17 Best Easy Minecraft House Ideas

Minecraft contains enormous potential for incredible building project, however not everyone has the time, patience, or ingenuity to spend hours gathering resources and placing bricks for their base. Sometimes, having everything stowed inside a mud hut might be more than enough! However, you can always find a beautiful mix between complexity and beauty if you know where to search. Here we provide 17 Easy Minecraft House Ideas so that you can get your base up and running in no time!

01). Simple Square House

The Simple Square House is the simplest and easiest house to construct in Minecraft. It requires only minimal materials and may be constructed with little effort or skill. If you are seeking for a house design that may be implemented quickly while building a house in survival mode, then you should consider. This house has three modest glass-enclosed rooms and a farm. Follow the tutorial to discover how to create this straightforward Minecraft house concept.

02). Modern Cliff House

Concrete blocks are useful for creating a contemporary-looking home, especially if you choose White Concrete. By seeing this video instruction by Random Steve Guy, you won’t have to spend an entire day conceiving of a simple and effective Minecraft house design for your Survival world. You are rewarded with a breathtaking view of your surroundings from above, as well as a pool area to refill your Bucket or have fun splashing around!

03). Remodeled Village House

Villages are an excellent starting point for new gamers. They already have pre-built houses and a plenty of beds, making them a secure spot to spend the initial few nights. Regardless of the type of wood used to construct them, the dwellings are not particularly attractive. They can be enhanced with a few easy additions, thankfully.

Changing the ratio of wood to stone reduces the amount of grey in the structure, while adding more logs and trapdoors adds a great deal of variety to the design. The roof is further embellished with protruding windows, making the exterior and inside of this simple house design more attractive and lively.

In addition, players can replace the cobblestone foundations with other types of stone, like smooth stone, stone bricks, and others. This will eliminate some of the cracked and dull appearances that naturally accompany a produced structure.

04). Mountain Shelter Home

Next, we give this amazing video tutorial by TheMythicalSausage demonstrating an incredible Minecraft house design that you may do immediately. This is one of the simple Minecraft house designs you may place anywhere in your world, as you simply need to dig a bit into an elevated terrain to get started. As soon as you replace the walls, flooring, and roof with Oak and Dark Oak blocks, you will see the instant metamorphosis into a cosy retreat!

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05). Simple Two Story Residence

This two-story Minecraft house is basic and straightforward to construct. This house requires only basic materials and no prior experience with building Minecraft houses. If you are new to Minecraft, the tutorial will assist you during the construction of this house. You will learn so many strategies and patterns from this tutorial that you will be able to apply them to create other magnificent destinations in the future.

06). Simple Starter Home With Storage

The primary component of the house design does not much improve upon the box with a roof that most players have already constructed. However, the other elements surrounding this home are what make it so much more attractive.

Raising the main piece of the house makes it more aesthetically pleasing, safer against Creepers, and provides more space underground. This space can be utilised to house animals, store several objects, or serve as a second player’s bedroom. It enables the space surrounding the house to be utilised for other purposes, as depicted in the illustration, which includes a stable and a few farms.

However, make sure to illuminate this place below; otherwise, a large number of enemies will spawn. However, this does not imply that players will be required to install several torches around. Using fenceposts and lights, players may aesthetically illuminate this natural outdoor basement.

07). Two-Player Minecraft Home

Minecraft as a solo journey can be the ideal way to unwind after a long day of work. But sometimes the best way to experience a game is with friends. Here is another straightforward Minecraft house design by Sv Gravity, with a simple yet efficient layout with two distinct ambiances and a Nether portal for quick access. The construction project is small enough to be completed reasonably quickly with another player, making it ideal for those more interested in adventures.

08). Simple 5×5 House

In Minecraft’s survival mode, players have limited resources and time to construct and defend enormous structures. In survival mode, it is recommended to construct houses that are simple and straightforward to construct. This 5×5 House is an excellent and straightforward Minecraft house design for this purpose. In addition to being a modest home, it has an attractive and lovely appearance. It has two floors, each with an own entrance. The first floor can be utilised for storage, while the second floor contains a bedroom. Follow the tutorial’s instructions for a similar and preferred result.

