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09 Best Diamond Sword Enchantments in Minecraft

In Minecraft, players may mine diamond ores to build some of the best weapons, tools and armour in the game. Diamonds are what every player hopes they could spawn with upon joining a Minecraft environment.

Diamonds are typically discovered in caves and ravines. This item may be found in the cave’s lowest level. Diamonds will never be seen on Y levels greater than 15. On Y levels of 15 and lower, they can only be found. On Y level 11, it’s usual to find diamonds in particular.

Players will also require diamonds to upgrade anything to netherite. Before the gear to become netherite, it must first be diamond. For example, a player must first produce a diamond sword before it can be enhanced using a smithing table.

The best diamond sword enchantments in Minecraft may be found in this post.

1). Sweeping Edge

Best Diamond Sword Enchantments

The sweeping edge is our first and only enchantment for the sword in Minecraft Java. The sweeping edge enchantment increases the damage done by the sword’s sweep strike. Fighting numerous creatures at once is prevalent in the Nether, where this enchantment comes in handy the most.

You may swing your sword and deal damage to any enemies who are in your path, similar to games like Devil May Cry. It has three levels, dealing 50%, 67%, and 75% of the primary attack’s damage, respectively. Minecraft does not let many other enchantments to interact with this one, though, in order to prevent it from becoming too powerful.

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2). Fire Aspect

Best Diamond Sword Enchantments

A sword enchanted with fire is among the greatest in Minecraft, and it’s also one of the simplest and most powerful. Using a fire aspect sword to strike an adversary sets the enemy ablaze. In each level, the sword gains an additional four seconds of firing. Fire at levels 1 and 2 deals 1.5 and 3.5 heart-damaging damage, respectively.

But it’s worth noting that not all mobs die instantly from fire, so using a Potion of Fire Resistance with this attack is a good idea. Except for piglins and hoglins, this enchantment has no effect on creatures that can only be found in the Nether. When playing on Bedrock, you may use it to ignite candles and campfires as well as TNT. This enchantment also causes food-based enemies to drop cooked meat when slain, regardless of the version of the game you are playing.

3). Looting

Best Diamond Sword Enchantments

A sword’s fighting abilities aren’t the only consideration in our list of the top Minecraft sword enchantments. When you use this enchantment on a mob, additional loot is dropped. This enchantment can also help you get rarer things. This enchantment has three levels, each of which increases the number of objects that are dropped. In addition, this enchantment is compatible with the sweeping edge enchantment, which is only available in Java.

4). Unbreaking

Best Diamond Sword Enchantments

All durable in-game goods can be enchanted with Unbreaking, a popular enchantment. This enchantment enhances the sword’s resistance to wear and tear. When it comes to practicality, it only minimises the likelihood of a loss in durability. When all is said and done, using this enchantment will extend the life of your weapons like your sword. As one of the earliest enchantments to appear on the enchanting table, it has two levels.

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5). Mending

Best Diamond Sword Enchantments

Mending is an option for players who locate damaged swords, or if it’s too late to apply unbreaking. Using this basic enchantment, you can recover your sword’s lost durability. It is powered by experience orbs. You can keep slaying enemies as the sword automatically restores itself thanks to mending.

Even though it only has one level, some players consider this to be even more powerful than unbreaking. This is one of the greatest Minecraft sword enchantments, and it can only be applied using enchanted books.

6). Knockback

Best Diamond Sword Enchantments

Sword Enchantment Knockback in the Best Minecraft Swords
When you assault a mob in Minecraft, you may experience knockback, which causes the mob to flee. There is a maximum 190 percent increase in the knockback effect that may be achieved using this magic item. This implies that you can knock a creature back up to six blocks with a single strike.. Even armour stands can be knocked back by this enchantment in Java.

7). Sharpness

Best Diamond Sword Enchantments

This enchantment in Minecraft enhances the sharpness of your blade, as its name suggests. Nonetheless, since sharpness does not alter the game, this enchantment just enhances the damage your blade inflicts with each strike. There are five sharpness settings available with this enchantment. You can only use an enchanting table to level up a gold blade to level 5. Swords of all kinds can be sharpened with the aid of an enchanted book.

8). Smite

Best Diamond Sword Enchantments

Smite, like sharpness, is an excellent way to boost the attack power of your Minecraft sword. As a reminder, the additional damage from Smite is not applicable to non-undead creatures. Following is a list of undead mobs:

  • Skeletons
  • Zombies
  • Zombie Villagers
  • Wither
  • Wither Skeletons
  • Zombified Piglins
  • Skeleton Horses
  • Zombie Horses
  • Strays
  • Husks
  • Phantoms
  • Drowned
  • Zoglins
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09). Bane of Arthropods

Best Diamond Sword Enchantments

Arthropods are creatures with exoskeletons, according to science. They are able to move in a distinctive manner due to their highly-joined limbs. Arthropod monsters will take more damage from a sword equipped with this enchantment, as its name indicates. The following are examples of mobs:

  • Spiders
  • Cave Spiders
  • Bees
  • Silverfishes
  • Endermites

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