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15 Best Minecraft Parkour Servers To Play

The significance of parkour in Minecraft becomes evident. Whether attempting to scale the tallest Minecraft mountains or engaging in combat with various mobs, rapid construction and parkour are essential for survival. But without the best Minecraft parkour maps, it is impossible to learn and fully appreciate the game’s momentous experience. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best Minecraft parkour servers for action-packed gameplay.

1). Mineplex

Mineplex - Minecraft Parkour Servers
  • Java Address: us.mineplex.com
  • Bedrock Address: pe.mineplex.com

Mineplex, which also appears on our list of the best Minecraft servers, is one of the most renowned servers in the Minecraft community. It features numerous entertaining minigames, exclusive content, and the most dependable backend. However, it is best known for the vast number of active players with whom you can compete or collaborate at any time.

As for the parkour content, it is one of the best Minecraft servers and has tones of fun mini-games and dedicated courses. This is the server you should join if you’re seeking variety in and around parkour maps. Not to mention, the site’s active user base is also a major advantage.

2). Snapcraft

  • IP address: play.snapcraft.net

Snapcraft’s parkour courses are heavily weighted toward speed runs, so anyone interested in putting their skills to the test as quickly as possible should be interested in this server. The Snapcraft team actively encourages community participation by awarding a voucher to whoever votes on the most maps. There are currently several hundred players on Snapcraft, so give it a shot and join its expanding community.

3). Parkour Craft

Parkour Craft - Minecraft Parkour Servers
  • IP: mc.parkourcraft.com

Parkour Craft is a very small parkour server in Minecraft, but it features a large number of enjoyable maps for players to explore.

After successfully completing a parkour map on this server, players will receive in-game coins. These coins can be exchanged for cosmetics and chat tags on the server.

4). Minr

  • Java Address: zero.minr.org

You have access to a multitude of minigames, parkour courses, and puzzles to keep you entertained. Each of the server’s 500+ challenges aims to improve your hardcore Minecraft skills. However, despite the challenging nature of this server, there is a designated area for beginners. So, regardless of whether you’ve been playing for a decade or yesterday, this server is designed to accommodate your skill level.

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In addition, if you reach a high enough rank on the server, you will be invited to create its future challenges.

5). Mox MC

Mox MC - Minecraft Parkour Servers
  • IP: moxmc.net

This server is loaded with parkour maps for players to enjoy. Mox MC possesses its own parkour obstacles. If the player completes them successfully, they will be rewarded with unique items.

There are additional minigames available on this server.

6). UltimisMC

  • IP: bms.ultimismc.com

This is one of the best Minecraft parkour servers because it attempts to accommodate Java players. It operates on the most recent version of Minecraft, 1.18, but also accepts players with older versions. In addition, it is one of the extremely few cracked servers. Therefore, even if you cannot verify your Minecraft installation for whatever reason, you can still play on this server.

In addition to the usual game mods, it has a fun parkour set that resembles a closed-range race. Therefore, you can compete not only with scores or times, but also with other players in real time. However, if you are not yet confident in your abilities, you can also practice on regular parkour courses.

7). Happy-HG

  • IP: mc.happy-hg.com

Happy-HG is among the game’s most popular Minecraft servers. This server, like Mineplex, offers multiple game modes for players to choose from, some of which are dedicated to parkour. Each of the approximately 100 parkour challenges has its own theme. There are parkour maps for Minecraft biomes, mobs, and even food. Some of these servers feature special enchantments that grant players special jumps, sprints, and other abilities.

The server also offers survival, skyblock, creative, and puzzle game modes in addition to parkour. Therefore, despite having a small number of active users, the server makes every effort to keep you entertained during your parkour-free breaks.

8). The Cyclone Network

  • Java Address: cylonemc.net
  • Bedrock Address: mc.cylonemc.net

The Cyclone Network is the final server on our list of the best Minecraft parkour servers. You can explore numerous game modes, including exclusive co-op parkour courses. You and your companions can participate in a unique parkour experience. However, if you’re not prepared for that, there are four sets of individual parkour courses, each with its own level of difficulty.

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If you consider yourself a skilled player capable of tackling even the most difficult levels, the server also features unique jump courses. Here, you can attempt some uncommon parkour jumps; however, none of my friends managed to reach the final level.

9). Play In A Box

  • IP: playinabox.minehut.gg

On the surface, our second-best Minecraft parkour server resembles any other popular server. It features multiple game modes, such as survival, PVP, SMP, and others. The most intriguing aspect of this server, however, is the ability for players to create and list their own parkour courses. Other players can then purchase access to these custom courses with in-game stars.

This Minecraft server’s community-based parkour world creates an unforgettable experience. And if you intend to create your own Minecraft server for parkouring, this is a great place to get feedback from the community.

10). OPBlocks

OPBlocks - Minecraft Parkour Servers
  • Java IP: hub.opblocks.com
  • Bedrock IP: bedrock.opblocks.com

Our top choice among the best Minecraft parkour servers is, as its name implies, overpowered (OP). It includes a prison break, boss battles, dungeons, and even a custom skyblock. Beyond the games is a universe of inventive parkour mini-games, almost all of which feature daily challenges to keep you engaged.

Similar to other popular Minecraft servers, OPBlocks has a welcoming, active community, a helpful staff, and exclusive, high-quality content. And if challenges aren’t enough for you, you can also explore numerous server quests.

11). Mineclub

  • IP address: play.mineclub.com

Thousands of people make up Mineclub’s incredibly respectable community. There are other games you can play besides parkour, but you will have a great time exploring the parkour-specific courses.

12). Renatus Network

Renatus Network
  • IP: play.RenatusNetwork.com

Renatus Network has an active team that consistently releases high-quality parkour maps for fans of the minigame. They offer some of the most difficult courses on this list, as well as numerous unique and themed maps.

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13). Jumpcraft

  • Java IP: play.jumpcraft.org

JumpCraft has over 700 parkour courses that offer rewards for good play and skill development.

Most servers provide additional parkour content, but not Jumpcraft. It has over 800 parkour areas, and its creators continue to add new ones daily. You can compete against other players, complete challenges, and earn points to climb the ranks. This server transforms Minecraft into a dedicated parkour game in numerous ways.

The disadvantages of this server are that it is Java-only and less active than other servers. But if you bring along your friends, it becomes an incredible place to hang out. Despite the lack of other players, a vast number of parkour courses are available to keep you on the server.

14). Triumphia

  • Java IP: org.triumphia.net
  • Bedrock IP: org.triumphia.net

Triumphia is a straightforward yet entertaining Minecraft server that provides the same experience to both Bedrock and Java players. You can either enjoy vanilla or engage in faction warfare to amass immense wealth in-game. And as for parkour sessions, the server offers over a hundred incredible, lengthy courses. Even though it is technically impossible to crossplay between editions, the same server worlds allow you to compete with your friends on the same courses.

Due to the increasing level of difficulty, this is also one of the best Minecraft servers for beginners to learn parkour.

15). Upcraft

  • Java IP: mc.upcoin.world

Now that the world has specialised crypto browsers, it should come as no surprise that Minecraft servers are following suit. In this server with a crypto theme, Upcraft combines the world of blocks with blockchain conversations. The vast majority of its players are crypto enthusiasts, but its parkour courses will keep you occupied even if you are not.

This server’s parkour courses are influenced by the dynamic trend of crypto graphs. The slopes appear to be excellent parkour locations, and you can now test them out. The major disadvantage of this server, however, is that it requires “Upcoin” for even the most fundamental features, such as teleportation.

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