How to Find a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft

The 1.11 Exploration Update introduced Woodland Mansions, which are naturally formed structures. They are extremely rare and exclusive to the Dark Forest Biome. You will find rare goodies, such as diamond blocks and diamond armour, in a forest mansion.

It is unlikely that you may randomly stumble into a Woodland Mansion while exploring due to their rarity.

And despite the fact that a Forest Explorer Map does not always display the closest woodland mansion, it is the best and simplest method for locating the home without using cheats. The fact that it only develops in one habitat, the dark forest biome, makes it more intriguing.

As it is surrounded by large, dark oak trees and situated deep within the forest, this lends the mansion a more gloomy atmosphere. A big, isolated home in the middle of the forest would give any player the chills. However, this mansion contains an abundance of loot required by players to survive and ultimately win the game. To accomplish this, you must first identify the woods home; we will demonstrate how to do so.

How to Find The Woodland Mansion in Minecraft

1). Locate a cartographer villager inside a village. The villager’s job block should be the cartography table. You may also gift a map table to an unemployed villager. After interacting with the job block, the villager will get the “Cartographer – Novice” profession.

cartographer villager

2). The villager will begin his or her career as an apprentice. You must continue to trade with the villager until its mastery level becomes “Cartographer – Apprentice.” Most likely, a local cartographer will trade you glasspanes, compasses, papers, and emeralds. As the level of the villager’s occupation increases, he will release purple particles. When it reaches the level of Journeyman, the Woodland Explorer Map will become available in its trade menu.

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3). The next step is to acquire the Woodland Explorer Map from the villager. The villager will most likely exchange the Woodland Explorer Map for a compass and a number of emeralds.

Woodland Explorer Map

4). Simply hold the Woodland Explorer Map in your palm and glance down to view it. Follow the map’s direction in the direction of the depicted home figure. The home indicates the mansion in the woods. You may use your coordinates to accurately determine the direction in which you are travelling. To access your coordinates, simply press F3 on your PC keyboard or FN + F3 on your Mac keyboard. This will open a menu containing your current coordinates as well as the general direction you are facing.

5). Following the directions on the map, travel to and locate the mansion. Woodland mansions only spawn in dark forest biomes, therefore you should normally seek out a forest full of towering, dark oak trees and enormous mushrooms. Once entering the dark forest, it is preferable to go above the trees for a better view of the location of the possible woods mansion.

dark forest biomes

6). After locating the forest mansion, approach it until you find the entrance. Ensure that your weapons, armour, and food are prepared before entering the mansion. Additionally, it is recommended to set up a camp with a bed near outside the mansion in case you perish. Then, after you are properly prepared and equipped, you may enter the woods mansion.

How to Find a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft

Other Methods of Locating Woodland Mansion in Minecraft

1). Find the Black Forest

If the player is fortunate enough to uncover a Dark Forest biome nearby, there is a chance that they will discover a forest manor among the dense woods.

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However, it should be noted that Dark Forest biomes are quite rare, reducing the player’s chances of discovering a forest home within them.

2). Applying Command

If a player desires to locate a forest home quickly and does not mind “cheating,” they can use the /locate chat command.

The steps to use the /locate command are as follows:

  • Enable cheats on the server/world.
  • Enter /location in chat.
  • After adding a space, type mansion.
  • The player will be given coordinates via the conversation.
  • These coordinates will transfer you to the woodland mansion.

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