Best Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

15 Best Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Despite being the game’s mobile adaptation, Minecraft: Pocket Edition still offers plenty of customising options and creative chances. Almost everything that was possible in the PC or console versions is now possible. This also holds true for texture packs, which you can easily install in your game to alter how things look. These packs have the power to improve realism or destroy it. Here is a list of some of the best texture packs for Minecraft: Pocket Edition that you can find.

1). Cartoon Colors

1). Cartoon Colors Best Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

With this cartoon texture pack, you can add more colour and fun to your world if realistic graphics aren’t your thing. Your attention will be drawn to the Minecraft world’s cartoonish appearance while maintaining the game’s realistic appearance.

2). EVO Shader Mod V1.2.1

2). EVO Shader Mod V1.2.1

EVO Shader has several graphic upgrades, including directional lighting from the sun, lag-free semi-3D clouds, and realistic lighting that will make your MCPE appear “natural.”

3). Crosshair Bundle Pack

3). Crosshair Bundle Pack

As much as Minecraft allows you to alter the environment around you and create the objects and structures you find attractive, it does not allow you to alter your crosshair. If you don’t like it, you usually have to put up with it because it’s always the same. Now, though, you may choose from six new crosshairs in this pack if you don’t like the way the standard cross looks.

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The realistic block texture is enhanced by the high-resolution texture pack R3D CRAFT. For players that want their Minecraft creations to be realistic, this add-on is ideal. The original texture is preserved while being enhanced with the texture pack.

The author of this texture pack also offers a free shader. A great texture pack for gamers of earlier versions is called R3D CRAFT.

5). Defscape Texture Pack

5). Defscape Texture Pack Best Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

With the help of this pack, every block in the game will have better aesthetics thanks to an increase in resolution to 6464. They gain a wonderfully polished and modern appearance, yet they still retain their unique Minecraft charm. Try this texture pack if you’re seeking for one that will improve everything’s appearance without taking away from Minecraft’s distinct individuality.

6). Even Cuter Vanilla Cats

6). Even Cuter Vanilla Cats

Try this texture pack if you adore cats but think that Minecraft doesn’t go far enough to make them adorable in the game. There are more breeds of cats available, and their ears are now more angled to help them stand out more.

7). FuseRealism

7). FuseRealism

Another texture collection that gives Minecraft realistic textures is FuseRealism. It has realistic textures for a variety of things, like grass, tiles, planks, plants, and leaves.

Nether blocks like quartz, netherrack, etc. now have new textures thanks to one of its most recent updates. It is a 256×256 pixel high-resolution texture bundle.

8). Groovy

8). Groovy

PvP in Minecraft is available in both Java Edition and Pocket Edition. A well-liked PvP texture pack for Minecraft Pocket Edition is called Groovy. For an advantage over rivals in a PvP encounter, players can download this texture pack.

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9). LB Photo Realisim Reloaded

9). LB Photo Realisim Reloaded

For a very long time, one of the most well-liked texture packs for Minecraft has been LB Photo Realism. The realistic, lovely textures are restored in the Reloaded edition to give Minecraft a better-looking environment that draws your attention to everything around you. Even while they are still conventional Minecraft blocks, the leaves on trees and other plants have considerably more life to them.

10). ModernHD

10). ModernHD Best Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

One of the most well-liked texture packs for Minecraft Pocket Edition is ModernHD. In the Java Edition community, it is very well known for its realistic texture. This incredible texture collection was transferred to PE by developers and made freely accessible.

This texture collection gives various blocks, including bookshelves, glasses, water, and more, lovely and tidy surfaces. ModernHD is a tool that players can use to make their builds appear better.

11). Night Vision Pack

11). Night Vision Pack

Download this addon to make all blocks in the dark emit light if you’re sick of having to manufacture torches to see where you’re going in mines. You always know where you are headed and what risks are in front of you.

12). Bare Bones Texture Pack

Bare Bones Texture Pack

The goal of the texture pack “Bare Bones” is to strip your world and the standard Minecraft textures down to their most basic elements. It is a straightforward and colourful pack that is enjoyable to use and adds colour to your own Minecraft landscapes!

13). SEUS PE Shader

SEUS PE Shader

The most realistic shaders pack for Minecraft PE as of right now. The reflection of the sun and moon’s light on the lake creates a lovely sheen. The sky and the Nether have both seen significant improvements, as have the shadows. If you want to play a more realistic version of Minecraft, you should give this a shot because the hype is real.

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14). ESBE 2G Shader

ESBE 2G Shader

The Bedrock shader pack ESBE 2G enhances the beauty of your world and is compatible with both computers and mobile devices. Lightweight depiction, NTSC weighted average tone mapping, depictions of waving foliage and water reflections, sparkling stars, enhanced dusk, lovely clouds and aurora, and other features are all featured. The brightness changes with direction, both mobile and PC (Win10) compatible, etc.

15). Simple Shader

Simple Shader

If you have a low-end device and haven’t been able to use any of the previous shader packs, Simple Shader is the lightweight shader pack for you. It’s a much simpler pack that yet includes several key aspects (such more realistic skies) to make Minecraft more aesthetically pleasing and faithfully realistic.

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