How to download Jenny mod for Minecraft

Mods often add new gameplay elements, which sometimes allows players to do various things. For example, the Origins mod, among other things, allows people to experience life as a Phantom, but the Jenny mod, which allows players to have an in-game girlfriend, has become fairly popular.

What is Jenny Mod in Minecraft?

The Minecraft Jenny mod is popular online because it provides you with a “girlfriend” in Minecraft. If you’re curious about how this mod works and how to install it, keep reading this article for the steps.

Jenny Mod for Minecraft

Jenny will be added to your Minecraft as your virtual girlfriend, and you will be able to offer her gifts, hang out with her, and even become best friends with her. Set your world to “creative” after downloading the mod, and then look for her house with a pointed roof in the biome you spawn in. Jenny can be found in this location in Minecraft.

How to download Jenny mod? (Step by Step Guide)

Install either the Windows or macOS version of the New CurseForge app first. This will enable you to download various add-ons and mods and manage them conveniently from a single location. Then follow the below steps :

Step 1: Players can download the file from and save it in a convenient location.

Step 2: Then launch the CurseForge app and select Minecraft from the dashboard. Load the Jenny mod files into this location.

Step 4: In the Minecraft dropdown menu, navigate to “My Modpacks” and click to load it.

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Step 5: To create a new profile, choose “Create Custom Profile.” This can be located on the menu’s top right-hand side.

Step 7: Select “1.12.2” for both the Minecraft and Forge versions.

Step 6: Rename this new Profile as desired.

Step 8: Select “Create,” then right-click on the newly formed profile. Choose “Open Folder,” then navigate to the modifications folder and drag both Jenny mod files here.

Step 9: Return to the CurseForge dashboard and look for the Jenny mod under “Installed Mods.”

Step 10: To launch Minecraft, press the “Play” button. Make sure you choose your new profile. Also, ensure that Forge-14 is loaded.

Step 11: Press the “Play” button once more to load the game with the Jenny mod.

It should be noted that this mod only works on Minecraft 1.12.2 and has not been updated or improved for 1.18 or any future game versions.

Jenny also has several unusual superpowers that players may want to try out. The Jenny mod has caused significant controversy over the years because some of the behaviors in the game are s*xual.

Adults are the only ones who can use the mod. Anyone over 18 can try it, but younger gamers shouldn’t. The creators don’t have a way to stop that, though. Players who are interested in the mod should know that it has explicit content and why kids shouldn’t look at it.