12 Best Minecraft Prison Server

Prison servers are one of the most distinct among the vast array of Minecraft multiplayer experiences, and for good reason. This same excitement, along with a slew of new features, is what drives the popularity of the best Minecraft prison servers. Each has some of the best Minecraft mods to provide you with an unforgettable experience. Some players even add new recipes to the game. Meanwhile, many of them attempt to create Minecraft biomes within the confines of a prison. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best Minecraft prison servers so you can start plotting your escape.

Best Minecraft Prison Server

All of the Minecraft servers on this list have distinct features and cater to a variety of gameplay styles. As a result, the list is not ranked, and you can use the table below to find the server that best suits your needs.

1). OPBlocks Network

  • Java IP: mc.opblocks.com
  • Bedrock IP: bedrock.opblocks.com

OP Blocks’ Prison has a Candyland-style aesthetic and a robust Prison server that is constantly evolving thanks to Minecraft players’ suggestions and votes. This is still a Prison server, so players must work hard to reach the top of the rankings. Those interested in supporting the server can also visit the site’s store page, where they can purchase ranks.

These ranks, however, become progressively more expensive, so the cost-benefit of using real-world currency versus working up to the rank in-game should be considered.

Titles and keys for loot crates are also great additions that do not require one’s Prison rank. Players can even purchase additional plots if they so desire. Aside from microtransactions, OP Blocks is a solid Prison server that is constantly striving to improve the experience for its dedicated player base.

2). Complex Gaming

  • Java IP : hub.mc-complex.com

Complex Gaming is a server hub that juggles multiple gameplay modes, including vanilla Prison and even Pixelmon. Complex’s Prison servers are designed to be very similar to the vanilla experience, with a few plugins to help players with quality of life.

Most complex sports have a large number of players, with 1,000 concurrent players being the minimum in many cases. This ensures that players are never alone in their desire to break the law.

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The main disadvantage of Complex is that it is solely a Minecraft: Java Edition server hub, which may disappoint Minecraft: Bedrock Edition players. Java players, on the other hand, should look to Complex for a more streamlined Prison experience.

3). Purple Prison

  • Java IP: purpleprison.org

Most Minecraft prison servers only allow players to level up through mining and related quests. Purple Prison, on the other hand, tries to change that by allowing players to gain upgrades through mining, building, and even trading with other players.

Not to mention that it is one of the few servers that has the appearance and theme of a real-life prison. For realistic prison brawls, there are guards, prison cells, and dedicated PVP areas. If all of that sounds too dangerous, you and your prison buddies can relax and hang out in one of the sitting areas.

4). MC Prison

  • Java IP: mcprison.com
  • Bedrock IP: mchub.com

With support for both primary versions of the game and a robust online community via forums and Discord, MCHub offers just about any gameplay type a player could want within reason. Prison servers, Skyblock, and Survival multiplayer gameplay are all included.

MCHub’s Prison gameplay is comparable to servers like Purple Prison in terms of consistency, but without the massive player count. This results in a more tightly knit community, with no major surprises in terms of content. The server restarts after each season of Prison, which may be off-putting to some but provides a welcome challenge to others.

5). The Archon

  • Java IP: best.TheArchon.net

Our first Minecraft prison server is well-known for its high-quality mods and unique game modes. It is regularly updated and has a thriving community. In terms of prison mode, this server employs a custom resource pack to create a wood theme in your world. Then you get a backpack and upgraded tools to help you become the best miner.

When you’ve had your fill of prison, you can try out exclusive game modes like robbery and outlands. They both fit in perfectly with the prison theme. For those who prefer classic gameplay, the server also includes skyblock, factions, and survival modes.

6). Lemon Cloud

  • Java IP : sm.lemoncloud.net
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Lemon Cloud is a dependable server that offers a variety of Minecraft gameplay options, including Prison, with a projected uptime of 98%. Lemon Cloud’s Prison server is about as simple as a Minecraft player can hope for.

Players start in a large mine and must work their way up the ranking ladder to freedom. Fortunately, Lemon Cloud provides a few chat commands for players to use on the house.

These commands allow players to check their current rank and, if desired, sell the contents of their inventory. This reduces trips to physical locations to sell blocks and ores, which is a beneficial implementation.

7). Jartex Network

  • Java Server Address: jartex.fun
  • Bedrock Server Address: jartex.fun

Jartex, with the word “fun” in its server address, does not disappoint in keeping us entertained. It has a Minecraft prison server, but unlike any other server on this list, it is centred on gambling. Aside from that, you get new enchantments, custom skills, and even cool suits. But, before you enter the casino or the mines, make sure you join a cartel.

The server has various types of cartels and gangs, each of which provides unique benefits to its members. If that isn’t enough, the server also has some of the most impressive structures and side quests to explore.

8). Pika Network

  • Java IP: smd.pika.host

The Pika Network prison operates in the same manner as any other best Minecraft prison server. Your objective is to mine resources in order to gain points and eventually rule the prison. But, as you gradually discover, there’s a lot more hidden in this seemingly ordinary prison. When you begin to accumulate wealth on this server, the world expands to provide more opportunities for each player.

Gamblers, cell makers, NPC shops, gangs with exclusive shops, and drug dealing NPCs bring servers very close to real-world prisons. In PVP action, the server has dedicated PVP areas, including a PVP mine arena. In such cases, the reward is quite high. That is, for as long as you are alive.

9). Minecraft Central

  • Java Address: mccentral.org

Minecraft Central, which is now in its seventh full season of Prison gameplay, has long been a dependable server in terms of uptime and player count.

The server’s Prison server allows players to claim plots of land in the same way that many SMP servers do, and players can even form prison “gangs” to collaborate and advance their ranks.

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A new upgradeable pickaxe and a slew of other character enhancements are also available to help a player’s long grind to gain freedom. There’s also plenty of custom content to enjoy, such as new enchantments.

It may not be the most vanilla experience when compared to other Prison servers, but Minecraft Central has been around for a reason.

10). Vortex Network

  • Java IP: mc.vortexnetwork.net
  • Bedrock IP: bedrock.vortexnetwork.net

Vortex Network appears to be a straightforward Minecraft server with game modes such as prison, skyblock, survival, and Pixelmon. However, they all have a distinct space theme. Each location refers to spaceships, planets, and other celestial bodies. Furthermore, the server has its own resource pack to round out the overall experience.

The server’s prison mode allows players to PVP, form gangs, and even enter warzones. To level up, you must mine, trade, and attend events. You can also leave the regular prison and enter the Prison Cosmic, an adventure map filled with unique quests, recipes, and more.

11). Mineville

  • Bedrock IP: play.inpvp.net

Mineville is the only official featured Bedrock server on our list, making it stand out from the crowd. It appears in the list of suggested servers on every platform that supports the Bedrock edition. Because of the high-profile collaboration, finding reliable content and active players is simple.

The prison section of this Minecraft server is entirely focused on mining. Each player is given a miner costume and must complete all of the mines. They can obtain upgrades by mining to a certain level or trading their ores.

12). Jails MC

  • Java IP: play.jailsmc.net

Finally, we have the Jails MC Minecraft server, which is entirely dedicated to prison gameplay, to round out our list of the best Minecraft prison servers. Its theme is based on mining, which is carried over into its online store. You can compete in its active leaderboard, mine, and trade with other players to achieve the highest level possible. Join this server if you want a simpler but dependable prison time.

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