11 Best Minecraft PvP Servers [2022 List]

Competitive Player vs. Player (PvP) is a staple of many Minecraft Servers. This is especially true if the stakes in every combat are many hours of grinding for in-game stuff.

It’s important to note that “Practice” PvP servers are also a part of Minecraft’s PvP landscape. Players can test their skills in practise PvP servers where they have access to an unlimited supply of armour, weapons, and potions. If that sounds too difficult, try engaging in some friendly competition with some of your pals instead. These finest minecraft pvpserver are essential to the Minecraft multiplayer experience. So, without further ado, let’s dig in and have a look!

01). Hypixel


As the largest server in the Minecraft universe, Hypixel owes much of its popularity to the inclusion of PvP features in their most popular minigames, like bedwars and UHC (ultrahardcore).

Hypixel still manages to dominate the minecraft pvpserver subgenre despite the fact that not all game types on the Hypixel server incorporate PvP mechanics. It is a testament to the server’s quality and creativity that tens of thousands of gamers compete here every day across a variety of minigames.

02). PvP Land


PvP Land is a popular server for Minecraft players that wish to practise PvP. This is mostly attributable to their bespoke “bot fights” mechanism. It’s a clever and one-of-a-kind concept devised by the game’s makers to ensure that fights are always available on demand and that there are no penalties for losing. When fighting a bot, practise is everything.

In addition to Bedwars and 1v1 duels, the PvP Land Minecraft server offers several popular PvP-based game modes for players to train on.

03). Purple Prison


Purple Prison is a renowned and spectacular PvP prison server. Immediately upon joining, players are greeted in spawn by dozens of other players brutally engaging in combat in open view.

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On Purple Jail, the stakes are actually high, in contrast to other prison servers that lay much less emphasis on PvP mechanics. Here, hundreds of players engage in vicious daily combat utilising things that required endless hours of grinding to acquire.

04). Mineplex

IP Java Address: us.mineplex.com
IP Bedrock Address: pe.mineplex.com

Mineplex is one of the most well-known Minecraft servers ever. It has tens of thousands of daily active players on both Minecraft Java and Bedrock. Mineplex offers other gaming possibilities, like clans, arcades, survival, and skywards. There are various non-PvP games available for entertainment. However, the server focuses primarily on mini-games and unique content, as opposed to a vast open PvP realm.

Due to its ever-growing community, Mineplex continues to offer new themed material for each major holiday. Therefore, there is Halloween, Christmas, and plenty in between. Overall, there is always something fresh for solo and group gamers to try. Simply find what suits your preferences.

05). ViperMC


ViperMC is a Minecraft pvpserver that is administered by the same crew as the once-popular VeltPvP. This is a PvP-based game mode in which players compete for points by claiming a certain number of kits and engaging in a free-for-all arena brawl. ViperMC has become the epicentre of “kit maps.”

ViperMC is also highly regarded by the tight-knit Minecraft HCF community, with most players considering it the largest HCF server at present. This is demonstrated by the fact that some of their maps support up to 1,000 people upon launching.

06). Minemen Club

IP Address: MMC.CLUB

Minemen Club is an unusual and unique example of a Minecraft PvP practise server. Commonly, Minecraft players utilise this server to settle their issues and determine who is greater in a straightforward one-on-one battle.

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07). Foxcraft

Java Address: play.foxcraft.net

If you dislike updates and resets, this is one of the best PvP servers for Minecraft for you. Foxcraft is well-known for maintaining its planets for years at a time. Therefore, if you build a base and collect stuff in this server’s universe, there is a good probability that they will not disappear until at least 2024. However, a lack of resets on PvP servers leads to an unfair power struggle.

This server is dominated by a large number of players that have spent considerable time improving their abilities and preparing for combat. However, bringing them down from the top is a great challenge to do. However, if that’s not your style, the server also offers conventional game modes, such as prison, sky-block, and creative.

08). PvP Hub

IP Java Address: pvphub.club (version 1.18)

The following entry is a custom-coded Minecraft PvP server with numerous unique features. The most entertaining aspect of this server is the uncommon UHC mode. In this setting, players spawn at random locations throughout the Minecraft universe. The participants are then given a few minutes to prepare before a “last-person-standing” battle commences. This method of play is comparable to PUBG.

Aside from that, it features a variety of unique game types, such as PvP arenas, bed-wars, and more. Despite having so many entertaining games, this server has a significant flaw. This server is only compatible with Minecraft 1.8, thus you must downgrade your game before joining.

09). Donut SMP

IP Java Address: DonutSMP.net
IP Bedrock Address: DonutSMP.net

Donut SMP, an active hardcore server, is our second-best Minecraft PvP server. If a player dies in this game, they cannot rejoin until two days have passed. You should only join this server if you are confident in your combat abilities and can withstand some of the most vicious players. On this PvP server, everything, including griefing, stealing, and killing, is permitted.

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Regarding game modes, this minecraft pvpserver has hardcore, survival, anarchy, vanilla, One Life, OneTrySMP, and Lifestealsmp, among others. Each of them has substantial stakes. Donut SMP awaits you if you are a player who wishes to put your combat skills to the test.

10). Wild Prison

Java Address: play.wildprison.net

As its name suggests, Wild Prison is one of the most competitive PvP Minecraft servers. It has a prominent prison motif and other custom features. To build a home for yourself in this universe, you receive tokens, unique pickaxes, lucky blocks, and more. Through tournaments and PvP games, the server regularly offers players the chance to test and improve their talents.

In addition to PvP, the server features custom Minecraft enchantments, gangs, free ranks, and unique pets. Wild Prison offers a plenty of content to uncover and keep you occupied.

11). Galaxite

IP Bedrock Address: play.galaxite.net

The majority of PvP player servers focus on the survival world of Minecraft. The sole exception is the top Minecraft jail servers. But that is no longer the case. Galaxite is a Bedrock Minecraft PvP server with a cosmic theme, unique planets, alien architecture, and a large number of active users.

Regarding game types, players can engage in “Prop Hunt,” “Fill the Gaps,” and “Planets,” a special bed-wars mode. In addition to these three game types, the server includes innovative features such as player parties, seasonal upgrades, and a battle pass to obtain custom skins.

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