Are minecraft worlds infinite? How big is a Minecraft world?

Minecraft 32-bit means that the maximum map size possible is 4,294,967.294 squares. However, this is only the maximum size of Minecraft maps that could theoretically be created. The maximum map size is 60,000,000 blocks. This is 30,000,000 blocks away from zero.

In earlier editions, the worlds were smaller so people could reach a map edge location called the far lands. In fact, if you tried to enter the far lands, the game would be buggy and all the usual features would not work.

Modern versions eliminated farlands to continue creating visually but did not allow block manipulation. In many cases, travel beyond the world’s edge as possible. This is because the map edge is only 30 million blocks away from the start point. To travel 1 million blocks at sprint speed, it takes 60 hours.

It would take you 1800 hours to travel straight to reach the edge. If you don’t sleep, that’s 75 days straight of travel at maximum speed.

It would pose some practical problems to try and cover this much distance at such a high speed. To cover the maximum distance, you’d need a powerful computer that can render. You would also need to fly and climb high to get there.

It takes longer to travel Minecraft than most people realize. The distance record holder for Minecraft has been traveling for many years but has covered only 12 million blocks.

Minecraft is more about space manipulation than travel, so users won’t use more than 1% of what they have. You can also modify Minecraft to add dimensions that are the same as the overworld, which brings the space level closer to infinite. A Minecraft world can be created with enough dimensions to cover more area than you could ever use in a lifetime.

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Although the world is vast, there are a limited number of blocks that a player can reach. This is dependent on which edition and what type of world the game is.

Java Edition contains a world boundary that is default located at the coordinates +-29.999,984. The animated wall of blue stripes is the world border. A red vignette appears around the border when you stand near it. Except for teleporting, most entities cannot cross the border. If they are not in creative or spectator mode, players who cross the border will suffer constant damage. Teleporting past the border can allow players to travel as far as X/Z +-299,999999. There is an invisible wall that prevents them from reaching this point. The player can ride horses, pigs, and minecarts to travel a bit further.

Are minecraft worlds infinite?

The Far Lands still has a limited number of Bedrock, Pocket and Education editions. However, this could change in the future.

Minecraft’s world generation doesn’t allow for infinite possibilities, but it does provide enough blocks for players to interact so that there is always enough space to build, mine, dig, and craft. Although technology may prevent players from experiencing a truly unlimited experience, we are only human and would need many more lifetimes to experience it to its fullest.