20 Best Minecraft Pocket Edition Shaders

The shaders in Minecraft are great! They aren’t just for java players, either. Just look at how great the RTX shaders on bedrock are. Isn’t it breath-taking? But only rich PC gamers can do that because they need to have a pricey Nvidia RTX graphics card installed.

Even though Pocket Edition shaders aren’t as popular, there are some really nice shader packs that change the game a lot. They can be downloaded from sites like MCPEDL, which have all the shader packs that work with certain versions of Pocket Edition.

1). RealSource RTX Texture Pack

Most realistic RTX texture pack! You can get it in both HD and ULTRA HD. When you add RTX to textures that have light, reflection, and 3D surface structure, you get the most realistic RTX package for Bedrock.
With this package, you can use RTX to play any of your survival or creative maps. Just put in. MCPACK, turn it on in the settings, and RTX will work perfectly. (you need nVidia RTX graphic card!).

The goal of the RealSource pack is to make textures look as realistic as possible!!! When you add RTX to textures that have light, reflection, and 3D surface structure, you get the most realistic RTX package for Bedrock.

2). Truly Vanilla RTX Normals

Vanilla RTX Normals (also called “Truly Vanilla RTX”) is a PBR resource pack for Minecraft RTX that adds all of the other necessary PBR maps and fog configurations to the vanilla game.

With heightmaps and normal maps, Vanilla RTX Normals takes full advantage of per-pixel MERs, which define Metallic/Emissive/Roughness for each block to bring out the most detail.

Every block is taken care of.

3). Lucid Dreams

This shader pack changes the sky’s look in a very impressive way. This shader changes the boring light blue sky that Minecraft usually has into a beautiful and realistic skyscape. Not much else changes, but players won’t be able to look at much else anyway.

4). Black Fog Resource Pack

This is one of the scarier shaders for Minecraft Pocket Edition, which is why a lot of people choose it. The main thing that the resource pack does is add a dark fog to the world, which makes everything look a little bit creepier. It changes everything about how the game feels and is played.

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5). AziFy Pocket Edition Shader

When a shader pack was last updated is one of the most important things to know. If a shader pack hasn’t been updated in a while, it might not be as good or have major problems. That’s not a problem for AziFy, though. This shader was updated less than two weeks ago, so it’s about as up-to-date as you can get. Players don’t have to worry about anything going wrong if they download this.

It adds reflections of the sunset and sunrise, sun bloom, direct light, glowing ore, moving water, thicker clouds, and much more.

6). OptiFine RK

This shader pack was made to look like OptiFine, which is thought to be the best Java Edition mod. The looks of the original OptiFine are great, and this shader pack for Pocket Edition does a good job of making them look the same. It gets rid of some features that aren’t needed and changes others. It also changes the look of some features from vanilla Minecraft.

OptiFine RK adds glass panels to doors, makes some interfaces transparent (such as the pumpkin head and spyglass), and also adds a quick crafting button.

7). Takashi Shaders

Takashi shaders are probably the best shaders for Pocket Edition and are among the best shaders for any platform. One of the best things about the shader has to be how great the water looks.

Overall, everything looks better, but many players get it because the water looks better. It doesn’t change the look much, so it still looks and feels like Minecraft, but each part is better.

8). Newb Shaders

One of the best Minecraft PE shaders is Newb Shaders. The shader is great because it works well and doesn’t have any lag.

With it installed, you get different lighting and shadows, which are the basics. I also really liked how the rain looked. When it starts to rain, the sky turns grey.

But there are a few bad things! For instance, I don’t really like the way it feels when it’s foggy. Also, the water effects aren’t very good either. Overall, though, it’s a good shader.

9). Bicubic Shaders

These are my favourite shaders for Minecraft PE. It has everything that a good shader should have. But this shader’s water effects are where it really shines.

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First of all, the water has a nice reflection that makes it look more real. Submerging yourself in the water, on the other hand, is a whole different thing. They did a great job with the underwater lighting, which makes the whole thing feel real.

So, if you only want to try one shader, I really think this one is the best choice. It has the best shaders for Minecraft PE.

10). Reflex Shaders

Reflex Shaders is great at two things: making things run faster and making things look great. This shader is bright and has a nice warm orange tone, just like Shiftery.

But there is a small issue with this shader. Like a lot of other shaders, this one has a hard time making deserts look good. There seems to be too much sun on the sand.

But besides that, these MCPE shaders for Minecraft are great. So, if you want to add some spice to Minecraft without slowing it down, this is a good choice.

11). Shiftery/Console Shaders

The goal of these shaders is to give players an experience similar to what they get on consoles (PS4 and Xbox One). When you install it, the world will look warmer and more orange.

It also adds some great features, like realistic moving clouds, falling leaves, sandstorms, and snowstorms.

12). Chocapic Shaders

Chocapic Shaders is next on the list. The usual things are included in these shaders: shadows, a more realistic sky, and bright lighting. The game looks a little less crazy and a lot more bright.

In addition to the usual features, the water should be clearer, and the advanced rain particles make the rain much more beautiful.

13). ESTN Shaders

If I couldn’t choose Bicubic Shaders, this would be my second choice. This shader is different from all the others because it doesn’t make the water and sky look very real.

Instead, it tries to improve your game in small ways. These include plants that move, water that changes shape, and weather that only has one colour. But I think the sunbeams are my favourite part. With them, the Minecraft World looks just stunning at dawn and dusk.

This is a must-have if you just want to improve your game. It will make your Minecraft homes look great.

14). Pure Vanilla RTX

This texture pack adds vanilla textures to RTX, so you can play with default textures even when RTX is turned on. This vanilla Ray Tracing (Render Dragon) texture pack converts vanilla textures to work with RTX, so you can use RTX and still see default textures. This vanilla RTX texture pack covers blocks that should reflect light and blocks that give off light.

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15). Ale Shader v1.1 Cliffs Update

Ale Shader is back with more realistic graphics to make sure you get the most out of your gaming experience. It also works on devices with 1 GB of RAM. You will not be sorry, I promise.

16). SweetDream Shaders

SweetDream Shaders is next on the list. The way this shader looks is what makes it different from all the others on the list. Instead of making the saturation and brightness stronger, this one makes them weaker.

As you can see in the picture, the colours look softer and more hazy, like they belong in a dream.

So, if you want something different, these Minecraft PE shaders might be for you.

17). Natural Mystic Shader

The Natural Mystic Shader is a beautiful and subtle shader for your mobile device. With it, the game gets better without being too obvious about it. For instance, the shader won’t have any shadows built in. Instead, you’ll just get water and a sky that look more real.

Also, the game will look a little less crazy. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, this one is a great choice.

18). Kamii Shader 3.12

This shader was made to add beautiful colours, realistic light physics, advanced shadows, and a reflection system to Vanilla Minecraft. Since the shader graphics can be changed, this game can be played on many different phones.

19). Continuum Shader

Continuum Shader is the last thing on our list. This shader is just like the others on this list. This is one of my favorites because it has all the cool things you want from a shader, but it doesn’t turn the saturation all the way up. Instead, it makes the room look calm.

20). Capricorn PE Shading

Capricorn PE Shaders is a pack of shaders for the Minecraft Bedrock Edition game. This shader pack has a lot of features that will make Minecraft Bedrock Edition better. Shaders can be used in high-end games because they are very realistic and heavy. This will make the Minecraft Bedrock Edition game much more realistic and beautiful.

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