore for those with a thirst for danger. Therefore, if you’re seeking for a modpack that everyone can enjoy, this is it.

Link: Valhelsia III

25. Regrowth

minecraft best modpacks

Imagine if everything around you suddenly disappeared. And you must strive towards establishing a new, prosperous world. Now, apply your creativity to Minecraft. Does the concept arouse your interest? Can you rebuild the planet by yourself (or with a team)? Regrowth is the modpack for you if you are up for a challenge. You begin with a wilderness. And there are no hardware components present.

Regrowth is a good choice for people who can persevere in the face of hardship due to its unique blend of adventure and creativity.

Link: Regrowth

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