5 Best Minecraft Plugin You Should Use

Want to install the best plugins on your Minecraft server? The best plugins for Minecraft can be found here.

The best method to customize a Minecraft server is through plugins. Since they can be used for minigames, survival-themed game genres, server management, and various other things, the plugins in the end assist in designing the server’s theme. Finding which plugins to use for a Minecraft server might be difficult with over 57,000 plugins now available on Spigot. Here we’ve compiled a list of our top recommended plugins since we’re aware of how challenging choosing plugins can be!

5. ExcellentCrates

A free plugin for creating crates that is one of a kind, powerful, and allows you to create a variety of crates.
Using the plugin’s in-game graphical user interface editor, you may create crates, manage keys and prizes, put crates anywhere in the globe, and manage a great number of other actions. It has a high degree of configurability, and you can adjust it so that it fits the style of your server.

4. Aurelium Skills

The standard survival experience is improved by the addition of the feature-rich plugin for skills known as Aurelium Skills. Through the process of levelling up their skills, players can get stat boosts, unlock and level up abilities, and accomplish a variety of other goals. It is possible to tweak the configuration of the plugin and personalise it so that it meets the requirements of your server.

The plugin already includes a number of significant and distinctive features that very few other plugins have, and additional features, updates, and enhancements are currently in the process of being actively developed.

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3. CMI (Content Management Interface)

With a wide range of features, the CMI plugin, which is built for Spigot / Paper 1.19.x and lower, streamlines the procedure for server owners to administer their servers. Its set of commands, permissions, and placeholders are adaptive and dynamic. CMI offers a contemporary and reliable experience for all of your players.

This plugin is intended to replace the place of a number of older plugins and perform the duties of a comprehensive server management plugin. It offers basic conversion commands to migrate previous player data to the new system and can totally replace Essentials/EssentialsX. It has more features than you would imagine and the needed tools for constructing your own personal server with creative game dynamics.

From the most fundamental features, like healing, to the most complex ones, like in-game kit editors, item finders that work across all possible containers, portal systems, self-updating signs, clickable holograms, and so on.

2. Advanced Ban

AdvancedBan is a punishment system that includes a variety of options, including warns, tempwarns, mutes, tempmutes, bans, tempbans, ipbans, and tempipbans, as well as kicks.

In addition, the plugin offers a PlayerHistory that enables you to view the player’s previous punishments, as well as Time & Message-Layouts that can be customised and automatically compute and adjust the Punishment-Time depending on the individual cause.

In addition, AdvancedBan offers a comprehensive configuration file as well as a complete Message-File that contains all of the messages that may be modified and translated. Both of these files can be downloaded from the AdvancedBan website. This BungeeCord & Bukkit/Spigot plugin supports MySQL as well as a locally embedded database in order to deliver a very high level of speed.

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1. Auction Master

The best auction plugin available, and it’s completely free. With the help of this plugin, players from all across the server will be able to buy, sell, and place bids on items. Players have the ability to buy, sell, and even bid on things through an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

This plugin also makes a variety of settings accessible to admins, allowing them to exercise as much control as possible through the administration graphical user interface (admin GUI). You can add more functionality to your site by using one of several well-known plugins that are compatible with this one.

You could, for example, create an NPC that, when clicked on, brings up a menu with all of the available auctions. Because it is compatible with HeadDatabase as well, you are able to incorporate heads into the in-game graphical user interface.

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