Top 14 Hidden Minecraft Easter Eggs

Similar to other video games, Minecraft contains Easter eggs. Easter eggs are amusing hidden features that the majority of players would be unaware of unless they actively sought them out. Easter eggs in Minecraft are frequently built using real-world references, similar to the game developers’ names and annual holidays such as Christmas. Easter eggs are often humorous and would likely amuse any gamer. Minecraft Easter Eggs are typically humorous, although occasionally they might add a previously unseen storyline to the game.

1). Upside-Down Mobs

Upside-Down Mobs Minecraft Easter Eggs

Inverting the mobs is an additional nice method to add variety to the game. This can be accomplished by naming a gang “Dinnerbone.” This is accomplished by affixing a name tag to the anvil and renaming it. Click on the mob with this nametag once it has been applied to alter them. All enemies, with the exception of the Ender Dragon, the glow squid, and the squid, will become inverted upon renaming.

2). Joke Minecraft Languages

Joke Minecraft Languages

You are free to choose your language in Minecraft, including the default language, English, just as you would in any other game. However, were you aware that they also contain a few humour languages? These include Pirate Speak, Inverted English, and Shakespearian English. Each language selection modifies the game’s text, including subtitles, enemies, goods, and even the menu. In Pirate Speak, torches are known as Rod o’ Flames, and the spell Depth Strider is known as Mermaid Legs. This hilarious joke language generates a good amount of laughter.

3). jeb_ Sheep

jeb_ Sheep Minecraft Easter Eggs

A rainbow sheep is produced by calling a common sheep “jeb_.” This causes the sheep’s wool to continuously change colour, cycling through all the hues that sheep wool can be coloured. Unfortunately, this does not alter the colour of the wool when it is sheared. During the cycle, it will shed its original wool colour instead of its current hue.

4). Johnny The Vindicator

Johnny The Vindicator

Johnny, the vindicator is a unique Easter egg that alters a vindicator when it is given the name “Johnny.” Renaming the vindicator will cause it to become highly hostile and attack nearly every mob it encounters, with the exception of other illagers and ghouls. This refers to the “Here’s Johnny!” sequence in the film The Shining.

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5). The game of names

The game of names

Members of the Minecraft community encounter name tag-related easter eggs on the internet more frequently than any other type. Numerous name tag Minecraft Easter Eggs involve renaming mobs with precise phrases to modify them in some way. These modifications may be ornamental or they may alter the behaviour of the monsters.

Some of the most classic name tag Easter eggs will cause mobs to flip upside down, sheep to randomly change colour, and hostile mobs to become more violent.

Even several solutions exist for some of these Easter eggs to function. Both “Dinnerbone” and “Grumm” will cause enemies to seem inverted. Even while the majority of these mobs behave regularly after being named, upside-down chickens and rainbow lambs will certainly impress your buddies.

6). Minecraft Christmas

Christmas Minecraft

During the holiday season, from December 24 to December 26 of each year, the main menu of Minecraft will display the phrase “Merry Christmas!” In addition, the textures of all chests, including locked chests and ender chests, will be transformed into Christmas gifts. This feature allows players to get into the holiday spirit while continuing to enjoy the game.

7). Halloween

Halloween Minecraft Easter Eggs

Similar to the Christmas theme, the Halloween theme in Minecraft includes unique modifications. Between October 20 and November 3, bats will appear when the light level is six or less instead of the usual three. Similarly, on October 31, zombies, skeletons, and any of their varieties may wear pumpkins and jack o’lanterns on their heads to celebrate Halloween.

8). Minecraft “Trendy Update”

Minecraft "Trendy Update"

Mojang produced the amusing “Trendy Update” Easter egg in 2016. This release, formerly known as Update 1.RV-Pre1, was teased by Mojang on April 1st.

It was a cruel joke, as this update was said to offer several intriguing technology goods for Minecraft. Players can utilise modpacks to recreate the technological atmosphere.

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9). Minecraft 64 “PCX”

As part of update 1.12, PCX was “launched” on April 1st, 2018 as a joke.

It was rumoured that PCX would fully redesign all of Minecraft’s textures. As seen above, this is not a false assertion. Using 8-bit texture settings, PCX makes Minecraft appear like a Gameboy game. This humorous Minecraft Easter Eggs must have angered many folks in 2018!

10). Toast the Rabbit

Toast the Rabbit

During the construction of rabbits, a Reddit user named xyzen420 posted about his girlfriend’s missing bunny, Toast, to the Minecraft subreddit. Ryan Holtz added an Easter egg to the game’s rabbits as a memory. Now, when you rename a rabbit “Toast,” the rabbit’s colour and skin pattern will change to match Toast the bunny’s actual hue.

11). Arghh you ready?

Players can select from a variety of made-up languages in Minecraft’s settings menu. Some are references to other properties, while others are simply absurd.

The only means for players to alter the language in which they are playing Minecraft is through the settings menu. With this Easter egg, though, gamers can select a new language while already playing the game.

Pirate Speak is one of the fictitious languages available to users in Minecraft. In contrast to other languages, there is a hidden phrase that Minecrafters may type into the crafting recipe search field to make their environment significantly more pirate-like.

In the search field, players can input “excitedze” to switch to Pirate Speak automatically. In the past, Maria Lemón worked for Mojang Studios under the handle “ExcitedZe.”

12). An edge on enchantments

Veterans of Minecraft may recall a period when the outcomes of enchanting a weapon or piece of armour were virtually completely random.

Since the earliest days of Minecraft, developers have introduced a means for players to view which enchantments they are likely to receive on their most valuable goods. However, even these seasoned players may have been unaware of a secret Easter egg that could have provided them an advantage with enchantments.

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The fictitious language used in Minecraft enchantment tables can be readily translated into English. Yes, if they strive hard enough, players can speak the language of the magic table.

Each symbol in the enchantment language corresponds to one English letter. This indicates that, given sufficient practise, users may become proficient in this secret Minecraft language.

13). Secret Killer Bunny Boss

Secret Killer Bunny Boss

There are only four bosses in Minecraft: the ender dragon, the wither, the elder guardian, and, as of version 1.17, the warden. However, according to Minecraft’s history, there was previously a fifth boss that could spontaneously arise. Though this monster will no longer appear naturally in a Minecraft world, players who know its secret command can summon it.

The secret boss of Minecraft is an enemy known as The Killer Bunny, in keeping with the term “Easter egg.” Players can summon this hazardous, secret monster using the command “/summon rabbit RabbitType:99.” But beware, since a single hit from this rabbit can cause up to six hearts of damage. This violent mob will also attack any surrounding wolves or foxes, making it one of Minecraft’s most lethal easter eggs.

14). Herobrine

Herobrine Minecraft Easter Eggs

Since Minecraft’s inception, the patch notes have been filled with easter eggs. Every update of the game is accompanied by patch notes that describe the modifications made since the previous release.

However, a well-known Easter egg in the patch notes has recently been altered, prompting many members of the Minecraft community to speculate that something evil is occurring behind the scenes.

Since Minecraft’s inception, each update’s patch notes have included a brief mention that Herobrine, a fictional, malevolent Steve-like creature, has been removed from the game.

However, as of release 1.16.2, the section of the changelog describing the removal of Herobrine has been removed. Does this imply that this eerie character has been added to the game? Or is Mojang merely making this Easter egg more difficult? Time alone will tell.