09). Multiple-User Bunker House

Playing Minecraft with friends is a lot of fun, particularly if everyone is discovering the game for the first time. As a result, the house that a player constructs (unless it is built independently) must have sufficient space for both players, which is where this design excels.

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This elevated house design features a pleasingly symmetrical shape and allows each player their own living area and bedroom. Underneath the open walkway, which is positioned to be safe from monsters and offer fresh air, is a neat little farm. The bottom layer could also be used to create additional interior space, such as a community room.

For a cosier atmosphere, players can perhaps construct bunk beds if they have many pals staying in one residence. To accomplish so, simply construct a tiny structure using fenceposts and wooden planks above a bed in order to lay another bed on top. Just make sure to create sufficient space for the lowest bed so that the player sleeping there does not become imprisoned.

10). Winter Cabin

If you happen upon a snow biome in Minecraft, winter can last year-round. This video lesson by Balzy demonstrates how to construct a modest, easy-to-build winter hut complete with a fireplace and gorgeous inside design to create a genuinely pleasant house. Spruce blocks are the logical choice for these bases, as their hues contrast nicely with the white snow! We immediately envision hot cocoa and comfort meals in front of the fireplace.

11). Glass and Stone Minecraft House

Do you want your home to stand out among the competition? This gorgeous and outstanding, yet simple, Minecraft house design can assist you in developing a distinctive character and appearance. It boasts a distinctive and streamlined design that draws the viewer’s attention. It consists of a single room, making it simple to construct quickly. This house is your only option if you are pressed for time or have minimal resources.

12). Simple compact Minecraft House

If you are at an early stage of the game, it will not be possible for you to construct enormous houses. It is essential to begin your trip with something simple and straightforward. This Simple Compact House is an example of a simple Minecraft house design you should try. It is the simplest house design you can apply with minimum resources and minimal effort. This lesson will guide you through each step with all pertinent information.

13). A Robust Stone Structure House

If you do not want a wooden home since it is far less likely to endure damage, this simple stone home is worth constructing. It takes readily available blocks, such as stone, and adds a few block variations to make the final structure visually appealing, i.e. not simply a stone cube.

You will be able to live in this home for quite some time until you decide to improve. It is also not the type of home where you feel guilty about leaving since you put in so much effort.


14). Small, contemporary, two-story house

This is without a doubt one of the most intricate designs, and it will take some time to gather the necessary materials, but if you want a large, solid home, check out WiederDude’s blueprint.

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The house includes two levels and a swimming pool. You are able to transform the pool area into an easily accessible farm. This house is difficult to construct due to its usage of concrete, notably white concrete that requires bonemeal. It will require the killing of several skeletons. Alternately, you can make and use smooth stone blocks in its place. The house may not be as attractive, but the design is still excellent.

Note that shaders have been incorporated into the image below. Your finished construction will have a distinct appearance based on the shaders and texture packs you employ.

15). Small Modern Ocean House

There is already a list of the 15 Best Minecraft Underwater Base Ideas, although some of the designs may be a touch excessive. Instead, we give a WiederDude video instruction that is more user-friendly and will produce stunning results without much effort. It is merely a matter of placing Kelp underwater to set the first few blocks and, with any luck, timing to prevent drowning. We recommend utilising the Turtle Helmet or another helmet with the Water Breathing enchantment.

16). Tiny Modern House

We have a smaller variant that could possibly work if you want to maintain the modern style but don’t want to continuously risk your life by hanging off the cliff. The following video by Random Steve Guys demonstrates that you just need a minimal building space to be creative. It features a basement where you can store chests or continue extending your home into more intricate constructions, if that is your future goal. We adore such a clean and basic accommodation with a pleasant view of the outdoors!

17). Minecraft underground house

Building a subterranean home with stairs leading to the entrance of your underground base is a more recent trend for Minecraft buildings. To create these distinctive living quarters, you first excavate the area where you intend to construct the base. Then, once you’ve constructed the walls, staircases, and everything else your property requires, you can install glass on the roof to let sunshine in. This is an excellent alternative if you have a strong desire to grow plants indoors.

This can be difficult to effectively illuminate at night, but a few torches or glowstone blocks should suffice. Want to know the most exciting part? Because this is Minecraft, there will never be a need to worry about mould growing on the walls. If you don’t have adequate fencing surrounding your home, you could have a fairly harsh knock on your door at night.