How old is Philza from Minecraft – Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend

Philza Minecraft, real name Phil Watson, was born on March 1, 1988, in London, England. He was born and raised in England, United Kingdom, in a well-established Christian family. He is of British nationality and follows the Christian religion. His Minecraft video ‘My 5 Years of Minecraft Hardcore’ became viral, garnering millions of views.

Philza Relationships, Family, and Girlfriend

Phil Watson was born on March 1, 1988, to parents who loved him. Aimee is his sister’s name. Phil has not revealed his parents’ names or occupations.

Philza’s father’s name is Mr. Watson, and he is a businessman. His mother’s name is Mrs. Watson, and she is a homemaker. Aimee is his only sibling.

Philza has a married relationship. Kristin Rosales is his wife. The couple got married in 2020.

He enjoys socialising with his buddies. Ian Bealio, Lucy Ramsey, Erik Rosales, Alex, Ryan Gibbs, Wilbur Soot, and Tommy Innit are his buddies’ names. They travelled to numerous places and had a good time.

Philza’s Professional Career

Phillip “Phil” Watson, nicknamed Philza, is a British youtuber, singer, video game streamer, instagrammer, and social media figure. His net worth was gained from his singing profession and brand collaboration on his social media pages. He is well-known for his YouTube channel, where he often publishes Gameplay videos.

He endorses a number of products and works with a number of other influencers. He broadcasts a variety of games, including Minecraft, The Ender Quest, Under the Radar 2, and others.

Philza’s Net worth .

Philza Minecraft is a popular video game on YouTube. His videos have received millions of views and a large following on various social media platforms. According to all sources, his net worth is approximately USD $ 3-4 million (approx.) Philza Minecraft has millions of YouTube and Twitch followers. In September 2020, he co-founded the YouTube organisation ‘Sleepyboisinc’ with a YouTube partner dubbed “Wilbur Soot.”

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Philza’s Social Media Account

On YouTube and Twitch, the main content is about video games and Minecraft. Philza has 1.8 Million Instagram followers, 1.2M Twitter followers, 2.3M Twitch subscribers, and 2M YouTube subscribers.



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