How to Download Minecraft for Mac: Step by step Guide

One of the most renowned gaming companies, Minecraft has managed to become ingrained in popular culture. The game has advanced beyond the realm of games and is now employed in many schools as a teaching aid.

Due to its accessibility, Minecraft is the ideal game for kids and even adults to spend countless hours working on. A number of platforms, including Mac, are supported by the game. Additionally, it can be simultaneously played on several devices.

Learn how to install Minecraft Java Edition on MacOS in this tutorial. For what reason would you want Minecraft on a Mac? Because it runs smoothly on recent Macs and is one of the most played games of all time, Minecraft is, in my opinion, one of the best Mac games overall. Consequently, without further ado, here’s how to download and set up Minecraft on a Mac!

System Requirements for Minecraft for Mac

The prerequisites for Minecraft on Mac are listed below.

  • Operating System: 10.9 Mavericks
  • Processor: Intel Core i3
  • Video Card: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or higher
  • Required Memory: 4GB RAM
  • Hard Drive: 1GB space. This will increase depending on how many worlds you choose to install!

Steps on How to Download Minecraft on a Mac

It’s not too difficult to download Minecraft on a Mac. It’s really simple for people to obtain Minecraft thanks to Mojang. They only need to visit the official website and take these actions.

Step 1 : Making a Mojang account online

minecraft java macbook

Creating a Mojang account is free. For that visit the official Minecraft website. From the page’s menu at the top, choose “Login.” By choosing the “Register One Here!” option, you can create an account.

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Return to the main page after completing the website’s Mojang account creation process.

Step 2: From the page’s menu at the top, choose “Games.”

how to get minecraft on mac

Once you arrive here, choose “Computer” and then choose the Minecraft java for mac (Standard, Java Editon). The only version of Minecraft that runs on MacOS is the Java Edition. Click “Buy” and complete the purchase process from there. After you finish your purchase, you can download Minecraft to your Mac.

Step 3: Download Minecraft Java for Mac

minecraft java macos

We can download Minecraft for MacOS now that you have Minecraft Java Edition. To do this, simply click this link or the “Download Minecraft” option above. You can access the official Minecraft download website by clicking there. Once there, select “Download for macOS” by clicking the green icon. You may then start downloading Minecraft for Mac.

Step 4: Install Minecraft on MacOS

Installing Minecraft for macOS is required after downloading it. Double-click the “Minecraft.dmg” file you downloaded to install the Minecraft for Mac Launcher. You only need to drag the Minecraft application into your Applications folder after this opens a straightforward setup. Installation of Minecraft on macOS is quite simple.

Step 5: Launch Minecraft on MacOS

We need to launch Minecraft once it has been installed on your Mac. You can do this by clicking it twice in your Applications folder. This will initially issue you a security warning. This is due to Minecraft being a third-party Mac application. To correct this, open system options, pick “Security & Privacy,” then “General,” where you will find the Minecraft warning at the bottom. Choose “Open Anyway.” Now, without any problems, you may launch Minecraft from your programmes folder!

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Step 6: Sign In and play Minecraft on Mac

Now, you must sign in to your Microsoft account the first time you launch the Minecraft Launcher on a Mac before you can click the large green Play button and begin playing Minecraft on a Mac. From there, you can launch a single-player world, connect to a server, add some mods, or carry out any other actions you like.

Related Questions

1). Can you Play Minecraft on a Macbook?

The Bedrock version of “Minecraft” is updated concurrently with the original “Minecraft: Java Edition.” It features cross-play between its own segregated Realms and is accessible on Mac, PC, and Linux.

2). How do you install Minecraft on a Macbook Pro?

Once you’ve finished, return to the website’s main page and take the following actions:

  1. Making a Mojang account online
  2. From the page’s menu at the top, choose “Games.”
  3. Download Minecraft Java for Mac
  4. Install Minecraft on MacOS
  5. Launch Minecraft on MacOS
  6. Sign In and play Minecraft on Mac

3). How much is Minecraft on a Macbook?

For $29.99, “Minecraft: Java Edition” is available for Mac users to buy through the Minecraft website.

4). Is Minecraft on Mac free?

On the official Minecraft website, you may download the free trial version of the game as well as interact with other players, view builds, and shop for a wide range of accessories.

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