Easy Guide on How to Make Trapdoors in Minecraft

Trapdoors are useful Minecraft blocks. If you need a door that can be opened and closed for a ladder, you can substitute a trapdoor for a standard door. There are numerous variations for each of the various types of wood that can be gathered in Minecraft. They are relatively inexpensive, but despite requiring the same amount of wood as doors, each recipe yields fewer trapdoors.

The fact that mobs can’t break it is also important. You can use it to protect the entrance to your buildings or to keep your valuable items safe by putting them around it. Most of the time, you can find them in a villager biome, where they decorate the windows of their homes and can also make them themselves, which isn’t hard.

Item Required to Make a Trapdoors in Minecraft

  • Wood Planks -6
  • Iron Ingot -4

There are a total of 9 different types of trap doors. You can make 8 of them by putting 6 wooden planks on a crafting table, and the last one, made of iron, requires 4 iron ingots.

Craft Wooden Planks

The first thing you need is logs of wood, which means you have to find trees and cut them down.

The tree in the picture is an Oak tree, so we’re going to show you how to make a trapdoor out of an Oak tree. One oak log will give you four oak planks, but you need six oak planks, so you need to do this step twice.

Put 6 planks on a crafting table to make 2 trapdoor pieces.

Now, let’s make a different kind of trapdoor out of wood, like one out of birch. To get birch logs, you need to find a birch tree and cut it down the same way you cut down an oak tree.

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Then, just like before, put them on a crafting table to make birch planks. Putting together six birch wood planks will give you two birch trapdoor pieces.

You can also make iron trapdoors by putting four iron ingots on a crafting table. Iron ingots are made by melting iron ore in a furnace.

Now, put 4 iron ingots on a crafting table to make one piece of iron trapdoor.


The trapdoor is one of the many blocks in Minecraft that can be used for both decoration and building. It has a mechanism that lets it open and close, so you can use it to make a secret underground passage to a hidden place. Mobs can’t break it, so you can use it to protect your valuable treasure from them. Most of the time, you’ll find them in a villager biome, where they are used to decorate the windows of homes. You can also make your own, which is not hard.

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